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Scenario Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Scenario Analysis - Essay Example In this distribution plan, the major focus in how CB’s products are to reach the intended customers. In order to be able to sell products to customers, the first significant factor that CB ought to consider doing is carrying out a market research. Market research helps in providing the company with information about the customer; what the customer normally purchases and where the customer does the purchase (Debelak, 2005). For CB to also successfully reach its customers it must also determine how their product will reach the intended customer. Additionally, the company must have the knowledge on whoever will be involved in the product delivery process right from the company’s warehouse to the consumer. This is what is called the distribution channel or chain. Therefore, defining distribution channel and the role that the company plays in distribution process are some of the significant components of CB’s marketing plan. Moreover, through analyzing the distributio n channels and evaluating them to the resources of the company, it is possible to determine which distribution alternative is best for the company. This is one of the distribution alternatives that CB can consider using. Direct selling is a form of product distribution whereby the producer directly sells the product to the customer. One of the oldest direct selling forms’ is peddling; however, currently there are modern forms of direct selling, which include party plan sales, personal contact arrangements, one-on-one demonstrations, and internet sales (Debelak, 2005). Therefore direct selling can also be defined as the direct personal demonstration, presentation, and products’ sale to customers, usually at their places of convenience. Since CB is a company that makes sales to various companies worldwide, it needs to consider direct selling. One compelling reason for this is the report that was recently revealed by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA). The

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The Importance of Defining Your Essay Topic

The Importance of Defining Your Essay TopicWhile an essay topic is a very important aspect of the study of any subject, it is especially important in the area of English education. This is because it has to be so in order to understand the entire theme and structure of a whole course of study. It is also important because some subjects, although they may have their own unique issues, share several important characteristics with other subjects.An example of this would be a research essay. The topic is one that can clearly provide information on the researcher's area of interest. It should be something that is easily comprehensible and interesting, and it should also include all of the basic facts that will provide the perspective or background for the entire essay.For this, it is extremely important that the topic is clearly defined, which is accomplished through the use of articles. An essay topic may be something as simple as 'How do you go about deciding what is an important way to study,' but there are other topics where there will be no such clear definitional terms. In this case, it would be extremely important that the researcher defined what he was trying to say through the use of an article. If he did not do this, it would just be considered a general discussion of the subject without any significant information that could be used to form the basis of an essay.Another important aspect of an essay topic is that it should be something that can be easily reviewed by others in the class who are reading it. An author may decide to use an article in his own essay, but there will be other people who will find this method to be useless. If there is no way for the student to check on the topic and make sure that it has been defined, it is likely that there will be a lot of confusion later on when someone tries to determine if it is truly important or not.Without a definite article topic, an author will be forced to rely upon many sources in order to find the rig ht sources for all of the facts that he uses in his essay. Although this may work for some, for others it could cause a great deal of embarrassment, and for others even further difficulties.However, an author who wants to avoid these problems should seek out and create strong definitional essay topics. They should be so strong that no one in the class will be able to explain to someone else what he or she was trying to write about. No matter how much an author tries to avoid this, it is still important that it be done for the exact purpose of understanding an entire course of study.Just as with any other topic, strong definitional essay topics will allow the author to produce a very readable essay. Since an essay will only be read by a handful of people, this should be the only point where anyone will notice it should be made obvious that the information that it contains is not from thin air.

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What Topics for Spatial Essay Is - and What it Is Not

What Topics for Spatial Essay Is - and What it Is Not The Topics for Spatial Essay Pitfall The second thing you ought to take care of once you choose the title is to maintain in mind five varieties of argument claims. There's a reversal of way that's necessary to check at everybody's role within this procedure. Fortunately, you've come to the proper place to discover the best remedy to every single academic writing problem that you're currently facing with your essay. Spatial organization is just one of the essentials of organization in writing that arranges items in accordance with their relationships or physical position. What You Can Do About Topics for Spatial Essay Beginning in the Next 2 Minutes At times you might require some expert help with argumentative essay topics. If this is the case, you could have a very good beginning to your expository essay. Don't forget that the essay should explain how your topics relate to one another. Recent argumentative essay topics that are related to society is going to do. Nobody really wishes to compose an essay. You have to remember that the topic ought to be precise and accurate. Deciding on your topic isn't that easy. Take a look at how to produce an essay topic! Quantitative analysis crucially depends upon data quality. Focus your essay on how these varieties of communication have had a positive impact on the way we interact with other people. The monitoring procedure has to be re-looked at if we would like to install faith in the investors and communities. The remedy to the data quality issue is to take the crucial actions to avoid having faulty data determining research effects. You might also give some general facts or informative details to draw the readers. You'll look closely at the arguments to find out what makes them so convincing. It should describe this issue in question in a purchase. Another reason is to observe how well students argue on distinct views and demonstrate understanding of the studied subject. Topics for Spati al Essay Fundamentals Explained The atmosphere plays an important part in why folks go. The option of words is another important aspect. Space for a term is quite much territorial in nature, and since we're speaking about competitive uses of space, it usually means that a space should be utilized in such a manner it provides the most advantage to the society. The folks, objects, and when it took place ought to be vividly explained in the essay. Planning, that's process of creating a plan', has been a significant part development of our areas. Second is that, it's a proactive process in place of a reactive practice. It's used to refer to process topics. With these strategies, you can develop interesting and special topics in virtually no time whatsoever. The Bad Secret of Topics for Spatial Essay For instance, some of them just have zero opportunity to deal with dozens of assignments that keep bombarding from every side. There are various graphic organizers it is possible to utilize to represent the data in a spatially ordered passage. A variety of toys adorned the cap of the cabinet. There are plenty of tips on the best way to develop good research topics. Life, Death, and Topics for Spatial Essay In case you have any questions, you can get in touch with our friendly support team night and day and get immediate assistance. There are dozens and dozens of compelling topics out there which can be meticulously explored, but choosing one that you're interested in would help it become a small bit easier and more fun. It is possible to describe your favourite place or your room utilizing spatial organization. For instance, imagine you'll be visiting San Francisco for a couple of days. But What About Topics for Spatial Essay? Order top-notch essay at this time and certified specialists will do their very best to supply you with higher quality at fair price. To purchase essay online, you merely will need to fill in the application form and you'll ge t superior work on the desired topic. Our site provides custom writing help and editing support. Change them depending on your requirements. Geography is an intriguing subject. Additionally, it depends upon the specific college subject. Since you are able to see, students will definitely face a number of challenges should they wish to turn into a member of the buy essay club. As a consequence, such students start looking for the best essay help to be certain that their project is going to be produced at the maximal level in agreement with all academic standards. The Upside to Topics for Spatial Essay It's subject to change depending upon your preferences. As a consequence, using spatial order to organize all descriptions isn't advised. It is intriguing to observe how this system would take a look at every one of these scales differently. For instance the color scheme or decoration types and the placement of those. The Ultimate Topics for Spatial Essay Trick Don't attempt to use sophisticated vocabulary, if you don't understand how to use them properly! Thus, it's important to read corresponding formatting guid e. Spatial organization might also be called descriptive writing and it is most regularly used while the narrator describes how something looks. Teachers assign the essential format, but bear in mind these tips should they don't. What Does Topics for Spatial Essay Mean? Your paper ought to be original and distinctive. You learn to compose papers. The subject of your paper ought to be direct. It needs to show what lies inside your paper. If you're likely to be writing such an essay over and over again, you will need to comprehend how to compose a good one. If you wish to get a research paper, online writing service like ours is precisely what you will need. It's imperative for students to master this area of the paper to have the ability to compose a superb paper. Leave yourself enough time to look at your paper to see whether you've covered the fundamentals.

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The Importance of 6th Grade Science Research Paper Topics

The Importance of 6th Grade Science Research Paper Topics The capacity to open and create a great topic is really something you ought to be thinking about. If you're interested in your topic, learning about it is going to be more pleasurable and you'll write with increased passion, so select your topic thoughtfully. To be able to choose an intriguing topic, which will demonstrate your very best talents, you ought to keep reading. When you receive a topic, the best method to comprehend and handle the topic is to create the topic your own. You're able to be extended a topic to write on or you may be given the choice to decide on a topic for your science research paper. At this time you ought to be ready to decide on the topic that you want to write about. If you're interested in some specific topic or have passion to study it, than most probably you should write a paper on such topic. If you discover that it's cumbersome to finish a chemistry research paper or whether you don't have time or expertise, you are able to take assistance from The issue of pollution is extremely acute now, or so the research paper that touches it and provides some solutions will be quite valuable in the opinion of your audience. For some of them you will require help, while others it's possible to write all on your own. All you need to do is acquire assistance with your chemistry paper and your problems will de part promptly. Life After 6th Grade Science Research Paper Topics In the debut, you need to state what the paper is all about and offer a thesis statement for the paper. The most important body of the paper is composed of paragraphs. Thus, do mention abbreviations only in the event that you own a list of them at the conclusion of the paper. The title which you choose to utilize for your paper will always determine so much about any of this, so a lot more than you may even know about. The Lost Secret of 6th Grade Science Research Paper Topics Because your term paper is all about what you've learned and what more you need to learn, you need to clearly show your knowledge along with evidence of one-of-a-kind thought. If there's no article on this issue you are trying to find, attempt to decrease the question and write about a few precise term or situation. So it isn't crucial until you are ready to gather and analyze data and make your own conclusion. Below, you will discover a list of the greatest 5th grade debate topics to stay in mind. Here's What I Know About 6th Grade Science Research Paper Topics However you take notes, make certain to keep tabs on the sources for all your key facts. There are following steps you could follow as a way to choose a great topic for your research paper. An 8th grader should learn to research, he or she should practice writing thesis statements, the outline procedure has to be mastered, he or she should understand how to compose a rough draft, and in text citations will need to get mastered. Out online services give completely free info on many different chemistry topics to make it simpler for visitors to our site to locate the sample papers they have to finish their chemistry assignments. Chemistry is among the most hated subjects on earth because it's complicated and plenty of students face hard time understanding it. Students will talk about the 7 principals of Kwanzaa and after that draw pictures of an illu stration of each. They will research information on places in the world, outside their own country, compile the info and create a display to show the info compared to other countries. They will discuss the cultural roots of Kwanzaa and analyze why the holiday has been brought to the United States. 8th graders are simply learning how to discover themes in literature. Students will research and debate numerous topics in the subject of environmental wellness. Many students discover that it's tough to pick unusual and intriguing chemistry paper topicsfor their coursework since they are quite similar to one another. Since 6th grade students might have to compose essays more frequently, they need to look up some topics ahead of time. Crafting chemistry paper is an ambitious undertaking for unique reasons, including difficulties when selecting the ideal subject to discuss. Your conclusion is a short overview of your work, so that it should contain important effects and assess the entire research related to its basic intent. Researching any issue about government or laws can get overwhelming because of the intricacy of the issues and even on account of the wording of some laws. Obtaining high-quality papers is among the benefits of hiring our services. The One Thing to Do for 6th Grade Science Research Paper Topics Take a look at our writing services reviews and find out how top rated essay writing companies do the job. In case the topic isn't difficult to research, then the kid can concentrate on the actual writing skills. Just because you're in college instead of high school doesn't alter that you still ought to spend time talking with your teacher or professor about your pick of research paper topic. Every year, students discover that the report known as the research paper is the section of the science fair project in the place where they learn the most. What Does 6th Grade Science Research Paper Topics Mean? Some of your auditory might not be fam iliarized with chemical truths. There's another science about viruses. Take a look at the biology behind it.

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Mcbride Financial Services Marketing Plan Essay Example for Free

Mcbride Financial Services Marketing Plan Essay The firm will specialize in conventional, FHA, and VA loans for home purchasing and refinancing. The company intends to expand its operations into Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. † (McBride Financial Services website, 2003) According to their intranet site, McBride’s target market is: 1. Professionals purchasing either a primary or secondary residence. 2. Retirees purchasing a primary or secondary residence. 3. Families and/or individuals purchasing recreational properties. This document will review McBride Financial Services’ existing marketing approach and offer suggestions for focusing market research and what types of media to use. Additionally a review will be made of McBride’s target market and how the existing strategy relates to the marketing principles of the 4Ps and SIVA. Target Market McBride’s target market is professionals and retirees purchasing a primary of secondary residence as well as individuals or families looking to purchase recreational properties. They service the following states: Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and North and South Dakota. In addition, McBride is focusing on using state of the art technology in order to be able to offer their low cost mortgage services which means that the target market must also be willing and able to conduct are large portion of the mortgage application transaction using electronic means, i. e. Internet and email. Media types McBride’s current marketing plan, as listed on their intranet site, includes the use of the following media types: localized TV ads, newspapers, radio and realtors in addition to informational handouts available at airports and major tourist attractions. McBride’s annual advertising budget is $80,000. Given that McBride utilizes technology to reduce the cost of the mortgage application process, it is surprising that the existing marketing plan does not include an online advertising strategy. 4Ps The 4Ps are product, price, promotion and place. McBride’s product is low cost conventional, FHA and VA mortgages. The price for a credit report, the mortgage application, an inspection and appraisal is fixed at $1,500. Promotions are created through the above mentioned media types of TV, radio, newspapers and realtors and through informational handouts at the airports and at tourist attractions. The placement for the application process is via McBride’s website. Marketing Strategy The SIVA marketing methodology is defined as solution, information, value and access. According to Dev and Schultz (2005) this approach to marketing starts with understanding the market and the customers based on true and deep customer insights and then identify and clarify what customer’s value. Market research needs to be focused on identifying customer’s core wants and needs from a mortgage lender so that targeted value propositions can be created. McBride needs to adjust or change their services to align with the marketing research results. Additionally, McBride needs to focus on gaining insight from existing customers as to how to improve their services as well as potentially tapping that customer base for referral, perhaps by creating an incentive for existing customer’s to bring in new clients. Put another way, the market research should investigate McBride’s target market of professionals, retirees, individuals and families to create a solution (S) based on what those customer’s value. That solution can in turn be used to create multiple targeted value propositions (I) highlighting how McBride’s services address the needs and wants of their customers. McBride then delivers on the value proposition as determined by customer needs and wants gained in the research (V). The value is measured through both market research on potential customers and through feedback loops from existing customer’s so that solutions can continually evolve to better meet the needs of the target markets.

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The Arrival Of Blu-Ray Technology :: Technology

Formatting Problems The Arrival of Blu-ray Technology Blu-ray- also known as Blu-ray Disc (BD), is the name of a next-generation optical disc format which was jointly developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), a group of the world's leading consumer electronics, personal computer and media manufacturers (including Apple, Dell, Hitachi, HP, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TDK and Thomson). As compared to the current optical disc format such as DVD, this new format allows users to record, rewrite and playback high-definition (HD) video and store large amounts of data. In fact, Blu-ray’s storage capacity is five times more than traditional DVDs, which can hold up to 25GB on a single-layer disc and 50GB on a dual-layer disc. This high storage capability has also allowed additional content and special features such as downloading extras, updating content via the web, and watching live broadcasts of special events. In addition, when combined with the new BD-J interactivity layer, the users’ experience in watching a Blu-ray movie will be greatly enhanced. For instance, while the director explains the shooting of a scene, we are able to view the scene playing in the background simultaneously. Besides storage capacity and interactivity, high-definition is another reason why Blu-ray is better; a blue-violet laser (405nm) has a shorter wavelength than a red laser (650nm), hence the laser spot is able to focus with greater precision. Compared to DVDs, which only supports standard-definition (SD), Blu-ray supports HDTV and offers five times more detail in the clarity and sharpness of picture, and as well as better enhancement effects in HD video and audio quality. Besides Blu-ray, HD-DVD is the other new high-density DVD format competing to be the next-generation optical disc format. The HD-DVD format which is supported by NEC, Toshiba, and Sanyo, relies on the blue-laser technology as well. However, as compared, Blu-ray has a much bigger storage capacity and a higher data transfer rate for both video and audio. So do consumers prefer Blu-ray or HD-DVD? According to an independent study conducted by Cymfony (a market influence analytic company) on the new HD video formats and players, between October 1, 2006 and November 23, 2006, there are 46 percent (in a total of 17,664 posts) higher positive discussions about HD-DVD with authors stating being â€Å"impressed with HD-DVD† vs. â€Å"impressed with Blu-ray†. On the other hand, few posts has discussed the high storage capacity and advance interactivity.

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Mycenae and Agamemnon Essay

Mycenae lies about 90 kilometres south-west of Athens. From around 1600BC-1100BC Mycenae was a highly wealthy and influential city, dominating much of southern Greece. The Mycenaean Era was named in reference to the city. THE DISCOVERY OF MYCENAE It was Heinrich Schliemann who first completely excavated the city of Mycenae. The controversial archaeologist was searching for evidence that Agamemnon, the king who led the Greeks to fight Troy in the Trojan War. Schliemann was determined to prove that the Trojan War was a real event; in fact his career was based around his desire for this. After failing to find any definitive evidence in his search for Troy, he turned to Mycenae. In 1841 another archaeologist had found and restored the Lion Gate that marks the entrance to the city of Mycenae, but Schliemann was the first to systematically excavate the entire site. He believed that the Homeric tales described actual historical events and used his discoveries at Mycenae to back this up. DISOVERIES MADE AT THE SITE Discovered in Grave Circle A by Schliemann’s team, a dagger shows the militaristic values of the Mycenaean’s. From the weapons buried with most of the bodies found, we can deduct that the Mycenaean’s were not a peaceful people. They revelled in fighting, as shown by the violent motifs on their stelae and decorative weapons. Most graves featured full sets of weapons, both real and decorative. We can assume that life for the men of Mycenae would have had a heavy focus on fighting , with men of higher status being shown as brave fighters. This is also shown through the architecture of the city, particularly the Cyclopean walls. These huge walls show a need for a defensive attitude, which demonstrates the Mycenaean’s military attitude. On this dagger there is a depiction of a lion hunt, which shows that the Mycenaean’s hunted for sport. This further reflects the aggressive principles of the city. Double axe and bull motifs show a Minoan influence in Mycenaean culture. Within the graves in Grave Circle A there were many objects that had been made in Mycenae but in Minoan style. This reflects an appreciation for Minoan design and an obvious link through trade and travel between Minoan Crete and Mycenae. Later the former would be conquered by the latter. In Mycenae there would have been trading of goods from Minoan Crete and an admiration of the techniques, since they were implemented in wares produced within Mycenae. The graves themselves also shed light upon burial practises and status in Mycenae. The graves themselves are shaft graves, 4 metres deep with the dead placed in a cist at the bottom along with many decadent grave goods. The Grave would sometimes be marked with a stone Stele at ground level. These stelae would be used to depict things like chariot scenes, showing the heroic nature of the deceased buried below. The grave goods showed the status of the deceased, with gold and weapons showing a higher status. This shows that burial was not only a valued practise, but also reflected status and worth, depending on what you were buried with. The so-called â€Å"Nestor’s Cup† was a particularly important discovery for Schliemann. His team recovered the vessel from Shaft Grave IV and Schliemann identified it as the â€Å"Cup of Nestor† as written about in the Illiad. However the cup differs from Homer’s description in number of handles, the design of the birds, and size. It also is from the wrong time to have been used in the Trojan War according to some critics. However, this didn’t discourage Schliemann from his firm belief in the Homeric tales. This is one of the many discoveries Schliemann made that he believed contributed to proving that the tales detail historical events. CONTROVERSIES Within a shaft grave V Schliemann discovered a skeleton with a gold mask covering his face- a face which he believed was that of the legendary Agamemnon. However, in recent years critics have developed more and more arguments to the effect that the mask may be a hoax. William Calder gives the following reasons for his sceptical nature towards Schliemann’s find: The features of the mask are inconsistent with the other masks found; Schliemann had considered making fakes of the gold he found at Troy to give forgeries to give to the government; contemporaries of Schliemann allege that he planted artefacts to later â€Å"discover† them; the excavations at both Mycenae and Troy had been closed just a few days after the discovery of the gold, suggesting that he was expecting to find these treasures and nothing else; excavations were closed for 2 days shortly before Schliemann found the mask, what could Schliemann have been doing; Sophia allegedly has a relative in Athens that was a goldsmith; No other Mycenaean grave has anywhere near what was discovered in shaft grave V; Schliemann had claimed he had excavated other finds elsewhere, when it was later revealed that he had bought them. David Traill suggests that perhaps the Agamemnon mask wasn’t manufactured, but found from a later tomb. Both of his appeals for a scientific examination of the mask have been denied by the Greek authorities. In response to Calder and Traill many argue that their claims are unfounded and lack any scholarly backing, and have their own arguments in response. They insist that Schliemann was carefully monitored by Greek authorities throughout his excavation, which both Calder and Triall admit to in their own publishing. Kenneth Lapatin explains that the days where Calder alleged Schliemann had time to get a mask made, were before any masks had been found yet. Although he does admit it is possible the mask may have been â€Å"enhanced† after it was discovered. Both sides of the debate present both personal opinions and insinuations mixed in with actual fact. Considering the dishonest nature of Schliemann it is easy to believe he planted the mask. But when considering the work at Mycenae alone, there is no undoubtable evidence to suggest that he was dishonest about that particular find, only rumour and hearsay. From the collections of circumstantial suggestions put forward by Triall and Calder, their theories become increasingly believable. However, some parts of their arguments seem reminiscent of conspiracy theories, so perhaps it’s best to take the mask as an important –if disputed- archaeological find, but not proving the existence of Agamemnon. BIBILOGRAPHY eh351.jsp?obj_id=2573,_Mycenae