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Hipaa:impact On Infgormation Technology

[Name][Instructor][Course][Date]Running head : HIPAA : Impact on Information TechnologyHIPAA : IMPACT ON INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYHIPAA : Impact on Information TechnologyIntroductionThe wellness indemnity Portability and answerability prompt (HIPAA ) were signed into law in 1996 with the aviate program intent of protecting health insurance nurture when workers changed or lost their jobs . As the network evolved in the middle 1990 s HIPAA charterments coincided with the internet revolution and offered an easy , available vehicle to enable the digital exchange of health sustentation selective breeding . plainly the idea of flying br individual health records crossways the public net income prompted concerns about the privacy and certificate of patient-identifiable information Protected Health Information (PHI ) and HIP AA rules were further refined to embarrass a security standard for sharing PHI over the network (Authora Inc , 2003In enacting HIPAA , Congress mandated the brass section of Federal standards for the privacy of patient s identifiable health information When it comes to ain information thatmoves across hospitals , doctors offices , insurance companies , and state lines , our area has relied on a patchwork of Federal and State laws chthonian this patchwork of laws , personalhealth information could be distri saveed , without either nonice or authorization , for reasons that had nothing to do with a patient s medical exam treatment or reimbursement . Health business providers have a strong usance of safeguarding private health information . except , in right away s world , the old system of storing records in locked filing cabinets is not enough . With information broadly held and ancestral electronically , the HIPAA cover Rule provides clear standards for the protecti on of personal health information (Medcenter! One Health System 2003The HIPAA regulations declare to all conference that is stored or transmittable electronically , or that has been stored or transmitted electronically in the past . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Media includes , but is not particular to computer databases , tapes , disks , telecommunications , fax , Internet and networksImpact on Healthcare CostOne of the study factors driving up the cost of health care is the growth of healthcare providers . Expansive healthcare systems that offer bully care hospitals , persuasiveness facilities , clinics , labs , physician practice groups , and other function are change state pre valent . While these systems provide legion(predicate) benefits to the communities they serve , they also require a great bring off of money to render their growth - and ultimately place upward pressure on the costs of many medical servicesThe health IT market in the United States is expected to stagnate this stratum with a clarified decline in spending , fit in to recently released figures from market research analyst firm halt Sullivan . inquisitively enough , the drain of knowledgeabilityal resources away from commercial means IT solutions toward training and staff to ensure compliance with HIPAA (the Health constitution HYPERLINK http /www .eweek .com /article2 /0 ,1895 ,1639185 ,00 .asp \l _blank Portability and Accountability Act ) is largely to blame , according to Amith Viswanathan , a health care industry analyst at FrostHe said he expects U .S . health IT spending to shrink from 36 .7 million to 36 .2 billion this year . Payer and health care institution spending are each expected...If you want to make l! ook at a full essay, order it on our website:

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