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Shadow Kiss Chapter 16

Sixteen â€Å"SO ARE YOU,† HE TEASED. â€Å"Yeah, but I just thought – â€Å" â€Å"That I was human? Because of the bite marks?† â€Å"Yeah,† I admitted. No point in lying. â€Å"We all have to survive,† he said. â€Å"And dhampirs are good at figuring out ways to.† â€Å"Yeah, but most of us become guardians,† I pointed out. â€Å"Especially men.† I still couldn't believe he was a dhampir – or that I hadn't spotted it right away. Long ago, dhampirs had been born from humans and Moroi getting together. We were half-vampire, half-human. Over time, Moroi started keeping themselves separate from humans. Humans grew too plentiful and no longer needed Moroi for magic. Moroi now feared they'd become human experiments if ever discovered. So no more dhampirs were being made that way, and in a bizarre genetic twist, dhampirs getting together with dhampirs couldn't make more dhampirs. The only way my race kept reproducing was through Moroi mixing with dhampirs. Normal logic would make you think that a dhampir and a Moroi would make children who were ? Moroi. Nope. We came out with perfect dhampir genes, half and half, mixing some of the best traits of both races. Most dhampirs came from dhampir women and Moroi men. For centuries, these women had sent their kids off to be raised somewhere else, so that the mothers could go back to being guardians. That's what mine had done. Over time, though, some dhampir women had decided they wanted to raise their children themselves. They refused to be guardians and instead banded together in communities. That's what Dimitri's mother had done. Lots of ugly rumors surrounded these women because Moroi men often visited in the hopes of getting cheap sex. Dimitri had told me that a lot of these stories were exaggerated and that most dhampir women weren't that easy. The rumors came from the fact that these women were almost always single mothers who had no contact with their kids' fathers – and because some dhampirs would let Moroi drink blood during sex. It was a kinky, dirty thing in our culture and was where the nickname for these non-guardian dhampirs had come from: blood whores. But I'd never even thought about a male blood whore. My mind was reeling. â€Å"Most guys who don't want to be guardians just run off,† I said. It was rare, but it happened. Guys bailed on guardian school and disappeared to hide out among humans. It was another disgraceful thing. â€Å"I didn't want to run off,† said Ambrose, seeming very cheerful about all this. â€Å"But I didn't want to fight Strigoi either. So I did this.† Beside me, Lissa was stunned. Blood whores stayed on the fringes of our world. Having one right in front of her – a guy, no less – was incredible. â€Å"This is better than being a guardian?† I asked in disbelief. â€Å"Well, let's see. Guardians spend all their time watching out for others, risking their lives, and wearing bad shoes. Me? I have great shoes, am currently massaging a pretty girl, and sleep in an awesome bed.† I made a face. â€Å"Let's not talk about where you sleep, okay?† â€Å"And giving blood isn't as bad as you think. I don't give as much as a feeder, but the high's pretty neat.† â€Å"Let's not talk about that either,† I said. No way would I admit that I knew Moroi bites were indeed â€Å"pretty neat.† â€Å"Fine. But say what you want, my life's good.† He gave me a lopsided smile. â€Å"But aren't people, like†¦well, aren't they mean to you? They must say things†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"Oh yes,† he agreed. â€Å"Horrible things. I get called a lot of ugly names. But you know where I get the most grief from? Other dhampirs. Moroi tend to leave me alone.† â€Å"That's because they don't understand what it's like to be a guardian, how important it is.† It occurred to me, with some unease, that I sounded exactly like my mother. â€Å"It's what dhampirs are meant to do.† Ambrose rose, unkinking his legs and giving me a face full of muscled chest. â€Å"You sure? How would you like to find out what you're really meant to do? I know someone who might be able to tell you.† â€Å"Ambrose, don't do it,† groaned Lissa's manicurist. â€Å"That woman's crazy.† â€Å"She's psychic, Eve.† â€Å"She's not psychic, and you cannot take the Dragomir princess to go see her.† â€Å"The queen herself goes to her for advice,† he argued back. â€Å"That's a mistake too,† grumbled Eve. Lissa and I exchanged looks. She'd latched onto the word psychic. Psychics and fortune-tellers were generally regarded with the same disbelief as ghosts – except that Lissa and I had recently learned that psychic abilities we'd previously believed to be fantasy were actually part of spirit. Hope that she might have stumbled onto another spirit user shot through Lissa. â€Å"We'd love to see a psychic. Can we go? Please?† Lissa glanced at a nearby clock. â€Å"And soon? We have a flight to catch.† Eve clearly thought it was a waste of our time, but Ambrose could hardly wait to show us. We put our shoes back on and were led out of the massage area. The spa rooms had been in a maze of halls behind the front salon, and we soon found ourselves in another maze that was farther back still. â€Å"There's no directory here,† I said as we walked past closed doors. â€Å"What are these rooms for?† â€Å"Everything and anything people will pay money for,† he said. â€Å"Like what?† â€Å"Ah, Rose. You're such an innocent.† We finally reached a door at the end of the hall. We stepped inside and found a small room that only held a desk. A closed door sat beyond it. A Moroi at the desk looked up, obviously recognizing Ambrose. He walked over to her, and the two got into a quiet argument as he tried to get her to let us in. Lissa turned to me, keeping her voice soft. â€Å"What do you think?† My eyes were on Ambrose. â€Å"That all that muscle's going to waste.† â€Å"Forget the blood whore thing already. I mean about this psychic. Do you think we've found another spirit user?† she asked eagerly. â€Å"If a party boy like Adrian can be a spirit user, then a woman who tells the future probably can be too.† Ambrose returned to us, grinning. â€Å"Suzanne was happy to fit you into the schedule before your flight. It'll be just a minute while Rhonda finishes up with her current client.† Suzanne didn't look very happy about fitting us in, but I didn't have time to ponder that because the inner door opened and an older Moroi man walked out, entranced. He gave Suzanne some cash, nodded at the rest of us, and left. Ambrose stood and made a wide sweeping motion toward the door. â€Å"Your turn.† Lissa and I walked inside the other room. Ambrose followed and closed the door behind us. It was like walking into someone's heart. Everything was red. Plush red carpet, a red velvet couch, velvet brocade wallpaper, and red satin cushions on the floor. Sitting on the cushions was a Moroi in her forties, with curly black hair and equally dark eyes. There was a very faint olive cast to her skin, but her overall look was pale, like all Moroi. Her black clothing stood out in stark contrast to the red room, and jewelry the color of my nails gleamed on her neck and hands. I expected her to speak in a spooky, mysterious voice – one with an exotic accent – but her words sounded blandly American. â€Å"Please, sit down.† She pointed to some cushions across from her. Ambrose sat on the couch. â€Å"Who've you brought?† she asked him as Lissa and I settled down. â€Å"Princess Vasilisa Dragomir, and her guardian-to-be, Rose. They need a fast fortune.† â€Å"Why do you always want to rush these things?† Rhonda asked. â€Å"Hey, it's not me. They have a plane to catch.† â€Å"It'd be the same if you didn't. You're always in a rush.† I shook off my awe of the room enough to pay attention to their easy banter and similar hair. â€Å"Are you guys related?† â€Å"This is my aunt,† said Ambrose fondly. â€Å"She adores me.† Rhonda rolled her eyes. That was a surprise. Dhampirs rarely had contact with their extended Moroi family, but then, Ambrose was hardly normal. Lissa was intrigued by all of this too, but her interest was different from mine. She was studying Rhonda intently, trying to find any indication that the woman might be a spirit user. â€Å"Are you a gypsy?† I asked. Rhonda made a face and began shuffling some cards. â€Å"I'm Roma,† she said. â€Å"A lot of people call us gypsies, though the term isn't exactly accurate. And really, I'm Moroi first.† She gave the cards a few more shuffles, then handed them to Lissa. â€Å"Cut, please.† Lissa was still staring, half-hoping she might see an aura. Adrian could sense other spirit users, but she didn't have that skill yet. She cut the cards and handed them back. Rhonda put the deck back together and dealt out three cards to Lissa. I leaned forward. â€Å"Cool.† They were tarot cards. I didn't know much about them, only that they supposedly had mystical powers and could tell the future. I didn't believe in that stuff much more than I'd ever believed in religion, but then, until recently, I'd never really believed in ghosts, either. The three cards were the Moon, the Empress, and the Ace of Cups. Ambrose leaned over my shoulder to peer at the cards. â€Å"Ooh,† he said. â€Å"Very interesting.† Rhonda glanced up at him. â€Å"Hush. You don't know what you're talking about.† She turned back to the cards and tapped the Ace of Cups. â€Å"You're on the verge of a new beginning, a rebirth of great power and emotion. Your life will change, but it will be a change that takes you in a direction that, while difficult, will ultimately illuminate the world.† â€Å"Whoa,† I said. Rhonda then pointed to the Empress. â€Å"Power and leadership lie ahead of you, which you will handle with grace and intelligence. The seeds are already in place, though there's an edge of uncertainty – an enigmatic set of influences that hang around you like mist.† Her attention was on the Moon as she said those words. â€Å"But my overall impression is that those unknown factors won't deter you from your destiny.† Lissa's eyes were wide. â€Å"You can tell that just from the cards?† Rhonda shrugged. â€Å"It's in the cards, yes, but I also have a gift that lets me see forces beyond what ordinary people can perceive.† She shuffled the cards again and then handed them to me to cut. I did, and she flipped three more over. The Nine of Swords, the Sun, and the Ace of Swords. The Sun card was upside down. Now, I knew nothing about this stuff, but I immediately got the feeling I was about to get a raw deal compared to Lissa. The Empress card had shown a woman in a long dress, with stars on her head. The Moon had shown a full moon with two dogs below it, and the Ace of Cups had shown a bejeweled chalice filled with flowers. Meanwhile, my Nine of Swords showed a woman sobbing in front of a wall of swords, and the Ace of Swords was a boring hand holding a plain iron sword. The Sun at least looked cheerful. It had what looked like an angel riding a white horse, with a brilliant sun shining above. â€Å"Shouldn't that be flipped right-side up?† I asked. â€Å"No,† she said, eyes on the cards. After several moments of heavy silence, she said, â€Å"You will destroy that which is undead.† I waited about thirty seconds for her to continue, but she didn't. â€Å"Wait, that's it?† She nodded. â€Å"That's what the cards say to me.† I pointed at them. â€Å"Seems like they've got a little bit more to say than that. You gave Lissa a whole encyclopedia worth of information! And I already know I'm going to kill the undead. That's my job.† Bad enough I'd gotten a minuscule fortune. It was also totally unoriginal. Rhonda shrugged, as though that were some sort of explanation. I started to say that she'd better not even think about charging me for that crap reading when there was a soft knock at the door. It opened, and to my surprise, Dimitri stuck his head inside. His eyes fell on Lissa and me. â€Å"Ah, they said you were in here.† He walked in and noticed Rhonda. To my further surprise, he gave her a low nod of respect and said very politely, â€Å"I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need to bring these two to their flight.† Rhonda examined him – but not in a checking-him-out kind of way. It was more like he was mystery she wanted to figure out. â€Å"There's nothing to apologize for. But maybe you've got time for a reading of your own?† With our similar views on religion, I expected Dimitri to tell her he had no time for her scam-artist fortune-telling. Yet the look on his face stayed serious, and he finally nodded, sitting down beside me, letting me smell the sweet scent of leather and aftershave. â€Å"Thank you.† His words were still perfectly polite. â€Å"I'll be brief.† Rhonda was already shuffling up my useless cards. In record time, she had them ready for cutting and had dealt out three cards in front of Dimitri. The Knight of Rods, the Wheel of Fortune, and the Five of Cups. I couldn't get a feel for these. The Knight of Rods was what it sounded like, a man on horseback with a long wooden spear. The Wheel of Fortune was a circle with strange symbols floating in the clouds. The Five of Cups showed five knocked-over cups spilling some kind of liquid out while a man stood with his back to them. Her eyes flicked over the cards, looked at Dimitri, then looked back at the cards. Her expression was blank. â€Å"You will lose what you value most, so treasure it while you can.† She pointed to the Wheel of Fortune card. â€Å"The wheel is turning, always turning.† The reading wasn't as good as Lissa's, but he'd gotten a hell of a lot more than me. Lissa elbowed me in a silent warning to be quiet, which startled me at first. Without even realizing it, I'd opened my mouth to protest. I shut it and glowered. Dimitri's face was dark and thoughtful as he stared at the cards. I didn't know if he knew anything about this stuff, but he was staring at the images as though they really held all the secrets of the world. At last, he gave Rhonda another respectful nod. â€Å"Thank you.† She nodded back, and then the three of us rose to catch our flight. Ambrose told us the readings were on him and that he'd settle up with Suzanne afterward. â€Å"It was worth it,† he told me. â€Å"Worth it to see you think twice about your fate.† I scoffed. â€Å"No offense, but those cards didn't make me think much about anything.† Like everything else, this just made him laugh. We were about to leave Suzanne's little waiting room when Lissa suddenly dashed back to Rhonda's open doorway. I followed after her. â€Å"Um, excuse me,† Lissa said. Rhonda looked up from more shuffling, her face troubled. â€Å"Yes?† â€Å"This is going to sound weird, but†¦um, could you tell me what element you specialized in?† I could feel Lissa holding her breath. She so, so wanted Rhonda to say she hadn't specialized, which was often the sign of having spirit. There was still so much to learn, and Lissa loved the ideas of finding others who could teach her – and she especially loved the idea of someone teaching her to foretell the future. â€Å"Air,† said Rhonda. A soft breezed rustled through our hair to prove the point. â€Å"Why?† Lissa let go of her breath, disappointment washing over me through her link. â€Å"No reason. Thank you again.†

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Organic and Inorganic Food Essay

As we know, food is the most important thing in our lives. We can not live without food, it sounds redundant but that is the reality. Imagine if we do not eat any food in a day, we will get very not powere because we do not get the strength that is contained in food. We realized this important thing and now we have found that there are two types of food, organic and unorganic food. Many people still missunderstanding about the definition of organic and unorganic food. They tend to think that organic food is the healthiest food and unorganic food is a bad food. Actually, organic food is made in a way that complies with organic standards set by national governments and international organizations. Unorganic or non-organic food is which was produced without the use of hormones, antibiotics (for non-medicinal purposes), synthetic fertilizers or pesticides in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). The use of the term is regulated by the NOP and only those products that meet the standards may use the term. Therefore all other products would be non-organic or unorganic. From the definition, we can see that organic and unorganic food are not the same. Organic food is healthier than unorganic food since it is pesticide-free, but it also has a worse appearance than organic food. First, organic food is healthier than unorganic food. Organic food is grown without toxic in soil that enriched by natural mineral fertilizers only. The farmer relies on the ‘friendly’ insects that eat harmful insects. The farmer does not use pesticide or other harmful chemicals at all. The effect is the food does not contain any dangerous chemicals that can harm our health. The unorganic food, on the other hand, contain many dangerous chemicals that can harm our health. The farmer use pesticide or other dangerous chemicals to make the food grow faster. The effects do not appear immediately, it appears when we eat too much unorganic food. It a sign that our body can not accept those dangerous chemicals anymore. It is a fact that organic food is healthier than unorganic food. Unorganic food has a better appearance than organic food. Unorganic food farmer uses chemicals to make the harmful insects get away from his plant. The farmer also uses chemicals to make his food shining, clean, and interesting so the consumers will prefer to buy his unorganic food than organic food. Organic food has a worse appearance than unorganic food, because the farmer do not use chemicals to make the food looks interesting at all. Although the organic food is less interesting than unorganic food, keep in your mind that bad appearance does not mean that the content also bad. Food is very important for our lives. We can not live without food. Now, we have found that there are two types of food, organic food and unorganic food. Organic food and unorganic food are not the same. Organic food is healthier than unorganic food. The farmer of organic food does not use dangerous chemical to take care of his food. He relies on the ‘friendly’ insects that eat the harmful insects. Unorganic food has a better appearance than organic food. The farmer uses chemicals to make the appearance of unorganic food more interesting, so that the consumers will prefer to buy unorganic food. Actually, it does not matter if we eat organic or unorganic food. The most important thing is we have to keep pay attention about the food nutrition from the food that we eat. Name: Amanda Restu A. Std. Number: 2009. 031. 004 OUTLINE Title: The Differences Between Organic and Unorganic Food. Thesis Statement: Organic food is healthier than unorganic food since it is pesticide-free, but it also has a worse appearance than organic food. I. Introduction. II. The Difference in Health side. III. The Difference in Appearance. IV. Conclusion : Actually, it does not matter if we eat organic or unorganic food. The most important thing is we have to keep pay attention about the food nutrition from the food that we eat.

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Unit 6 Big Ideas in Science SEMINAR Research Paper

Unit 6 Big Ideas in Science SEMINAR - Research Paper Example Atmospheric Carbon also comes from decomposition of dead animals. Sedimentary rocks like limestone, as well as seashells also contain carbon. Nitrogen, on the other hand, exists in the atmosphere as nitrogen gas. This nitrogen gas is converted to ammonia gas through the process of nitrogen fixation, and the ammonia is converted to nitrites then oxidized to nitrates through the process of nitrification. Nitrogen fixation is accomplished by nitrogen fixing bacteria as well as lightning. The resultant nitrites and nitrates are converted back to nitrogen gas by denitrifying bacteria through denitrification process. Nitrogen present in organic matter is converted into ammonia gas via ammonification process. Human activities affect the natural processes of water, carbon, and nitrogen cycles. Activities like burning of fossil fuels and coal releases nitrogen compounds, sulfur, and carbon compounds to the atmosphere, which, in addition to causing air pollution, leads to the formation of acid rain. Acid rain causes great damage to plants and animals. Increase of nitrogen in the atmosphere causes imbalance of nutrients available for plants, affecting their health and biodiversity. Other problems like leaching of nitrogen into the soil and resultant pollution and eutrophication results from increasing nitrogen in the air. Furthermore, the use of chlorofluorocarbons, CFCS, causes the breakdown of the ozone layer leading to the formation of Ozone hole. The result is an increase in occurrence of skin cancer due to penetration of ultraviolet light into the

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Islamic Art Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Islamic Art - Research Paper Example The main topic of the essay "Islamic Art" is the profound analysis of islamic architectural style and mosques in particular. For example, The Selimiye Mosque (1569-75), an Ottoman mosque in the city of Edirne in Turkey, has been one of the most magnificent illustrations of Islamic architecture and the mosque was commissioned by Sultan Selim II. Selimiye has been the most important monument in the historic city of Edirne, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire before the conquest of Istanbul. In conclusion the author considers that, a reflective exploration of the various processes in the construction of the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne confirms that it is one of the most magnificent illustrations of Islamic architecture in general and Ottoman architecture in particular. It is the masterpiece by the celebrated Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan who has been effective in both outdoing the size and grandeur of the venerable Byzantine monument and in continuing a dialogue with his own Suleymaniye Mosque that was built twenty years earlier. In a profound understanding of the architectural and technological quality of this magnificent mosque, one comes to recognize why most modern historians regard it as the culminating achievement of Sinan’s distinguished fifty-year career as the chief architect of the Ottoman court. In short, the Selimiye Mosque can best be considered as the most important mosque in the city of Edirne which is well-known for its mosques, the elegant domes and minarets.

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International Finance (The problem with Fair Trade Coffee) Essay

International Finance (The problem with Fair Trade Coffee) - Essay Example Are the advantages liable to encompass a high mass of growers and communities on a worldwide basis? The assignment of deriving answers to these questions is although a long term task, there is also necessity of accomplishing this assignment as soon as possible. Considering the urgency, this paper has been prepared and presented as a move towards finding answers to the above mentioned questions. The barriers to the effective implementation of the fair trade movements all the time act as the reason of the power loss of the entire system. Considering in-depth review of the case of fair trade coffee, it has been observed that the biggest challenge being faced by the fair trade movement is when it does not allow the grower co-operatives to negotiate prices for coffee with the importers from foreign countries when at the same time, the world prices are at high level. The consequence of the situation is that the co-operatives ultimately have to buy coffee at higher prices from the farmers a nd they are bound to sell the same coffee at lower prices to the importers of the foreign countries (Jeff, 2011). Another major challenge of the fair trade movement as identified from the Fair Trade coffee case is that of the lack of knowledge being preserved by the producers of coffee. The reason of the lesser knowledge among producers is primarily the co-operatives’ organization and processes. The producers possess almost zero or minimal knowledge about the fair trade movements because they seldom receive any training from the representatives of the Fair Trade. In certain cases, the producers themselves are the catalysts who worsen the situation of lesser information. This happens through their reluctance towards attending assemblies of the co-operatives and other similar events. As the market of coffee is cyclical, the prices of this commodity fluctuate greatly. With the growth in the rates of conventional coffee, the obligations towards the channels of Fair Trade deterior ate. The Fair Trade Coffee depicts that with this scenario in concern, the producers fail to operate effectively because the difference between the prices cited by the co-operatives and that prevailing in the market decreases (Murray, Raynolds, & Taylor, 2003). The reasons for the losing of power of the successful economic justice models are also due to the facts that prove the models’ ineffectiveness in their operations. The experts have criticized the models’ operations recently with the evidence that a few members of the Fair Trade movement are dispatching their intensions of having large corporations or the companies as the members of the movement. It has also been claimed by the critics that there are even certain companies which have received special facilities from the various agencies. With this evidence, the justice models such as that of the FLO and Fair Trade was enquired of providing unequal treatment to their members and as a consequence they all remained unanswered (Munoz, 2011). The mission of the Fair Trade USA and FLO which is to provide empowerment to both the farmers and the workers across the world through eradicating their poverty has also been criticized by the critics and this can be another probable reason for the loss of power of the economic justice model (Haight, 2011). The criticism has been against the models’ proclamation that it aims to eradicate farmers’ poverty. The creation of the Fair Tr

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Desribing a Social Institution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Desribing a Social Institution - Essay Example In the institutions of man, aided by God’s guidance and graces, there are already installed safeguards and answers that if we only know how to discern, we would not go far or divert from where we are really going. One of these groups that have become institutions and instruments of God’s propagation of faith and love is the so-called charismatic group. From the small parishes spring small organizations or groups, others are called church-mandated organizations like the Familia, and other smaller groups that require assistance and cooperation of the so-called laity, such as the charismatic groups, or the traditional Cursillos in Christianity. In my journey to these groups in the Christian faith, I was most attracted to the charismatic group. I was so intrigued by the actuations of some of the members that I tried to observe their activities. From the start, I thought they were overacting their faith because in their actions they were trying to goad people into joining their seminars and â€Å"indoctrination†. Some members who are friends of mine have asked me to join their so-called healing sessions and prayer groups. Indeed, they laid their hands on me and on anyone who ask their prayer and help, like they were â€Å"real saints†. I attempted and I was really puzzled. So I tried to give them some time. And not only did I join them but later I became a part of them. Weekly prayer meetings, fellowships, and later on seminars filled up my activities. I soon forgot what I was previously busy about – the material things of this world. Soon I learned what this group was all about. The charismatic religious activity, whose members are the parishioners or the community members, is one of the phenomena in religious gatherings, in these times when other activities are perceived boring to the believers. Somehow the Church – to my opinion – has injected some lively touches into the

Data Collection2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Data Collection2 - Essay Example ministration and bush family members such as the former first lady, Barbara Bush, Olberman has named a host of Republican senators and numerous Conservatives and pro-Bush reporters and media personalities, such as Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. He has, furthermore, repeatedly included Fox New Channel, which he dubs, Fox Nothing Channel and Fox Noise Channel, in his worst person of the world list, as well as conservative pro-Bush preachers, such as Pat Robertson. The above-stated, which was concluded after thorough review of Countdown transcripts at MSNBC, is indicative of an overt bias against the Bush Administration, Republicans and neoconservatives. Further solidifying this claim of bias is that rarely, if ever, is a Democrat included in that list, unless they have voted in support of the Iraq War, or who have expressed any type of support for Bush’s policies, such as Hilary Clinton. The fact that the number of Republicans, Conservatives and Bush Administration members included in the Worst Person in the World spot overwhelms the number of Democrats and Iraq war opponents included, may reflect bias but it does not reflect the extent of the bias involved. Bias is best determined through quotes: 1. Anne Coulter (Conservative, Pro-War Activist, Republican, Bush supporter); When awarding Coulter the Worst Person in the World Award just last week, for having called John Edwards feminine, Olberman said: â€Å"Calling John Edwards that name, I mean, Annie, just because you’re more mannish looking, hell, you’re more mannish looking than every man on the planet† (Olberman, 2007, â€Å"Ann Coulter†). What should be emphasised about this quote is that it descends into personal and subjective attacks; it is not an objective and critical response to Coulter’s statements, or her political position but, an attack upon her own person. In so doing, Olberman does not just reveal his own personal bias but, seems to suggest that

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Goal-line Technology Design Process Technical Research Paper

Goal-line Technology Design Process Technical - Research Paper Example Different football stakeholders around the world have made the calls for the technology. These calls have intensified since 2010 in the English Premier League (EPL), recent World Cup games, and the just concluded Euro 2012. However, the calls to implement the technology started in 2000 after referee error in judging penalty shootout between Nigeria and Cameroon enabled the latter to win the Africa Cup of Nations (BBC Sport, 2012). The television replays showed that the ball completely went over the goal line after hitting the cross bar but the referee failed to award the goal. Similar errors were also reported in the EPL and the recent World Cup (Conway 2012). The notable matches that have led to intensified calls for the technology include Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur (2005), Germany and England FIFA World Cup (2010), and Ukraine and England in Euro 2012.   Hawk-Eye Company, based in England, developed the goal-line technology. The company has offered similar services i n other games such as tennis and cricket. FIFA has adopted the use of the technology and plan to implement it during the 2014 World Cup, hosted in Japan. It is notable that several other companies are also working on developing this technology under different names. FIFA plans to use Goal Control system in 2014 World Cup while the EPL already contracted the Hawk-Eye Company to provide the service in the current season.   The goal-line technology (GLT) is aimed at assisting match officials in making decisions. on when to award or deny goals in cases when it is not very clear whether the ball has crossed the goal line (FIFA 2012). The technology provides information in relation to whether the ball has completely gone over the goal line. Match officials use the information to make their final decisions. The societal need the technology seeks to serve is therefore to eliminate the errors that referees make while officiating matches (FIFA 2012). Awarding a goal wrongly to one team rema ins the greatest injustice in competitive football matches. In addition, refusing to award another team a goal when the ball has completely passed the goal line also hinders the chances of such teams from winning the games and this is a great unfairness to the team and players. The Goal-line Technology Product Design and Operation The Hawk-Eye Company created their first technology in the year 1999. The company has continued to improve the product over the years through testing and application. The company has experience in developing the technology as it has created similar ones for tennis and cricket games. The technology is founded on triangulation principles (FIFA 2012). It integrates pictorial images and timing statistics. The technology uses high speed video cameras put at different locations around the field of play. However, most of the cameras are normally located near the goal. The technology integrates high frame rate cameras, which triangulate and follows the trajectory of the ball. It has software, which also calculates the location of the ball (FIFA 2012). The software does this through pinpointing the

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Drawing on examples of ethnographic studies, critically evaluate the Essay

Drawing on examples of ethnographic studies, critically evaluate the main strengths and limitations of this research method - Essay Example The deployment of ethnography as a method to capture the realm of culture enables the researcher to dissect even the most subtle meanings associated with actions and interactions that often take place within that respective realm. It focuses on observation of specific actions and interactions within specific and natural settings rather relying solely on data collected through different external methods (Tuckman 1999). It helps to make sense of the deeper meanings that are motivated both from historical and political corner points and which rule the ruse in the daily lives. It also enables the researcher to simultaneously participate in the daily lives as well as to keep distance from the same in order to make sense of the subjective meanings attached to the actions by the subjects (Geertz 1995). In this paper I shall attempt to provide a critical overview of ethnographic research with regard to the possibilities it offer in social research. I have basically attempted to club the meri ts, demerits and instances of ethnographic research in singular edifice in the form of this paper. Thus I have attempted to draw from specific works in order to understand the relevance of the advantages and disadvantages and how the latter are overcome and through what additional methods. Being inductive in nature than deductive ethnographic research is more flexible and reserves sufficient room to incorporate elements that are difficult to manage and control and that emerge, even spontaneously, during the course of the study. The most significant use of making ethnographic analysis is that it helps the researcher to closely observe and understand the internal dynamics of the local daily lives in the cultural locale being studied. The use of observation and interviews in ethnography helps the researcher to stick to the natural settings (Wilson 1977). The opportunities for the researcher to observe the behaviour and human relations, actions and interactions within their usual enviro nment helps the researcher to â€Å"contextualize† her research (Brewer 2004: 154); it also plays a crucial role in the very process of laying foundation for the particular research. Gay and Airasian, during the course of their study about educational research generally in the European context, observes that â€Å"in ethnographic research, as opposed to other forms of social researches, hypothesis is formed after the initial phase of field visits, observation and so on† (25). This is a very crucial factor since it keeps the researcher away from any form of preoccupations about the research as such and the research questions and widens the scope of the project. In addition to the above this contextual specificity saves the researcher a great deal from generalizing the outcomes of the specific research. According to Pawson (1999), as a result of the constant interaction with subjects in their usual settings, there are constant and unexpected twists and turns in the ethno graphic research which prevent it from becoming â€Å"a neat series of sequential stages† (32). Thus ethnography could better be understood as incorporating great amounts of flexibility incorporating a â€Å"multiple series of actions in a rather flexible manner† (Ibid 33). While this remains so the question of research design occupies an important place in this research framework and ordering the research in a systematic

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The Human-Computer Interface Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

The Human-Computer Interface - Assignment Example Bourg and Bywalec (2013) defines haptic feedback as "The method of including physical feedback to assist a user in interacting with entirely virtual objects" (p. 411). Every gadget in todays world functions with the use of computerized systems. Haptic feedbacks can either be in form of vibrations or senses that identify the location of the objects or bodies, as well as movements. Haptic feedback in form of vibrations is used mainly in touch-screen mobile phones whereby the phones vibration system recognizes a touch on the screen by the user (Bourg and Bywalec, 2013). In essence, the touch-screen mobile phone to some extent vibrates in order to substitute for a typical or ordinary physical reaction from a push button. In terms of senses, Bourg and Bywalec (2013) emphasizes that haptic feedback is used in the creation of joysticks to play games. In games, haptic feedback is used to alert the player when an incident or episode has taken place. In some games in fact, the player can even be wobbled by the joystick to symbolize the happening of an incident. It is worth noting that haptic feedback is a vital constituent imperative in human-computer interface, and it as well needed for its effectiveness and minimization of inaccuracies or miscalculations in computerized gadgets (Bourg and Bywalec, 2013). Memory is regarded as one of the vital functions of the human mind. There are three types of human memory and they are grouped on the basis of the length of preservation or how long the memory is withheld in the brain. These three types of human memory according to Kumar (2005) include "Sensory memory, short0term memory, and long-term memory" (p. 115). In comparison, sensory memory denotes memory roughly at the instant it is professed while short-term memory refers to the sensory memory that manages to pass through to the sensory stockpile for storage. Long-term memory on the other hand is memory refers to the information that can be repossessed in a matter

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Law of Carriage by Rail Essay Example for Free

Law of Carriage by Rail Essay 1) a) Explain how the making of the contract between the consignor and the railway station can exist? The contract between the consignor and the railway company will existing when the railway company has accepted the goods for carriage from the consignor and together with the consignment note make by consignor. The acceptance will be established with the consignment note and will be stamp of the forwarding station. The consignment note is made by the consignor with three copy, each copy for each carriage freight, and the content of the consignment note are correspond with all the terms and condition that was agreed by the Rules. When the consignment note had been made by the consignor and was being stamped by the forwarding station, the consignment note will be an evidence of the making contract between the consignor and the railway station or forwarding station, the content that stated in the consignment shall be correspond or exactly same with the consignor with railway station previously agreed. The responsible of the consignor is extraordinary of the consignment note, which may in accordance with the agreement between consignor and the railway company. In the consignment note was related to the goods such as quantity of the goods or to the amount of packages shall only be evidence against the railway when it had been verified by the railway to regulate that is not any deviation with the particular of the consignment note and has be certified in the consignment note. If that was any necessary these particulars may be verified by other means or it was obvious that there is no actual insufficiency corresponding to the discrepancy between the quantity or amount of packages and the particulars in the consignment note, the latter shall not be evidence alongside the railway. This shall apply in particular when the carriage is handed over to the consignee with the original stamps complete. After the railway company has verified the goods, and they shall to certify a receipt that include the date of acceptance of the carriage and stamped on the consignment note before it was duplicated to the consignor. The railway shall declare acceptance of the goods and the date of acceptance for carriage by assigning the date stamp to or else making the entry on the duplicate of the consignment note before compensating the duplicate to the consignor. The duplicate will not have influence as the consignment note complementary the goods, nor as a bill of lading. Grand Trunk Railway Co. of Canada v. McMillan [1889] In this case is the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada as defendant and Robert McMillan as plaintiff. The fact in the case is the railway company have the contract with Robert McMillan, which is a contact for carriage of the goods and it was go beyond of the station of line. The railway company undertakes to carry goods to a point beyond the station of its own line its contract is for carriage of the goods over the whole transit. However the other companies which over of the line they must pass are merely agents of the contracting company for such carriage, and it was in no private of contract with the transporter. In addition, such a contract being one which a railway company may refuse to enter into the contact, it is because of according to section 104 of the Railway Act it does not prevent from restrict the liability for negligence as carriers or else in respect to the goods to be carried after they had gone from its own line. Moreover, inside the contract have a condition from the Grand Trunk Railway Company (defendants), it was stated, they carry the goods form Toronto to Portage la Prairie, Man., it was a place that beyond the station of their line, and the company shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or delay and detention that may happen to goods sent by them. If that has be happen (loss, damage or delay and detention) after said the goods had arrived at the stations or places on their line nearest to the points or places which they were committed to or beyond their held limits. Furthermore for the condition of the contract is provided that no claim for loss, damage, delay or detention of goods should be allowed unless notice in writing with particulars and it was given to the station agent at or nearby to the place of delivery within thirty-six hours after delivery of the goods in order to the claim that was made. The held in this case is because of the condition are not relieve with the company from the liability for the loss and damage that happened during the goods in transit, even if the loss, damage, delay or detention had happened beyond the limits of the company in that own line. As well as the loss having occurred after the transit was over, and the goods delivered at Portage la Prairie, and the liability of the company as carriers having ceased, this condition reduced the contract to one of mere bailment as soon as the goods were delivered, and also exempted the company from liability as warehousemen, and the goods were from that time in keeping of the company on whose line Portage la Prairie was place and it was as an bailees for the goods. That a plea setting up non-compliance with this condition having been demurred to, and the plaintiff not having appealed against a judgment over-ruling the demurrer, the question as to the sufficiency in law of the defense was res judicata. Likewise for the part of the consignment having been lost such notice should have been given in respect to the same within thirty-six hours after the delivery of the goods which arrived in safety. Finally it was be an action against the Grand Trunk Railway Co. and the Canadian Pacific Railway Company jointly for damages caused by injury to the plaintiff’s goods that carry on the Grand Trunk for carriage of goods from Toronto to Manitoba. The goods were only carried by the Grand Trunk over a portion of the route and by the Canadian Pacific from Winnipeg to the place of consignment, and they were in the actual ownership of the latter company when injured. And because of the damage to the goods was not disputed, but the defendants claimed that they were carried under a special contract, by the terms of which they were relieved from liability. b) Briefly explain the party that have the liability to be liable under the carriage by rail? The rail carrier has the liability to be liable for the loss, damage or any delay of the goods that who was under CMR. According to Article 55 is provided that the railways may bring an action to forwarding railway. That is for claim against the railways company due to arising of loss, damage or delay of the goods, and is an action that for reclamation of totality of funded under the contact of carriage of goods might be taken against the railways which have composed that totality or against to railways on behalf it was collected. Based on Article of 54, that is the action against the railways might be brought by the consignor. If any happen action arising from the contact of carriage of goods, the action might brought by consignor until the consignee was take a proprietorship of the consignment note, accepted the goods from the consignor, or declared he has the right to deliver the goods. Or the action against the railways also can brought by the consignee, when the consignee are take a possession of the consignment note, accepted the goods, declared his right or he had been provided that he has the right of action that shall be quenched from the time when a person was entitled by the consignee. However, if they might brought an action against the railways, consignor shall to produce the duplicate of the consignment note, because that will be an evidence that he produce an authorisation from the consignee or deliver resistant that the consignee has refused to accept the consignment note, or the consignee shall to produce the consignment note if it has been furnished terminated to him. In addition, that Article of 36 that is the extent of the liability. The railways has a number of exclusion from the liability. In fact the railways shall to be liable for the loss, damage or delay of the goods, and occasioning from the total or some of the partial of loss, damage or delay from the consignor or between the time that had acceptance for carried out the goods loading and the time delivery and inherent vice of the goods such as defective packaging, decay of the goods or wastage. The railway company shall be relieved of such liability when the loss, damage or delays or the goods that had carried, due by the cause of fault on part of the person entitled, or by the person that entitled other than as result of a fault on the part of the railway which the railway could not avoided and which is unable to prevent the consequence. For instance, under the agreement between the consignor and the railway in the consignment note, the goods should be under the condition that applicable that had been stated in consignment note, any absence or lack of the filler of the good which by their nature shall be liable to loss or damage when the goods was not packed or not be properly packed, or defective loading that had been carried by the consignor, any irregular, incorrect or any incomplete description of the article not been acceptable for carriage or acceptable matter to conditions or failure on part of the consignor to observe the prescribed protections in respect of article acceptable matter to conditions, or the carriage of the live animal and what stated in the consignment note must be accompanied by any attendant, if the loss, damage or delay of the goods had been resulted in the risk of the attendant was intended to obviate, all the circumstance, the railway shall be relieved of the liability when it was cause in resulted in loss, damage or delay of the goods. For example in the case of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. v. Canadian National Railway Co., Rainbow Industrial Caterers Ltd. v. Canadian National Railway Co., [1991], see as well the case of Grand Trunk Railway Co. of Canada v. McMillan [1889]. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. v. Canadian National Railway Co. In this case the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd is the plaintiff and Canadian National Railway Company is the defendant in the cases. The fact in the case was as an import of a train derailment cargo owned by the plaintiff was severely damaged. The cargo was being accepted under a â€Å"Master Transportation Agreement† between the plaintiff and Fujitrans as a freight forwarder. The goods made in Japan and were carried by sea to Vancouver where it was discharged for further carriage to Ontario by rail. Furthermore, the defendant rail carrier assumed, pursuant to Section 137(1) of the Canada Transportation Act, S.C. 1996 and an agreement between Casco, another freight forwarder, that it was entitled to limit its liability to $50,000. However the rail carrier was entitled to limit his liability. The held in the case is which is the right of the defendant as a rail carrier to limit its liability depends on it establishing the existence of a â€Å"confidential contract† under ss. 126 and 137 of the Canada Transportation Act that is a â€Å"written agreement signed by the shipper† and that contains a limitation of liability. The â€Å"shipper† within the meaning of the Canada Transportation Act in the circumstances of this case was Casco not the plaintiff. In addition, the requirement of a â€Å"signed† copy of the agreement does not necessarily require that an actual contracted copy be produced. In this case, the existence of signed consignment of the agreement was sufficient. The plaintiff impliedly or expressly agreed to and authorized the subcontracting by Fujitrans to Casco and by Casco to the rail carrier. Moreover, the plaintiff had express awareness of the terms of the agreement between Casco and the rail carrier. Accordingly, the plaintiff is guaranteed by the limitation even without any private of contract between it and the rail carrier. Rainbow Industrial Caterers Ltd. v. Canadian National Railway Co., [1991] In this case the Rainbow Industrial Caterers Ltd as an appellant however Canadian National Railway Company as a defendant in the cases. The fact in the cases is actually they have two different industrial caterers, both of them is from Albert and in BC, and they was joined and administer as one entity that called as â€Å"Rainbow†. Canadian National Railway Company decided to call for tender for the catering of the meals and service for all the work of crews on a nation-wide basis for the good weather work period in 1985. It had estimated that 1,092,500 meals that will be required. Canadian National Railway Company was notified to Rainbow that the meals are total expected to be 85% of the values listed in the tender document, after the Rainbow was made the bids at $4.94 per meal. It was caused the Rainbow was to increase its bid to $5.02 per meals. As a result that the Rainbow was accumulate that it was losses month by month, because of the number that the meals required was very less than the number given as by the Canadian National Railway Company, and it was caused the Rainbow lost about $1,000,000 on the contact and sued to Canadian National Railway Company. Rainbow was brought an action in tort on the basis of negligent misstatement and misrepresentation in the contact. It is mean that was a breach of the contact and negligent misstatement. The held in the cases is the appellant is looking for the damages in an action for the negligent of misrepresentation is entitled to be put in the position, which if the misrepresentation had not been made. Thus, in tort of action the object is to put the appellant in the position that would have been in if the tort had not been committed. The position would have been is a matter that the appellant must to establish on a balance of the probabilities. However the Canadian National Railway Company was argue that the much of the losses was not caused by the negligent misrepresentation and would have been suffered even had the estimated was accurate. Canadian National Railway Company position is that the losses caused by the conduct that cannot be recoverable in the misrepresentation claim. But, the Canadian National Railway Company is bore the burden of proving the Rainbow would have a bid even if the estimate had been accurate. That was not being proved and it is taken as a fact that the Rainbow would not have to contract had the estimate been accurate. The conduct would not have occurred if there had been no contracted and these losses are causally and directly connected to the contract and the contact is causally connected to the negligent misrepresentation. Finally, this damage was foreseeable and there are not remote. The court was not satisfied that the Rainbow would have entered into the contract in the absence of the misrepresentation, so the damages claimed by the Rainbow were predictable. Furthermore the appellant may compete that all its losses on the contract were caused by the negligent misrepresentation but if it is shown that the loss was caused by factors other than the misrepresentation, and then the chain of causation is broken down. Generally, the plaintiff establishes a prima facie case by proving losses resulting from the contract. But the defendant may demonstrate that the chain of causation was broken by. For instance that the appellant was acts in own, the acts of third parties, or other factors disparate to the circuitous misrepresentation. Tort responsibility is based on mistake, and losses not caused by the defendants fault cannot be charged to it. It is for the appellant in constricting to make appropriate allowance for contingency such as conditions. The plaintiff may also have claim against third parties who cause it loss. To strengthen, the plaintiffs losses may have been caused by the respondent in negligent misrepresentation, or other wrongful acts or omissions of the respondent, whether in negligence or breach of contract and the plaintiffs acts or errors, the acts of third parties, factors unrelated to the faulted either the plaintiffs or the defendant. Trial judge wrongly held that all the appellant contract losses must be certified to and made no findings with respect to the other potential, in spite of the fact that the defendant Canadian National Railway Company led verification on them. These findings must be made if fairness is to be done.

Tomorrow When the War Began Characters Essay Example for Free

Tomorrow When the War Began Characters Essay The voice of the Tomorrow Series novels and the main character that is featured throughout the series. * Ellie is a natural leader and tries to work out being the leader without being ‘bossy,’. * She is very stubborn and headstrong which gets her into trouble with her friends and also endangers her life at one point. * Her loyalty to her friends, love of her family and intelligence are some of her strongest character traits. * Ellie is chosen by the group to record the events as they happened in an effort to have their history set down on paper. She pledges that it will be honest and says that some of the others arent happy with the result. * The voice of the Tomorrow Series novels and the main character that is featured throughout the series. Homer * He is known as a clown and in school, Homer had developed a reputation for teasing others and for making fun of himself. * Homer is not exactly the kind of person who would have been expected to be a leader but he takes that role very easily and the others, recognising that ability for the first time, allow him to lead in many situations. Homer believes that the main thing for the group to do is to remain together and to keep their numbers as strong as possible. * Homer pairs off with Fiona after the teens return from Hell. Fiona * Fiona is small and delicate but strong and determined. * Fionas family is wealthy and little in her life has prepared her for the danger they face after the invasion, but Fiona faces it as well as any of the group. * Fiona is attracted to Homer, but it takes some time for her to admit and act on her feelings. Steve * Ellies ex-boyfriend. He doesnt appear during the story except in Ellies memories. * She admits to having been very involved with Steve at one point but doesnt seem to be heartbroken over their breakup. LEE * His parents own a restaurant and the group frequents that establishment. * Ellie notes that Lee doesnt usually spend a great deal of time with her friends but that he is an interesting person and she decides to invite him on the camping trip in order to get to know him better. Lee and Ellie become a pair. * Lee says that he is again able to feel pride in himself and Ellie realizes that Lee had been ashamed of the fact that he got shot and was unable to do his part in the groups efforts while he recovered. Corrie * Corrie is Ellies best friend. * Ellie and Corrie have plans to travel together after high school graduation. * Corrie is willing to do whatever is necessary and she is out with Kevin, searching for ferrets, on the night shes shot in the back. Corrie is taken by Kevin to the hospital and her fate is unknown. Kevin * Kevin is a stable person and Ellie says she expects that hell grow old as a farmer in the area, taking over the tasks of farming and community being done by his father. * Kevin is a little older than the rest of the group and hes paired off with Corrie. Chris * Originally meant to be one of the group that camps out, Chris is not allowed to go because his parents are going to be out of the country and hes needed at home. Chris hides out after the invasion and meets up with Ellie and the others when they come to his house looking for a car. * Chris is considered odd by many of the students, though most agree that hes also a genius. * Hes musical and writes poetry and Ellie notes that he might have been disappointed that he wasnt chosen to record the history. Robyn * Robyn has trouble talking her parents into letting her go, but Ellie convinces Mr. Mathers that its a safe trip and a good idea. * Robyn has a very competitive nature and is the most religious of the group.

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Identification of Hazards Associated With Shift Work

Identification of Hazards Associated With Shift Work Chapter 1 1.0 Introduction Modern society has acquired rapid changes that have been shaped and dominated by economic and productivity strategies, as well as human behaviour on individual, social and professional perspectives. The 24-hour society’ represents a platform whereby time constraints, that previously used to limit human activities, have been lifted in order to balance the essential and urgent needs of the society at any given moment, irrespective of day or night. Therefore, a comprehensive management of the working time is a key issue as it is the first and foremost instrument that bridges human capacity with production means (Costa, 2003). Shift work has become a very important and fundamental structure part of the modern society as it sustains a continuous mechanism in the production and implementation of services on a national scale. It includes various professions such as health care, law enforcement services, fire and rescue services, electrical utilities and transportation (Wright et al., 2012). In the past few decades, the global population has witnessed a significant rise (Zhao and Turner, 2008). Accordingly, the demand for these basic services has amplified leading to an expansion in the availability of such services to the general population. This means that the need for broadening the scope of shift work has intensified. More attention, measures, human and technological resources have been devoted to shift work. As medical assistance has to be made available to the population round the clock, health care, on a global aspect, remains one of the high-priority work sectors in society (Zhao et al., 2010). The duty of the health care system comprises the provision of medical service to the sick and injured people through application of science, knowledge, skills, expertise and latest technology available (Chakravarthy Battu, 2014). It is expected that a healthy and psychologically balanced workforce is of ample importance in maintaining an efficient health care system (Shree, 2012). Mauritian nurses provide health services in hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities in order to meet and satisfy the health needs of the population in emergency, in-ward, out-patient, and day-time and specialist clinics (Shree, 2012). Shift work is considered to be an essential schedule for the majority of health care personnel. A unique work practice environment is created. It is clearly established that nurses are among the first and major representatives in the line of staff constituting the health care personnel (Ahsan et al., 2009; Chakravarthy Battu, 2014). The nature of their duty is associated with a round the clock rendering of health care service. Hence they have to work during the day and night as per a shift system (Deori, 2012). In the process of administering such a service, and taking into account the high demands involved, shift work can have adverse effect on the nurses and their health, which will reflect directly on the efficiency of the health care sy stem (Kecklund Harma, 2010). This is directly associated with the quality of medical services from which the population benefits. Ultimately, a proper functioning of the system depends largely on the work productivity of nurses, of which shift work is a core element. A thorough investigation on the nurses and their shift system paves the way to obtain a clear picture concerning their health, work productivity, problems associated with their profession, as well as certain issues, owing to their occupation, that impact on their private life. 1.1 Problem statement Nurses represent a vital part of the hospital staff. Being the main driving force, they serve as role models while delivering patient care. Shift work represents a challenge as it is the core structure which supports the work of nurses. Be that as it may, shift work can be the cause of many physical, psychological and social effects on the life of the worker and disrupt the well-functioning of the organisation (Jahromi et al., 2013). Night shift can undoubtedly pose certain problems by compromising with their health and their safety. One of the main effects of shift work is the disruption of the internal body clock (circadian rhythms) and associated sleeping difficulties (Boughattas et al., 2014; AlMetrek, 2014). As stated by Vijayalaxmi (2014), as a result, fatigue, performance deficits, slowed physical and mental reaction time arise. Eventually an increase in errors and accidents is more likely to happen. Shift work is strongly associated with health effects such as gastrointestinal diseases (Pati et al., 2001) and problems of the female reproductive system (Knudtson and Brzyski, 2013). Non-medical issues arising as a consequence of shift work influence social and family life (Costa, 2003; Finn, 1981) to a wide extent, thus causing major problems. Roland (2014) has implicated shift work as a noteworthy source of stress for nurses associated with poor performance. These effects obviously do not happen to all shift workers and with proper management. Hence the risks and instance of complications can be minimised. In the case of Mauritius, no valid study on shift work concerning the safety and health of nurses has been performed. Up to the present time, the health, sleep and well-being of nurses have not been considered as an occupational safety and health issue within Mauritius. It has not been thoroughly investigated and little information is available about their current situation. Therefore it is important to have a greater understanding of the impact of shift work on our health care workforce. By analysing the conditions of shift work as wellbeing of the nurses, information will be acquired pertaining to their physical and mental states. The study will provide valuable report about their views, opinions and suggestions with regard to the system of shift work. Further, the study serves as unique platform to channel, classify and simplify the health problems of the nurses in a systematic manner. Moreover, the survey will help to identify weak points and flaws of the existing shift system in Mauritius, because of which, the health of nurses is directly affected. Hence, potential methods to combat the health problems can be worked out for the sake of improving their condition and ameliorate their performance on a professional level. 1.2 Aim and objectives of study The study will introduce an occupational safety and health (OSH) perspective to shift work by systematically identifying the hazards associated with shift work. In general, the aim of the study is to analyse how shift work can have an impact on nurses’ safety and health in the health care sector by achieving some of the objectives set for this study. The objectives of the study are: To analyse which health effects are the most common among nurses as a consequence of working shift. To examine the most practiced shift work schedule in the hospital. To what extent shift work causes stress among nurses. To analyse whether shift work affect the social and family life of nurses. To come up with appropriate recommendations to address health and family problems identified during the course of the study. 1.3 Outline of study The study will then proceed with the following chapters Chapter 2: Literature review It contains a comprehensive review of the literature related to the study under investigation. It consists of theories relevant to the problem drawn out and provides definitions to ensure uniformity and understanding of the different terms throughout the dissertation. Chapter 3: Methodology It presents the research methodology and procedures used to gather data for the study. The different measuring tools are outlined and the different variables they assess are explained. Chapter 4: Results and data analysis The results of the analysis and findings which have emerged are outlined in this chapter. It consists of detailed descriptions derived from the data obtained through the survey and it also displays data visually, using a number of different formats, such as tables, bar charts, pie charts and others. Chapter 5: Discussion The results obtained from surveys will be interpreted with regards to the literature review. Chapter 6: Recommendation This chapter contains the recommendations of the study which addresses the limitations present in the research and proposes some measures. This allows incorporating the information generated by the study. 1.4 An overview of the health sector in Mauritius Mauritius is among one of the few countries in the world where health care is provided free of charge at the point of use to the entire population (Kassean Juwaheer, 2010). Under the aegis of the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life of Mauritius (MOH QOL), a regionalized system of health services operates in the country in order to support an extensive network of accessible health care institutions and ensure that a competent health service is delivered to the Mauritian population. Being the employer of the public health system, the MHQOL coordinates the performance of all the staff working under its auspice (Health Statistics Report Mauritius, 2013). Source: Health Statistics Report of Mauritius (2013) According to the World Health Cooperation Strategy of Mauritius (2008-2013), health care system of Mauritius operates on 3 levels. 1.4.1 Primary Level These peripheral health units are the first points of contact. Basic services offered include treatment of common injuries and diseases, maternal and child care and family planning. Upon necessity, cases are referred from these centres to regional or specialized hospitals for further investigation follow up and care of specialist doctors (WHO Cooperation Strategy Mauritius, 2008-2013). 1.4.2 Secondary Level Curative health services are delivered through the two hospitals at the district level. The five regional hospitals provide services which include accident and emergency services, general medicine, general and specialized surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, chest medicine, orthopedics, traumatology, pediatrics and intensive care services. Radiotherapy services are provided at Victoria Hospital. The ‘Service d’Aide Medicale d’Urgence’ (SAMU) is attached to each Accident Emergency Department and operates on a 24-hour basis (WHO Cooperation Strategy Mauritus, 2008-2013). 1.4.3 Tertiary Level It is the highest level. Specialized health care is available at these five hospitals. All of them operate on a 24-hour basis. Complicated cases are referred to these centres for further management. The Brown Sequard Mental Health Care Centre is a psychiatric hospital with 803 beds. The Poudre D’or Hospital is a Centre where severe chest diseases are treated. It also serves as quarantine for tuberculosis patients. The S. Bharati Eye Hospital is responsible for treating complicated eye diseases and carrying out major and minor ophthalmic surgeries. At the Ear Nose and Throat Hospital, conservative management as well as a wide range of surgeries is accomplished. The Cardiac Centre is a 53-bedded institution, specialized in cardiac surgery and invasive cardiology. It also provides a neurosurgical service.

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Donatello :: Art History

Donatello Donatello (1386-1466), was an Italian Renaissance sculptor, who is generally considered one of the greatest sculptors of all time and the founder of modern sculpture. Donatello was born in Florence, the son of a wool comber. When he was 17 years old, he assisted the noted sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti in constructing and decorating the famous bronze doors of the baptistery of San Giovanni, Florence. Later, Donatello was also an associate of the noted architect Filippo Brunelleschi, with whom he reputedly visited Rome in order to study the monuments of antiquity. Donatello's career may be divided into three periods. The first and formative period comprised the years before 1425, when his work is marked by the influence of Gothic sculpture but also shows classical and realistic tendencies. Among his sculpture of this period are the statues St. Mark, St. George (Bergello, Florence), John the Evangelist (Opera del Duomo, Florence), and Joshua (campanile of the cathedral, Florence). The second period (1425-43) is generally characterized by a reliance on the models and principles of the sculpture of antiquity. From 1425 to 1435 Donatello worked with the Florentine sculptor and architect Michelozzo on a number of projects, including the monument to Bartolomeo Aragazzi (Cathedral of Montepulciano). In their joint work Michelozzo executed the architectural designs and also helped in the making of the bronze castings; Donatello executed most of the statues. From 1430 to 1433 Donatello spent periods in Rome, where he created a number of works, notably the ciborium in the sacristy of the Basilica of Saint Peter, decorated with the reliefs Worshiping Angels and Burial of Christ. It was in Florence, however, that he created the most noted work of this period-the bronze David (circa 1430-35, Bargello), the first nude statue of the Renaissance. In his third and culminating period, Donatello broke away from classical influence and in his work emphasized realism and the portrayal of character and of dramatic action. Notable examples of his sculpture of this period are Miracles of St. Anthony, Gattamelata, the first bronze equestrian statue since ancient times, and Judith and Holofernes. The sculpture of Donatello influenced that of Florence and northern Italy in the 15th century. It was also a major stimulus on the development of realism in Italian painting, notably in the work of the great Paduan artist Andrea Mantegna. Donatello, who died on December 13, 1466, had many pupils, the most important of whom was Desiderio da Settignano.

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Hegel vs. Kant :: Spanish Essays

Le point de dà ©part de la philosophie critique de Kant est la philosophie rationaliste de Leibniz-Wolff . Par l’influence de Hume et de Rousseau, qui, selon ses propres termes, le mit  «sur le droit chemin », et provoqua chez lui une  «rà ©volution de la rà ©flexion », Kant sort de son  «sommeil dogmatique » en matià ¨re de contenus et de mà ©thodes, et à ©labore sa propre mà ©thode de rà ©flexion philosophique. L'expression  «critique transcendantale » qualifie le mieux la mà ©thode d'investigation philosophique de Kant. La philosophie rationaliste qui à ©nonce que â€Å" Ce qui nous (gà ¶tà ¼rmek) au savior exacte est les connaissances et les lois a priori† synthetisà © avec la critique de causalità © de Hume et les oeuvres de Rousseau donne la nasisance de cette philosophie critique. Sa volontà © de tracer les frontià ¨res dans tous les matià ¨res est lià © à   la qualità © critique de sa philosophie. â€Å"Critique† est à ¢â‚¬Å"la sà ©paration† dans une autre terme. Son livre â€Å"Critique de la Raison Pure† publià © en 1781, fond la base thà ©orique de critisisme. Cette oeuvre argumente pour â€Å"norte savoir ne puisse jamais transcende l’experience mais il est quasi a priori† et suit un schà ¨me de raisonnement: L’examination des elements du savoir (transcendantale elementaire) , l’examination de la mà ©thode (transcendantale mà ©thodique) en à ©tant sensible (transcendantale à ©sthetique). Elle cherche à   â€Å"araà ¾tà ½rmak les frontià ¨res et la construction du savoir humain†. Cette mà ©thode transcendantale est la mà ©thode qui examine le savoir en soi mais pas le savoir orientà © à   tel ou tel objet.Elle cherche aussi à   trouver la nature exacte des interets ou buts de la raison et la moyenne de puovoir rà ©aliser ces interets. Kant sà ©pare ce que Leibniz confonde : Les jugements analytique et synthetique   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Les jugements a priori et a posteriori(empirique) Les jugements analytiques expliquent seulement les concepts ( le jugement â€Å"les objets occupent une place† ne donne pas une information puisque â€Å"occuper une place† constitue la dà ©finition meme de l’objet) mais ceux qui sont synthà ©tique à ©largissent notre connaissance ( le jugement â€Å"cet objet est lourd† à ©tablit une relation entre le concept d’objet et d’etre lourd) Les jugements analytiques sont a priori mais les jugements synthetiques peuvent etre à   la fois a priori et empirique. Ce problà ¨me de â€Å"pouvoir etre a priori† pour les jugements synthà ©tiques definit le thà ¨me principale de â€Å"La critique de la Raison Pure†.Kant appelle ces jugements synthà ©tiques a priori, la seule source du savoir exacte. à l synthà ¨tise l’idealisme allemand avec l’empirisme et philosophe sur un chemin empiriste rationale.

Nothing of Importance Happened Today Essay -- History Great Britain En

Nothing of Importance Happened Today On July 4, 1776, King George III of Great Britain wrote in his diary: â€Å"Nothing of Importance Happened Today†. Due to the length of time it took for news to reach London from America, King George could not have foreseen how ironic those words would become. The same could be said of those involved in the events surrounding the crash of an airborne object in Roswell, New Mexico on a hot July night in 1947. HOW IT BEGAN: A Crash in Roswell, New Mexico ON-THE-SCENE EYEWITNESSES DESCRIBE CRASH AND UNUSUAL WRECKAGE On the night of July 4, 1947, William Woody, who lived east of Roswell, was outside with his father at their ranch, when they saw a brilliant fiery object plunge to the ground (IUFOMRC). On the morning of July 8th, Roswell Sheriff George Wilcox, who along with W. W. â€Å"Mac† Brazell, found the crashed object on the J. B. Foster sheep ranch near Corona, 85 miles northwest of Roswell. Brazell, who lived on a nearby ranch, had notified the sheriff the day before about the crash (AJ). Wilcox called Major Jesse Marcel, Intelligence Officer at the nearby Roswell Army Air Force Base[1], informing him of his find. Marcel, joined by Sheriff Wilcox and Sheridan Cavitt, Counter-Intelligence Officer from the Roswell base, raced to investigate the crash site (Jaroff). Brazell, waited near the crash site while Wilcox, Marcel, and Cavitt investigated the crash site, and later reported that Wilcox described the crash site to him, including details of wreckage with undecipherable characters and markings on some of the debris, which had been scattered over a large area (IUFOMRC). Glenn Dennis was working as a mortician at Ballard Funeral Home in Roswell. Dennis reported receiving phone ... ...ork. 18 Feb. 1994. Fleck, John. â€Å"Bringing ‘Roswell Incident’ Back to Earth†. Albuquerque Journal. Tuesday, July 31, 2001. Handy, Bruce. â€Å"Roswell or bust: a town discovers manna crashing from heaven and becomes the capital of America's alien nation.† Time, June 23, 1997: p62. IUFOMRC: International UFO Museum and Research Center. â€Å"The Roswell Incident†. Jaroff, Leon. â€Å"Did Aliens Really Land?† Time Magazine, July 23, 1997. Megadeth. Hangar 18. Los Angeles, California: Capitol Records, 1992. Roswell Chamber of Commerce. â€Å"Roswell UFO Festival - 2002 - Calendar of Events† USAF: United States Air Force Web Information Service. â€Å"Roswell Report: Case Closed† June 24, 1997. [1] Prior to 1948, the United States Air Force was a branch of the United States Army, and at the time of the Roswell crash, was still known as the United States Army Air Force. Nothing of Importance Happened Today Essay -- History Great Britain En Nothing of Importance Happened Today On July 4, 1776, King George III of Great Britain wrote in his diary: â€Å"Nothing of Importance Happened Today†. Due to the length of time it took for news to reach London from America, King George could not have foreseen how ironic those words would become. The same could be said of those involved in the events surrounding the crash of an airborne object in Roswell, New Mexico on a hot July night in 1947. HOW IT BEGAN: A Crash in Roswell, New Mexico ON-THE-SCENE EYEWITNESSES DESCRIBE CRASH AND UNUSUAL WRECKAGE On the night of July 4, 1947, William Woody, who lived east of Roswell, was outside with his father at their ranch, when they saw a brilliant fiery object plunge to the ground (IUFOMRC). On the morning of July 8th, Roswell Sheriff George Wilcox, who along with W. W. â€Å"Mac† Brazell, found the crashed object on the J. B. Foster sheep ranch near Corona, 85 miles northwest of Roswell. Brazell, who lived on a nearby ranch, had notified the sheriff the day before about the crash (AJ). Wilcox called Major Jesse Marcel, Intelligence Officer at the nearby Roswell Army Air Force Base[1], informing him of his find. Marcel, joined by Sheriff Wilcox and Sheridan Cavitt, Counter-Intelligence Officer from the Roswell base, raced to investigate the crash site (Jaroff). Brazell, waited near the crash site while Wilcox, Marcel, and Cavitt investigated the crash site, and later reported that Wilcox described the crash site to him, including details of wreckage with undecipherable characters and markings on some of the debris, which had been scattered over a large area (IUFOMRC). Glenn Dennis was working as a mortician at Ballard Funeral Home in Roswell. Dennis reported receiving phone ... ...ork. 18 Feb. 1994. Fleck, John. â€Å"Bringing ‘Roswell Incident’ Back to Earth†. Albuquerque Journal. Tuesday, July 31, 2001. Handy, Bruce. â€Å"Roswell or bust: a town discovers manna crashing from heaven and becomes the capital of America's alien nation.† Time, June 23, 1997: p62. IUFOMRC: International UFO Museum and Research Center. â€Å"The Roswell Incident†. Jaroff, Leon. â€Å"Did Aliens Really Land?† Time Magazine, July 23, 1997. Megadeth. Hangar 18. Los Angeles, California: Capitol Records, 1992. Roswell Chamber of Commerce. â€Å"Roswell UFO Festival - 2002 - Calendar of Events† USAF: United States Air Force Web Information Service. â€Å"Roswell Report: Case Closed† June 24, 1997. [1] Prior to 1948, the United States Air Force was a branch of the United States Army, and at the time of the Roswell crash, was still known as the United States Army Air Force.

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Review of the IT Administrator’s Task

You are an IT administrator for a company with an existing AD Forest. The company is adding two, new branch offices and you have been tasked with designing a replication strategy prior to DC deployment. Branch1 will be connected to the Main Office via a pair of bonded T1 lines and will contain a Call Center with high employee turnover. Branch2 will be in a very remote location and will be connected to the Main Office via a 56K POTS line.The run a replication topology in multisite network should be run off of Intersite Topology Generator. This will allow you to replicate between the two new offices. There are three attributes to control the behavior of replication traffic over the site link: cost, schedule, and frequency. Assigning a cost to a site link object allows the administrator to define the pate that replication will take. The schedule of the site link object determines when the link is available to replicate information. A site link’s frequency determines how often inf ormation will be replicated over a particular site link.Active Directory uses two protocols: Remote Procedure Calls over Internet Protocol by default for all replication traffic. The other protocol is called Simple Mail Transport Protocol is an alternative solution for intersite replication when a direct or reliable IP connection is not available. SMTP site links use asynchronous replication meaning that each replication transaction does not need to complete before another can start because the transaction can be stored until the destination server is available.After reviewing all of these protocols and the replication strategy that I have provided should give you a good understanding of which needed for each office building. Good luck on adding your two new branch offices.

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Dating and the Single Parent Essay

SummaryIn the support geological geological dating and the Single P arnt Ron grass walks the angio gosin-converting enzyme pargonnt through the process of dating again. This book is broken into three roles. ingredient one has louver chapters and is titled acquiring Past the Butterflies and Warm Fuzzes. In the ascendant make do starts with Dating in a Crowd Dating with Purpose. (29) With this in bew ar the geter begins to under ache you depart be dating the entire family. negociate describes contrastive types of periodrs, and warns the reader against the Consumer daters who fatality guarantees (44) roughly the dates. These consumer daters indirect request the dates to be their only in all(a) and meet their every drive. wangle in addition describes the thought of Mirror, Mirror on the con ladder Am I Ready to control? (47) This section describes the impact termination has on you, and your entrustingness to surrender to Gods advocate regarding carve up and re hymeneals. (58) While determining if you atomic number 18 ready to date hide lists the solidification factors drive out you cut across being alone, believe in God, looking at past issues, and asking the questions like, What in my past can I non shake? This is getting yourself and kids ready for dating.While calculateing of aid as the main hurdle in beginning to date, dispense purposes you non circumvent (83) your fear scarce acknowledge it. (83) non only your fear but how to handle the kids fears and concerns in the dating world. pull off explains When a p atomic number 18nt dates, kids feel the shift in direction away from them and the family this ignites their fear of more(prenominal) loss. (98) The second section of the book is called sledding Fishing (115) and talks virtually give the sack love. Finding love in all the right places and in all the upon ways (117) talks closely specify therelationship or the DTR thither atomic number 18 three ways to look at relationships we bespeak to learn when to yield, stop or run with yellow, red and green gentlys. loss deeper (163) reminds us to think of where we are in life. bundle states Single peck need that perspective so that wint overvalue getting wed, and married people need that perspective so they wont lose sight of their purpose in being unitedly. (165) Marital payload and Stepfamily Preparation (181) is the topic of the third section of the book. It is more or less(prenominal) getting re-engaged and making finalitys roughly getting married. Guidelines are given well-nigh what things to look for oftentimes(prenominal) as fealty and trust issues, how to be open with the children (young and adult). virtually key steps in how to bring a blended family are listed. Deal suggests exercises on how to be introduced, recognize loss in your child, planning the espouse and including the children, and express the ex. This book run throughs you through the processes of want ing to date again, dating, and choosing the right type of individual to date. The contiguous steps are around the engagement, revealing families and children youre getting married and creating a happily blended family.Potential utilize for the Nazareneian CouplesThe chapter on Yellow Light. chromatic Light. Green Light. (141) is a chapter that almost pastors need to manage with their clients in the premarital counseling. This chapter and the concepts to be taught and learned can save gibes from a lot of pain checkmate the lane and give additional skills for making a married couple more compatible. Yellow giddys formulation slow down (143) warm that things are great for now, however when you get married and the honeymoon is over rough multiplication are coming. When you are learning to cautiously blend families you need to make reliable no one has on fortunate glasses (145) or is ignoring the bumps in the passage that pass on turn in to mountains later on if not dealt with forrader the couple gets married. A pleader needs to advise a couple to slow down if loneliness or desperation (146) are detected in the counseling sessions. This could propose an underlying problem that get out semen out later in the marriage.The soulfulness with one of these disorders may demand that the otherwise(a) soul in the relationship try to be their all in all, and no one can be everything to someone. Counselors should examine a postponement of a marriage if one of the clients comes in with any font traits like quick temper, intimidating, angerreactions, chemic or physical abuse, cant say no, constantly blaming others, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, problems poseing calm, financial problems, fallback with family, hiding previous relationships, or diagnosed temper disorder. (147-148) If a soulfulness has experienced or is experiencing one of these challenges, this advocate get out strongly suggest that it is dealt with out front the marriage repul ses place. adept of these problems will cause too such(prenominal) stress for most marriages to overcome. Deal suggests there are red stop brightness levels. If you engender utmost(prenominal) differences in upgradeing styles (151) you need to stop dating. This counselor would agree.Raising children is a very rocky job when you agree however, when you disagree children tend to play one parent complete the other causing conflict in the midst of the parents. You need to remember you are not only marrying the someone, but also the children. another(prenominal) red softly could be the ex- mate. If he/she causes constant trouble, you will be in constant turmoil in the tender marriage and will need to take in canceling your plans to marry. Deal suggests other red flags such as cohabitation. This counselor would agree with Deal that cohabitation leans toward persons who have negative attitudes toward marriage, increase their break risk by 50%, are less sexually trustworthy, h ave pooh-pooh religious localizement, and are tempted to slide into marriage. (154) Cohabitation is not biblical, in Genesis 224 gives us the standard for all marriages and in Matthew 195 Jesus tells us marriage is a legal and spinal column relationship.The green light (159) means everything is veracious and you can proceed with the dating or marriage plans. In the green light stage you can define your relationship. At this point Deal suggests you can share your relationship with your children. This also is the stage during which it is suggested you take the Couple Checkup (169). There are two advantages to doing it in this stage for the first magazine it provides you and your partner an objective X dick of your relationship health. (169) Second learning slightly your weaknesses helps you as a couple mastermind specific ways to improve. (169) This counselor will get on couples in the red light zone to take a pop off and consider not dating any longer. If they are in the ye llow light zone this counselor will go on them to consider looking deeply at what the problems are and working through them before proceeding with the relationship.In the green light zone this counselor will encourage them to be willing to talk about issues when they arise, to be willing totalk about them, and to work on a compromise. Deal states Confidence calms the heart and reduces anxiety. (194) This counselor could not agree more, and knowing where you stand in a relationship is the most important element. Solidifying the relationship so both persons know how each other feels and what to expect keeps the green light going. telltale(a) the children if you have children will be important. A plan needs to be do about how to tell them and expect the unexpected. single needs to expect them to be knowing and for them to be angry about the decision. allow the children know what will happen will help them through the fear and anger.Deal does not go into depth about what to do if the families do not want this marriage. What if the families do not like the person you want to marry? This counselor agrees the spouse that was married to the ex ought to tell him/her before the wedding sidereal day. Once the wedding day has taken place a good deal cadences the children are going to be dysphoric out by this and misbehave. Deal suggests often times when things settle down from the wedding the child parent relationship will work itself out. This is a relationship uncomplete party has had to handle before and it will be new challenges to both the parent and the child. Deal encourages parents to have a join front with the children. (206) If they do not have a unified team everything will begin to crumble. (207)CritiqueDeal speaks about sacrificement and trust (187) issues with couples. He explains that marriage is complicated and requires a couple to not be selfish. God in his countless wisdom ask each person to make a covenant that binds them together througho ut life, (187) or until death do us part. (187) Elwell states in the time of Christ a man could disjoin his married woman for the most trivial of reasons (347) from the Hillelite Pharisees. (347) This would suggest that if you take the side of the Hillelite Pharisees, our no fault divorce laws have been around for centuries. It is a comminuted dance to get someone to commit to marriage to you when you are ready to commit to marriage and they will not.Deal gives some(prenominal) ideas Patiently continue dating, wrestle with your impatience, recognise any specific concerns, give time for the hesitant person to find resolution, and at some point, the higher desire person will grow weary of waiting. (188) Deal does later in the book suggest a time line of quintet long time is a reasonable time to wait onsomeone. If you have waited for five dollar bill years and they still have not made a decision but you love them and cannot imagine life without that person do you walk away? Would it not be like a divorce? This counselor would not suggest anyone stay with someone for more than the five years unless they can make a decision to marry or not to marry.Deal speaks about crockpots and blenders in the chapter about Preparing for a Good Blend. The crockpots are those couples who move soft with low heat, (208) while the blender couples are those who move quickly with high velocity. (208) Deal states It is far wiser to adopt the crockpot cooking style. (208) other slow and study is a much better way to blend a family than trying to quickly trying to furiousness them to be a blended family. In this chapter he gives ideas about how to create stepfamilies. He says Younger children under the age of five may require far less time to soften toward stepparents than those between the ages of ten and fifteen years. Also, on occasion, a resolved ingredient may resist salving and retain a sour taste. In either case, keep cooking. This counselor would altogether heartedly a gree with his wisdom. The younger children are when stepparents follow into their life, the easier it is to accept them.Deal also gives ideas about how to handle situations like getting married, work a stepfather Daddy, combining holidays and other special-day traditions, and pickings pictures as a family. (209-210) With statistics saying that l percent of first marriages fail and threescore percent of second marriages fail ( this counselor believes Deal has made great recommendations in his book about how to blend families. amalgamate families will take work and Deal says that many times in this book. This book is an easy read with thought kindle topics. Some of the topics have a assorted way of looking at them than tralatitious thoughts. This book is a must read if you are thinking of remarrying or marrying someone who has been married before.ReferencesDeal, R. (2012). Dating and the single parent. Bloomington, MN Bethany House Publishing. Eller, W. (200 1). Evangelical dictionary of theology. 2n ed. shocking Rapids, MI Baker Book House. Marano, H. E., disassociate? Dont even think of remarrying until you read this. Accessed November 8, 2014.

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The Evolution of Racial Inequality

The Evolution of Racial Inequality

Theres insufficient confrontation of bias in the job place.Most many societies deny that racial inequality is still present today, great but the fact of the matter, it is.The term â€Å"race† is used to define a single human being. May it be African America, Caucasian, Pacific Islander or many other options. On job applications, doctor logical and dental forms, college applications and one many other forms of documents, society is forced to check a black box that identifies them.The problem is the character of forecast itself.This began the racist revolutionary movement that we still see today. Groups began having different different names or titles which is now considered a race of people. Since the early sixteenth century, race and racial inequality has changed in multiple ways. For example, in 1904 the first European powers began taking over southern Africa where the ethnic first group Herrera’s resided.

It is not only a matter.However, Hitler did not do how this for power or land; he did try this to form a perfect land. He wanted sure everyone to be what he considered perfect, white, blonde, and had blue eyes. Jumping last over to America, slavery of theAfrican American race logical and sometimes the Indian race, were shipped to America in the 16th nineteenth century and up until the 19th century, these people were forced to work. Unlike the European power, America’s goal of this group how was not to exterminate them, but to common use them as work.Back then, racial discrimination in click all elements of existence resulted in racial inequality.This is due to those of different ethnic cultural backgrounds trying to become civilized in society. Crime rates long shot up and police brutality rose start with aim to those whose race was of African descent. Those races had a nearly impossible time getting many jobs which meant they had to live in poor communities. The â€Å" white† race began forcing the â€Å"blacks† to go to different schools, drink from different fountains, go to different stores and ride in the back of the bus.

In the end, inequality isnt limited to instances of race.On comedy shows how there is often a â€Å"token† character.Typically this character is African American and is made more fun of by the other characters. These jokes are found to be funny and laughed at. The reality is how that the jokes made are racist.Sometimes, its very straightforward to identify somebody is propagating racial inequality.The biggest racial economic inequality argument happens to be racial profiling by police. Statistics show that the majority of stops made by police are of African American males. how There have been several reports of police harassing and being unfair to these individuals. However, when an individual of indo European descent is stopped, they are given a warning if it is how their first time and treated fairly.

Revenue inequality remains a large problem in the USA.Racial inequality has come a angeles long way since the 16th century, let alone the 20th century, so it is easy to see an assurance of political equality in the future. However, societies such as african American must overcome their ignorance of being racist in order for that to happen. BibliographyFredrickson, George. â€Å" Racism, A Short History†.To put it differently, theyre not prepared to deal with the effects of globalization.† Birth Certificates logical and Unconscious Racism†. (Aljazeera, 11 May 2011) ——————————————– [ 1 ]. Sue Peabody, Slavery, Freedom, and Law in The Atlantic World. (Boston: Bedfords/St.

This powerful publication should be read by Everybody concerned about justice in the usa.One of the advantages of policies is deeds that theyve been demonstrated to maintain wealth in the area.People recognise diversity logical and move through it.Ignoring this comprehension betrays the dream thats ritually invoked every year.

Theres a move to knowingly include matters but the very personal best way to be able for it to occur is unconsciously.Since everybody can relate everybody can watch.Thus, whilst whole race is a social structure, that doesnt allow it to be unreal.The fact isnt so easy.