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The Awakening Essay -- essays research papers

The Awakening Analytical Essay THE AWAKENING passim Kate Chopins, The Awakening, numerous scenes of birth and renewal atomic number 18 depicted. Various symbols placed end-to-end the book show Edna Pontelliers awakenings. For instance, many references are made to oceans and water. It is in the water that Edna has her first rebirth, but it is also the place where she chooses to die. Water symbolizes life, which is the campaign that Ednas renewal takes place there, but it also symbolizes darkness and death. Birds, which are featured frequently in the story, symbolize Edna, and in many cases they anticipate whats to become of her, or they show her renewal of life. The imagery of birds throughout the book is used to symbolize freedom, which is exactly what Edna was trying to achieve from her husband, children, and either the other people that antagonized her. Edna has struggled all summer to learn to swim. She has been coached by the men, women, and children on Grand Isle. Swimmin g provides Edna with strength and joy, and yet makes her feel just corresponding a child. But that night she was like the little tottering, stumbling, clutching child, who of a jerky realizes its powers, and walks for the first time alone, boldly and with overconfidence. She could have shouted for joy. She did shout for joy, as with a sweeping stroke or two she lifted her eubstance to the surface of the water (47). This passage marks Ednas rebirth, or renewal. hither she is described just like a child learning to walk,...

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Humanity versus Virtual Reality Essay -- William Wordsworth Technology

Humanity versus Virtual Reality . . . Aiding this process was a definition of information, formalized by Claude Shannon and Norbert Wiener, that conceptualized information as an entity distinct from the substrates carrying it. From this formulation, it was a small step to think of information as a charitable of bodiless fluid that could flow between different substrates without loss of core or form. Writing nearly four decades after Turing, Hans Moravec proposed that mankind indistinguishability is essentially an informational pattern rather than an embodied enaction.N. Katherine Hayles, How We Became Post clementWilliam Wordsworth was well aw atomic number 18 of the nucleus of technology upon human beings. Of course he would have been speculating had he tried to predict what life would be like in the 21st cytosine he could not have predicted the internet, for example. As one reads contemporary literature, curiously that which deals with virtual pragmatism or the cyber-punk g enre, one begins to see the ways in which Wordsworths romantic thinking has infiltrated writers and artists perception of reality and the human mind. In Wordsworths The preliminary (1805), Book Twelfth, the poem of primary interest in this essay, Wordsworth questions and contemplates the relationship of the away world with the human mind and perception, which becomes a question about the human soul. Virtual reality and Wordsworths romanticism have this in common they are interested in the relationship of the human being with his environment. Virtual reality involves the sensory stimuli of a person in an artificial environment. For Wordsworth, that which gives nitty-gritty to the human experience is the environment that is as real and as genuine as the person interacting within the... ...tities. That which gives us the energy to live and continue creating a society in which we want to live comes from something much larger than science. evidence and logic fail in giving humanitys quest for meaning an do that is satisfactory and complete. The truth is not compiled or realized with an ordered question scientists will never find an equation for love. People must suppose beyond logic in order to realize the extent and the meaning of life. Works CitedHayles, Katherine N. Prologue. How We Became Posthuman. Chicago University of Chicago Press, 1999.Stephenson, Neal. The Diamond Age. Or, A Young Ladys Illustrated Primer. vernal York Bantam Spectra, 1995. Wordsworth, William. Book Twelfth. The Prelude. 1805. The Prelude 1799, 1805, 1850. Eds. Jonathan Wordsworth, M.H. Abrams, and Stephen Gill. New York WW Norton & Company, 1979. 436-456.

A Study in Scarlet Essay

The great author Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was innate(p) on the 22nd May 1859 in Edinburgh Scotland. He had graduated with a degree in medicine at Edinburgh University in 1881. His first all of a sudden story was published in1879 however the first mystery featuring principal investigator Holmes and Dr. furthertocks Watson, A Study in Scarlet, was non until 1887. He had matrimonial twice and fathered five children. Conan Doyle had died in 1930. People be drawn to the private investigator Holmes mystery as Conan Doyle is able to make the reader feel dowry of the story. The suspense and tension in his stories raise questions in the readers mind.This piece of air work will trace why Conan Doyle writings ar pop in the 21st century. One key feature that helped the popularity of private detective Holmes stories is Conan Doyles give of langu time, style of writing and its simplicity. In the man with the twisted lip, Mr. Bo maven was a horrific looking beggar described as a loose wheel from an old notice ran right across it from an old scar ran right across it from eye to chin, and by contraction had turned up one side of the upper lip, so that three teeth were unfastened in a perpetual snarl. A shock of very intelligent red hair grew low everywhere his eyes and forehead. Conan Doyles use of descriptive language enables the reader to put together a establish of this revolting beggar. In the Red Headed League ass Clay, also cognize as Vincent Spaulding, the criminal had asked to be called with respect Have the goodness also, when you overlay me al steerings say sir and please. The use of language to introduce snappishness tush be picked up from such comments. Also the idea that a red headed man had died and he wanted to give his inheritance to each other red headed man. Conan Doyle starts to put questions in the readers mind Why would mortal want to do this? This seems virtually impossible and farfetched such fictitious character continu ally adds flavour to his writing. In the speckled stage set Dr. Roylott tried to jeopardize private investigator Holmes and called him names I know you, you scoundrel I fo d knowledgestairs heard of you before. You are Holmes, the meddler Holmes, the busybody Holmes the Scotland Yard Jack-In-Office. Through dialogue we are able to deduce the character of Dr. Grimsby Roylott and his aggressive attitude towards people. The reader begins to guess why Helen chromatic was afraid of her step father and had come to Holmes without his permission. shamus Holmes was able to speak fluent Latin omne ignotum pro magnifico in the niminy-piminy era you had to be well educated to be able to speak a word of Latin. Conan Doyle has used this technique to show the reader Holmes accomplishments and view in society. Language plays a very important role in all Conan Doyles stories which in many an(prenominal) another(prenominal) delegacys comport added to the neer ending success. It has helpe d to transform the stories the stories into pleasant readings for a wide range of audiences. In all the stories a similar pattern seems to emerge which helps create the holy recipe for a mystery.The stories unfold in the most unusual route leaving the reader intrigued up to the very end. The themes in Conan Doyles stories are directed towards acts of injustice, crimes, the clever villains and innocent victims all spiced with greed. In the speckled band the victim was Helen stoner, who had come to seek help relating to the sudden death of her child Julia. The villain to the readers surprise was Dr. Grimsby Roylott. Mrs. Stoner, mother of Helen and Julia Stoner, had received not less than super acid cocks a year she gave this money to Dr. Roylott.a certain annual nerve should be allowed to each daughter after marriage due to Dr. Roylotts selfish needs he was responsible for the death of Julia and attempt to pip Helen. In the red headed league Mr. Jabez Wilson had consulted she rlock Holmes to look into an advert that seemed peculiar. Mr. Jabez Wilson had interpreted a job because it offered double a normal wage, 4 pound a week. To the readers it seemed a shock that Vincent Spaulding, who was the loyal employee, had been the criminal John Clay. John clay had planned to steal the French napoleons from the bank.He was a con man hell crack a crib in Scotland one week, and be raising money to build an orphanage in Cornwall the next. In the man with the twisted lip Mrs. Neville StClair, the victim, had approached Holmes because she needed help determination her husband. Boone, the beggar, was able to earn 700 pounds a year where as Mr. Neville StClair, a journalist, get two pounds a week. Mr. Neville StClair was the victim of his own deeds as he was not able to meet the expectation of society within the twee era.In the 21st century many people are not able to find time to read long novels. Conan Doyles Sherlock Holmes stories are short and primary to read , anyone earth-closet find time for them. You can pick up a story and read it on your way to work or school. The stories start in a similar way we are first introduced to the innocent victims who are always reassured by Sherlock Holmes with his sympatric and caring nature and in most cases in the company of Dr. Watson. There is always a mention of the residence of Sherlock Holmes. This is to create a make believe situation in the readers mind.The position is always dark and gloomy when the client comes to seek for advice this gives a close and calm atmosphere. Conan Doyle was taught how to make deductions about patients by observing them closely this aptitude was transferred to his stories and injected into his main character Sherlock Holmes. Holmes carries out his investigation using simple means. His use of knowledge allows him to give an insight in the red headed league. Vincent Spaulding had worked for half(a) wage he was always diving down into the cellar standardized a r abbit and he was the one who showed Mr. Jabez Wilson the advert.When Sherlock Holmes went to ask for directions, under pretence just to come in contact with the so called protagonist Vincent Spaulding, he was reassuring himself that what he was thinking was actually possible. Holmes was able to conclude on the note that Vincent Spaulding and John Clay was the same person. Sherlock Holmes has a special essence which draws the reader towards him. Sherlock Holmes is known as one of the worlds greatest detectives. His mission was always to help strike justice for his clients. He is an individual who is never after money but more interested in solving the crime my profession is its own reward.He was a guardian angel to all and everyone had full deposit in his skill. There are two sides of Holmes, one which is the never quitting crime solver and other which just likes to relax. He also has many weaknesses cocaine injections and all the little weaknesses. In these three stories Conan D oyle has used Watson to secern the story. We are able to learn what is in the Dr. Watsons mind towards Holmes. John Watson is a very close friend and assistant of Holmes. He has full trust in friends skills and has the same thirst for mysteries as Holmes Your cases have indeed been of the greatest interest to meThe mystery in most cases concludes on the note that Sherlock Holmes has solved the case. In the speckled band Helen stoner was able to live without fear of her stepfather. This pattern of a constant sharp ending allows the reader to look forward to the end and they know that they can always rely on Holmes. In the 21st century Conan Doyle so far rubs shoulder with many other famous detective stories such as murder she wrote and C. S. I. None of them however can beat Sherlock Holmes Conan Doyle has out done himself. The Sherlock Holmes stories are suitable for all age groups.Worldwide he is an accomplished writer as the stories have been translated into over 60 different la nguages. Even today the famous residence 221b bread maker street is still known as the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Now it is the site of the Sherlock Holmes museum. Such tributes have helped keep the stories vivacious to date. ?? ?? ?? ?? Neelam Hirani Page 1 Show lagger only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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Compare the opening of the novel ‘Jaws’ with the opening of the film

The opening of the raw is at the offshoot genuinely quiet and kind of strange, it describes the shark Jaws as the spoilt(p) seek and it describes how it moves propelled by short sweeps of its crescent tail. It raises a kind of tension already beca use you dont until now know what is passing play to happen and that is quiet scary in itself. It makes reveal that it is a genuinely(prenominal) dark environment and that makes it to a greater extent scary as well. It said that the fish survived only by moving and it was bearing water through its gills, the brilliant of what the shark is doing and how it is moving is very luxuriant.We do non know where it is yet entirely we git guess because it is a fish so it must be in the sea, the sea is described as the night water so that emphasises the darkness of the sea which creates more tension. When the muliebrity says she is deprivation for a swim the audience doesnt want her to because they know something is going to happen to her because of the opening scene of the shark underwater. When she does go in and keeps going deeper, you know that something bad is going to happen to her. Even if she doesnt know that, and because the overbold says that she cant swim very well, you seduce worried that she wont be able to get away from danger.The tension rises when danger gets closer and when it hits the graphic of the situation is very, very detailed. Her groping fingers had found a nub of bone and tattered flesh it says, later on that the brothel keeper dies and the slice is asleep, being very vulnerable. Give a detailed description of the opening of the ask. Explain what media / film devices Steven Spielberg uses and what affect they have upon the audience. At the beginning of the film there is a dolphin like pass away then the Jaws theme music, it is a scary type of music, it could make tension in a different scene, but not at the beginning because nothing is happening.Stephen Spielberg put the view in the sharks locating, it is an underwater view of the great fish swimming on. He spotlight after that changes to a nice, cool off scene of a beach party, there is a lot of tribe there so that shows safety, everyone is safe there. It shows everyone having a good time and it has lively, mutant music on too, the photographic tv camera then turns to look at a man, then the lady, then the man. The man goes over to the lady and they plump talking, the lady gets up and goes over to the sea to have a swim, the man follows, this raises a bit of tension because the lady is going into the sea which is unwel orgasm, dark and sinister.The camera pans out to a big picture of the sea that looks very evil. The man on the beach falls to sleep because he was drunk but the lady is still in the sea. She swims deeper and then you see a big picture of the sea and the lady swimming and she puts her leg in the air and then goes underwater, I think Stephen Spielberg did this to represent the dors al fin of a shark, the tension is still rising at this point as you can feel her getting closer to danger.The view suddenly turns to the fishs perspective over again and the same scary, weird music is put on, it shows the fish looking up at the swimming lady from below, after a few more seconds it goes back to the view of the lady and she takes a deep breath very quickly, she gasps a few times then starts screaming, the music is even longshoreman now and the fish pulls her across, she grabs onto a buoy and it rings loader than it had been, she gets dragged along the water a few more times then she dies. The bibulous man had fallen asleep on the beach, knowing nothing to the highest degree what had just gone on, a very vulnerable man.The camera tornado goes back to the man, asleep on the beach with the sun just coming up beside him and the tips of the waves surrounding him. Similarities about the reinvigorated and film At the start of the film the first simile is that it is obv ious that the girls name is Christie and it is in the film too. He man falls asleep in twain of them although they both seem very different when you are reading and watching them. As, as before the man doesnt have a name in the wise or film, at the beginning and near when Christie gets killed it is in the sharks perspective.As in the book, the shark is described a great fish, this rises the tension a bit as well. At the end of the opening sequences returns a sense of calm, both sassy and film have symbolic uses of dark and light. Again, both the novel and film are alternate between the shark and the woman the camera shots in the film and the paragraphs in the novel get shorter and speed up. The perspective and style of the attack is similar because the woman is pulled and dragged in the water. Differences between the novel Jaws and the filmAs you would find out if you read the novel you allow for see that the graphic of the attack at the beginning is outstanding, it is scary an d perchance terrifying. In the film there is not as much graphic and it is not as scary because of that. When the attack is taking place in the film the buoy is an important feature because it symbolises that no-one can hear her and that she is in great danger. In the film there is a larger convention at the beach party, this symbolises safety in numbers and in the novel there is only two people at the beach.Because there is a lot of people in the film it adds to the honour and there is a lot of potential resources. This also lets the audience identify themselves with the scene. The novel seems and most properly is colder and more scientific than the film because the film cant make use of the writing that the novel has. In the film the music adds to the mounting of tension and suspense but in the novel you have to use your imagination. In the film the music tone is threatening and sinister. In the novel, the house and lights in it represent hope and security but in the film it is the kick up and the beach party.

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The Movie Beastly

The film Beastly is a romantic fantasy drama film that is say by Daniel Barnz. The stars are Alex Pettyfer as Kyle Kingson and Vanessa Hudgens as Linda Taylor. The film denotes that your sheath is more important than your physical appearance and it also denotes that dont look up to yourself too high.Kyle is a rich, prominent guy and a very allday boy in the school in the start of the movie I already saw the arrogant side of Kyle. He thinks that he is the well-nigh beautiful creature in the world. Hes so arrogant. The beldam warned him that he should flip his attitude provided he didnt listen the second chance that the witch give was wasted he never learn until the witch goddamn him. He makes him into a beastly. Then there is this girl named Linda Taylor she change Kyle.Linda is a lovely girl and she loves flowers speci exclusivelyy rose. She teaches Kyle how to appreciate and love things that he has. She teaches him how to sincerely love something or somebody. When Kyle turned into a beast he view that no one will submit him because of his appearance. The witch told him that someone must love him even so he doesnt look too goodish. At the almost end of the story he lost his hope because Linda left-hand(a) him. But at the end Linda and Kyle end up together. And Linda said the triplet magical words I love you.Being beautiful and handsome is so overwhelming but if your attitude is not so good your beauty is nothing. You should al sorts be aware that others might misunderstand your actions or what you have said to them. Be sensitive enough to acknowledge that someone is hurt by what you have said. Always remember that in communicating in someone you should know his/ her cultural background.Kyles speech was too ofttimes others like the witch didnt like it because he said that he doesnt perplexity about the environment he just care about his image. He is being insensitive to others that love our environment. You as the speaker should always know how to express your opinion in a nice and clear way so that there will be no misunderstanding in mode of communication.Even though you have imperfections and flaws in life there will always be someone who will accept your imperfections and flaws. there will always be someone that will love you and accept you for who you are. Always remember that nobody is perfect in this world all of us had experience some downfall and failures in life but we should always not lose hope in everything. In every problem there will always be a solution.

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The story is dated and juvenile

Highpockets, by fundament Tunis, is a baseball novel, first published by Scholastic set aside serve in 1948.It is one of a series of books that Tunis has scripted on the subject of a fictionalized Brooklyn Dodgers baseball group up. In this book the patronage character, Cecil (Highpockets) McCade is an unlikable rookie professional ball player in fresh York City. He is totally selfish and is not liked by anyone on the squad. He does not play for the team.He is only concerned with his own records and his money. He was a poor farm boy from North Carolina, and now that he is in the major leagues and playing in the outfield for a famous and vigorous-loved team he thinks only of how it will profit him. He considers his siblings at folk in North Carolina and thinks about how to pay for their schooling as well as pay off the mortgage on his familys home. No one else matters.Before the end of this book the protagonist, Highpockets McCade, learns the importance of being a team player and that the praise of your team and friends is much more important than the cheers of the concourse or a good story from a sports writer. The book didnt change my thoughts much, though I enjoyed the book. It seems to me that the lessons he learned should have been a part of his upbringing and his parents should have instilled better values in him to dismount with.The turning point in his life, the incident that causes him to see the light, is an accident involving a boy. It is not McCades fault and he becomes friends with the boy and it changes his view and his life as he starts to become the team player that his teammates command and need. In a move that is so predicable that it seems right out of Hollywood, his team makes it to the playoffs and he makes the play that wins the game and the pennant. The story is dated and juvenile but has good values and is worth the reading.BibliographyTunis, J. Highpockets New York Scholastic Book Services 1948

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Hutch Vodafone Takeover

After months of pitched battle, British wandering(a) telecommunication study Vodafone Monday formally said it is buying a 67-percent stake in Indias twenty-five percent largest nomadic firm sea chantey-Essar for $11. 1 billion and targeting a 25-percent food market take in the country in five years. The London-headquartered company, that submitted a formal ask round to the Hutchison Whampoa group midnight Friday, had earlier offered to pay $19 billion for the entire one hundred percent-stake in Hutch-Essar. Vodafone has excessively agreed to take over a debt worth(predicate) $2 billion.The rest 33 percent stake in the mobile phone company is with the Ruias of Essar. Vodafone has offered to buy that stake as well. Vodafone announces it has agreed to mystify companies that control a 67-percent interest in Hutch Essar from Hutchison Telecom internationalist Ltd. (HTIL) for a cash consideration of $11. 1 billion, a Vodafone statement said. For Vodafone, the scholarship wil l make India their third largest mobile phone market later Germany and the US with over 23 million subscribers and a 16. ercent national market sh are, industry sources said.This announcement is clear evidence of how we are executing our dodge of developing our presence in emerging markets, said the India-born chief executive of Vodafone Arun Sarin. We entertain concluded this trans tourion within our stated investment criteria and we are confident it will prove to be an excellent investment for our shareholders. Hutch Essar is an impressive, well run company that will fit well into the Vodafone Group. fit to industry experts, the mobile telecom giant, which has considerable expertise in third-generation (3G) mobile telephony segment, will have an edge over others once the brand-new policy is rolled out later this in year or early 2008. Vodafone, which also had 10 percent stake in challenger Bharti Airtel, said it will share the infrastructure with the company, based on a pact s igned with the Sunil Bharti Mittal group.Infrastructure sharing is expected to reduce the essential cost of delivering telecom services, especially in rural areas, enabling both(prenominal) parties to expand network coverage more quickly and to offer more affordable services to a broader base of the Indian population, the statement said. Vodafone has also offered to offload 5. 6 percent of the said 10-percent holding to the Mittal family for $1. 6 billion. The Mittals, meanwhile, congratulated Vodafone on the deal, which is expected to make competition fiercer in the Indian telecom market.Vodafones remaining 4.4 percent stake will, however, be retained and the group will act as a financial investor and not have any copy on the Bharti Airtel board, nor have any management rights, the statement added. Other players who had participated in the bidding process were Anil Ambanis Reliance Communications and the London-based Hindujas, both of whom have also congratulated Vodafone for m aking a successful entry into Indias booming telecom market. Vodafone has operations in 25 countries with over 200 million symmetrical customers at end of January 2007, as well as 36 spouse networks, a company statement said.

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To what extent did burlesque impact the education of the twentieth American musicals? Burlesque visual aspects had a gigantic influence on the development of 20th century musicals in umpteen shipway. One of the ways it did this was changing the role that charr had within musicals. This is a end point of the charrs rights movement In America. It is backed up in a Robert G Allen quote where he says burlesques principal legacy as a cultural form was its substantiation of patterns of gender representation that forever changed the role of the woman on the American stage.Previous of burlesque bespeaks, It was less acceptable for woman to show untold of their skin/boodles, they were often seen as Innocent and delicate so wore recollective dresses to cover themselves. However burlesque brought light on to the eroticism of woman without It being too distasteful they did this by putting the woman In less vesture or more see finished clothing such as tights, as a way of teasing the audience.Burlesque as well as helped women to gain more control In other ways as most of the burlesque ships companys were managed by males therefore they would be qualification the decisions, except In the sass males began to take control and wanted burlesque dancers to show as much skin as possible without actually striping. muliebrity taking control is demonstrated in the late sasss when Lydia Thompson burlesque troupe became one of New Works biggest theatrical sensations. Their first hit was named Zion in 1868 where they include travesty woman playing mens roles in tights.Due to such advanced demands for tickets to this show it then moved to Broadway. Thompson didnt hire any composers for the how she simply apply songs that were relevant and popular at the time, which was a big influence to American musicals as it happened frequently in 20th century musicals. It is excessively arguable that burlesque impacted the development of the 20th century American musicals as it wasnt Just a dance routine showing off womens bodies, it also tortuous elements of comedy and music which is a big element of mass musicals in 20th century America.Burlesque infuses these elements by using things such as travesty and they also use their shows to mock the upper class as their main audiences were lower and middle class. The comedy within the shows also helped party to become more acceptable with the fact that the woman had less garment on as usual which was frequent in many American musicals in the 20th century. It Is also said that burlesque had a big influence on creating book musicals as they also combined the 3 elements of dance, music and drama. One of the first book musicals being the black crook, involved burlesque style dances. Burlesque By Chloe had within musicals.This is a result of the womans rights movement in America. It is t was less acceptable for woman to show much of their skin/bodies, they were often seen as innocent and delicate so wore long dresses to cover themselves. However burlesque brought light on to the sexiness of woman without it being too distasteful they did this by putting the woman in less clothing or more see through clothing gain more control in other ways as most of the burlesque troupes were managed by females therefore they would be making the decisions, however in the sasss males as usual which was frequent in many American musicals in the 20th century. It is

How useful is Personality Theory? Essay

What motivates human conduct? Why is the past save and future important to the development of temperament? How constant is human doings? These questions along with many others determine the need for a possibility that result answer some of the questions. temper Theories get under ones skin to provide a executable description for rafts individual differences, it attempts to answer the questions mentioned above and lay claim some kind of meaning into quite a littles behaviour. (Furnham & promised land pg10)There ar many different theories in order to rationalise nature some would beg off peoples unique behaviour as being a product of our environment or hearty situations, personal learning or part of our genetic makeup. Personality theory attempts to explain the how is our behaviour shaped, what makes us act in certain ways in certain social situations and why do we be control in this manner. The notion is that people are unique and no two people behave alike in a p redicament, no matter how button up they are.(Furnham & Heaven pg4) The method in which personality theorists look at the development of personality all differ, some examine the structure which attempts to come through below the surface of observable trait type behaviours. around explain the actual processes of personality others investigate the development of personality. An important reason for examine personality is to gain scientific knowledge and to try to assess people so that deviant behaviours can be modified. (Roth pg365)Concerning the different personality theories entirely one theory will be mentioned in this essay, that being the trait-type move up which explains personality as inherited differences that are biological. This theory of personality is utilize quite often in our every day life and the benefits and implications of utilise personality theories will be examined in detail, throughout the progression of this essay. Personality is a pro-active process and the theories attempt to stabilise ones behaviour, and beca mathematical function personality is an implicate theory we can predict that people will behave in a certain way.The well-known scale for introversion and extroversion as described by (Hippocrates, Galen, Winott, Jung, Eysenck, and Cattell among others) has been shown to be directly related to cordial health, learning and education, risk taking, criminality and other social behaviours. These behaviour patterns whitethorn not become known by observation, or just get together a person, this is why this approach has some benefits. (Wallace pg10)Individual differences in personality have long been recognised, in the last hundred years psychologists have made a great deal of progress in ontogeny procedures for assessing personality. A large number of assessment methods, tasks and gadgets have been use to stress mans behaviour, attitudes, thoughts, aspirations and deviations. All of these approaches to assessing categoris ing, or measuring personality, have involved collecting responses from, or making observations about, the subject which could be used to infer more ecumenic personality traits or status characteristics.(Butcher page 4) The use of personality examen in occupational assessing has been increasing over the past two decades. Some recent surveys have, for example suggested that up to two thirds of large organisations in the UK use personality assessment for selecting managers. The vast majority of organisations use tests responsibly and wisely, although it is doubtlessly true some do not. The British psychological Society (BPS) aim to promote responsible use. (Dr Russell Drakeley pg29)Personality assessment can be used for staff selection, promotion, individual personality development, team development, career guidance, counselling, educational or learning difficulties or clinical personality assessment. The possibilities of personality testing are varied, and some of the ones included in the above list would not get through with universal approval. Using personality tests for promotion and redundancy are specially controversial and in the past have caused much consternation, both inwardly and outside occupational psychology. (Dr Russell Drakeley pg28)

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Letters Home From Vietnam Review Essay

The stringy emotions triggered through watching this take aim can be acknowledged without question. What I found the most enkindle was the use of real news footage from that time period that aired on major news networks, swaying peoples opinions about our justification for beingness in Vietnam. Being able to view that gave me a 1st afford look into soldiers opinions of the war as closely as protests and how they differed then. The actors reading the leadership with pure emotion and feeling in order to accurately salute how much these soldiers put into these letters was remarkable because I felt as though I was experiencing that time period as if it were real and the soldiers were scrambling to hold open as I watched on.The stories they depicted throughout their words definitely provided for a flurry of reactions. I wanted to be happy for those men recognize for combat, living through the horrors of hell, and seeing the relief on their faces when being honorably discharged a nd sent home. I was equally and oppositely somber, however, for those mens lives stolen in combat, for those permanently crippled and bitter, to hear of the unspeakable horrors awaiting prisoners of war, as well as letters from optimistic soldiers killed in action shortly after. some other thing I found effectively executed by this convey was the specific numbers given. They showed the variation in the number of soldiers deployed to Vietnam over the gradation of the war, as well as the rising KIA numbers and wounded in combat. A gruesome part of this war as well was the dim jungle that the soldiers had to navigate through blindly until ambushed by the Vietcong, and I aspect the film did an excellent job of revealing that to the public. One of the most powerful moments of the film was when a soldier, grieving over his superior officer exclaimed that hell be given a silver star, and somehow that is supposed to dish for his life being taken.

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How Media Affects Society Essay

There are still so legion(predicate) the great unwashed that will insist that the images on TV and words and picture in newsworthinesspaper are not responsible for the problems of the society. The media is a good rise of information and entertainment. In this first section I will lambaste somewhat how the media affect our awareness, knowledge, attitude and behavior. You will see how the people deliberate to media to learn about Moral, Values and interpersonal relationship from the media. The media give us a perception of various culture, religions and believes. These help the average person to range him and others. It show how people live like, what they believe in and come across the society. For causa most media portrait most middle eastern Arabs as terrorist. They describe their ways of life as not conform with the principle of democracy. only if the truth is we do not know anything about their belief. Most television system viewers consider Arabs as terrorist because o f the way they are portrait in the news. Heavy usage of these images may result in the cultivation of this perception. News that we get from certain media contradict the real society. You have to actu altogethery sympathize their religion and beliefs in order to make a statement about the person or the society. The media have a great effect on the society and in our life experience. We sometimes try to apply these concepts to our popular life.Teenager like to watch TV shows about Love, fashion, Relationship, Violence, Speed and many other things when older people watch about Food, Health, workout, antiques and news from the world. Things in TOGO (West Africa) there is a TV show that airs every atomic number 90 evening at 8 oclock. when you go around all the houses in the country at that time everybody is sitting and watching that series. I do not recall the name of the series but it in force(p) impressive how a simple TV show can call for so many people at the same time. This a ffects everyone behaviors at that particular(a) time.Media can be a great source of wisdom and knowledge but we should realize its impact on our society, our family ,our kid and our self. Media besides causes people to have a negative view on themselves touch their self esteem. If you were watching tv or watching a motion picture chances are that the stars of those shows are going to be attractive, slim or muscular. I believe that this gives a negative effect to teenagers who are still developing. By seeing this they think that they have to look and act the same as the people portrayed in these magazines or shows.

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Coors key business strategies or “six planks” Essay

1/Link the Coors vision contention to Coors discoer problem line strategies or cardinal planks. Are at that place each(prenominal) breakouts? bottomland1harmonize to Coors Vision Statement, the vison stinkpot be come up with four fundamental principle (1)improving quality, (2)improving service, (3)boosting profitability, and (4) evolution pursueee skills. And then to link with six planksso that to drive these fundamentals in the future. 1/baseline harvest-festival we tout ensembleow profitably start appoint distinguishs and key markets (3)boosting profitability 2/incremental growth we forget selectively invest to grow high potential markets, channels, demographics, and soils (3)boosting profitability 3/ crossway quality we allow free burningly elevate con scoreer perceived quality by improving taste, freshness, package integrity, and package appearance at point of bargain for (1)improving quality 4/distributor service we will significantly upraise distrib utor service as mensurationd by mendd freshness, little damage, improverd on- cartridge holder arrivals, and accurate order fill at a begin cost to Coors (1)improving service 5/productivity gains we will continuously cast worst total company be per brake drum so Coors can counterweight improved profitability, investments to grow volume, market sh atomic number 18, and revenues, and funding for the resources needed to drive semipermanent productivity and success (1)improving quality, (2)improving service, (3)boosting profitability, (4)employee skills 6/people we will continuously improve our personal credit line procedure through engaging and developing our people (4)employee skills I agree that analyze from macroscopic purview, the strategies seem to match the visions here, which i sum up above. Each ch antiophthalmic factorion corresponds to i or more of the fundamentals. However, I believe the gaps occur within the four fundamentals from the vision bid and the six planks overdue to their broad description and rivet. In particular, the stand firm bingle people mentioned in the six plankswhich does non cover the development of employee skills overall.Post 2If the analysis of Coors Vison Statement as follows at first, it shows two flavors 1) usance and history has a proud history of visionary loss leadership, quality products and employ people 2) Human, pecuniary and physical to bring abundant tasting beer, great brands and choice service to the distributors, retailers and consumers and to be a valued neighbor in the communities. Then, it focuses on the 4 fundamentals a) improving quality, b)improving service, c) boosting profitability, and d) developing employee skills. Corresponding to the six planks, we can find outBasline process boosting profitabilityIncremental ripening boosting profitabilityProduct Quality improving qualityDistributor emolument improving quality and serviceProductivity Gains boosting profitabi lityPeople employee skillsPersonally, from the aspect of financial prudence, Coors general business strategies seem to focus a daub more on financial measures than other aspect of the business such(prenominal) as how to become a valued neighbor in the communities.Post3 I like your description way that combine the Vison Statement and six plankscorrespondently, fashioning the comparison much cle atomic number 18r. So it inspired me to do it with the like way.Post4 other way to comp are Coors vision asseveratement and the business strategies is that we should understand what is the contrary between them. The Vision of a company is the way that it views its products, its markets, its customers and itself. The Vision answers the ingenuous question Why are we here?. The Vision is a goal. It is non the same as a strategy business strategy tells you how a company is going to get hold of (or maintain) its Vision. The strategy is a plan, the tactics are how the plan will be exec uted and the Vision is the end-result.Post5 Additional rendering of the choke one in six planks, in order to develope employee skills referred in Coors Vision Statement, we can not only if improve our business movement through engaging but also, building up salaries rate regulation, developing training dust and Providing opportunities for increased responsibility and career advancement 2/Link the Coors Operations and engineering (O&T) department vision statement to the O&T strategies or supply mountain filament manoeuver principles. Are there any gaps?We can divide Coors Coors Operations and Technology (O&T) department vision statement into 4 parts1/process, 2/quality and innovation,3/information and technology, 4/learning and exercises a prospicient approach, and then compare each of one with the O&T strategies as following. 1/Well-defined and understandable processed is required to design, safely produce, and deliver greater tasting beer at its freshest, w ith superior packaging beer with superior packaging and competitive cost. (1) Simplify and stabilize the process(2) Balance and hone the overall process2/By the quality and innovation we employ in all enables Coors to be more competitive and notable. (3)Relentlessly purse continuous return(5) People doing the work are hypercritical to lasting improvement (9) Know your customers expectations3/Using accurate information and appropriate technology improve organizations performance. (6)Short cycle time + reliability = flexibleness(12)What gets measured gets done4/By learning and exercising a tenacious approach, we can blow out and reduce cost. (2)Eliminate non-value added time and waste(7)Find and get under ones skin the root example(8)Know your costs(10)Make decisions where work is performedWith above analysis, Coors O&T department vision statement is pretty much line up with the its strategies. However, Inventory is a liability, not an asset The vision statement doesnt real ly capture the importance of this concept. Coors should stress the importance of getting blood line out the door and giving special attention to its enrolment that sees the virtually demand from its customers.+ Depending on the Operations and Technology (O&T) department of Coorsbusiness strategy, the 4th one Inventory is a liability, not an asset doubtfully matches with the vision statement. From the stand of the O&T department, it may state that there exists assay when the catalogue transfers into merc fleetises, so at this time, it is kind of apt to say that Inventory is a liability, not an asset. Another explanation of the business strategy from the O&T department listed Inventory is a liability, not an assetis that the dissolve of this department is to eliminate the cost of the return and then to increase the profit. Therefore, it kind of muddle sense to say the inventory is a liability sort of of an asset.3/Provide possible explanations for the performan ce gaps identified by Coors benchmarking analysis. From Table1 Benchmarking Analysis, it shows clearly that there are collar gaps quick Manufacturing cost per tympan S,g & A cost per barrel crystallise profit per barrel. With the general analysis, the domestic market share of A/B is more than twice that of Miller and more than four clock that of Coors. A/B has the advantage in the beer effort as the price leader and has the power of setting the selling price. And Coors has the least attractive results out of the trinity major beer companies (Anheuser-Busch, Miller, and Coors). The manufacturing cost per barrel is the highest for Coors at $55.00. Anheuser-Busch on the other hand had the lowest at $48.00. The S, G & A cost per barrel was also the highest for Coors at $29.00 and Miller had the lowest at $27.00, which was only $0.50 break down than Anheuser-Busch.Therefore, Coors can only be higher profit by cutting slay costs so that it can be the envy its two competit ors. Besides, it can meet more profits by building its key gift brands in key markets and strengthening its distributor network, with improved supply chain management. (1)The main author on the gap in the manufacturing cost is because Coors a great deal could not meet its goal to freight rate beer product organisely off the outturn line into waiting pathroad cars. This disrupts the production plan and thence contributes the increase of labor cost.Given Coors lack of production locations, one glaring reason for the gap in profitability is the distance of delivery required under Coors current supply chain. With only 3 domestic production locations and 21 satellite redistribution centers coors will take hold significantly wanter than the 500 milliliter minimum production to distribution site A/B has establish with 13 domestic production lay downs.(2) The main reason on the gap in the S,G&A cost is due to the distribution deficiency. compare to the other two competitor s, on average, Coors has had to ship its beer eight to nine times further than its competitors. Also, Coors only has a maximum warehouse capacity in Golden, Colorado of 600,000 cases of beer which is equivalent to one 8- hr production shift. Thus, Coors has had to load per week around 1,500 beer trucks from 68 truck docks and about 400 quetchroad cars from 22 rail docks. This distribution deficiency problem causes the variance of gross sales costs. To sum up, due to both the highest cost of manufacturing cost per barrel and S,G&A speak to per barrel of Coors among the other two competitors, the application of the balance circuit card seems to the desirable one for Coors. For BSC tries to minimize information overload by providing a limit number of measures that focus on key business processes by take of management. That will help efficiently contribute S,G&A expendsure and eliminate these SG&A gaps.4/Answer the frequently asked questions (FAQs) already raised( a) by employees about the Coors BSC project. Which FAQs were critical to Coors made implementation of its BSC over the last decade? First of all, allocating these fifteen questions into five parts will be more easily to understand. The first part is about rough related questions of the balanced scoredcard 1. exit the balanced scorecard be linked to any incentive plans? Yes, the project strategy was to implement a performance measure process that foc utilise on continuous improvement, rewarded reasonable risk victorious and learning to advance performance, and enable employees to understand the opportunity and reward for operative productively. 2. What if a measure does not drive the correct behavior later on implementation? What process will be used to evolve the scorecard? How will my input be heard? The BSC provides a basis for management to improve the company and align the directives to meet both short and long term goals.The employees are encouraged to participate in the d ialogue environ the measurements and speak to their managers about any suggestions or opportunities they see for the equilibrise Scorecard. 8. Will the balance scorecard be used to compare the performance of the three U.S. plants? Since each plant is different, how can we be expected to use the same scorecard? Yes. While each plant may be different, all three plants have the same goals. The balanced scorecard will highlighting and evaluate how the company can work together to improve and achieve those goals. 10. There may be some important measures excluded from this scorecard.If so, will they lastly be added to the scorecard? Yes. The scorecard will be adapted to business needs and requirements. It will updated to include the relevant measures as required. 11. Will there be a throughput measure on the scorecard? I cannot furbish up the number of barrels coming through my plant. That is determined by sales and scheduling that shifts production between my plants. The scorecar d will include only those measurements that will help management evaluate the achievement of Coors vision and strategy. The purpose of the scorecard is to simplify information, not overload management with information that are not exactly necessary.13.How often will the scorecard be updated?Non-monetary measures are reported more frequently than monetary measures. Balanced report card can be updated as often as daily and as infrequent as annually. It depends on the level of the measurement.14.Will the scorecard be used as a club?No. The scorecard is used to highlight improvements to the company and to be used to strategize how to continue improvements. The intention is not to use this to punish employeesThe second part refers to the question about load account and distributor. 3. Wont the measures reduce our ability to be flexible with our distributors and make last minute changes for them? No, the balance scorecard includes non-monetary measures such as car downtime, percentage of capacity used, and deviations from catalogue. Part of the Coors vision and strategy is to allow its employees the exemption to continuously improve these measures, and be rewarded for doing so.4. Why is the windowpane on the effect muniment dressance measure so tight? What difference does it make if we get a load out within plus or minus two hours? If we get it out the day it is scheduled, wont the load arrive at the distributor as plotted? The window is measured so tight to reduce production bottlenecks. Also, since Coors delivery trucks and rail cars have to travel such a distance, they need to be stiff within two hours of their scheduled time to ensure on time delivery. This will increase profitability, customer satisfaction, and the sense of teamwork among Coors employees.The third part can be regarded as the measure change5.We already have plant measurements that are working. Why would we want to change them? The traditional, cost-based performance measures are ove rage and are no longer an effective means of measuring performance. For example, direct labor variances were becoming less important due to the highly machine-driven nature of the beer production lines. 7. Why would you base Production Stability, Load Schedule Performance, and Load level Accuracy on the initial weekly schedule? The schedule changes constantly. Why measure me against a weekly schedule that has changed as a result of something I had no control over? Teamwork is critical to the success of Coors. All employees should be engaged whenever it is possible to ensure that the other goals and objectives of the company can be met. Again, production and demand should be homogeneous.The one-fourth part is about the production of Coors6. The Production Stability Measure does not incent the production lines to run ahead. Doesnt it make sense to allow us to run ahead on major brands as a damp for those times when we have problems? So what should we do when we are more than an ho ur ahead, shut the line down? With the viewpoint that inventory is a liability, we do not want to be running ahead as this increases our inventory on hand that is not moving out the door quickly. We do not want our inventory overflowing our limited warehousing space. By not running over, we can keep our storage costs down and increase profitability.The fifth part is about people who play a part in a measure 12.How can you hold me obligated for a measure when I am not the only one who can require it? Coors vision statement outlines the sense of teamwork that the company values. each employee is working together for the same goals. No one person will be held responsible for a measurement. Also, the balanced scorecard is to incent improvement, not punish. 15.Who will put together this scorecard?Ken Rider and employees from supply chain management are responsible for putting together this scorecard. However, input from all employee is valued. In my opinion, the 1,3,4 questions are c ritical to to Coors successful implementation of its BSC over the last decade. 5/Considering the prior gap and benchmarking analyses, design specific performance measures with benchmarked targets (where feasible) and with inform frequency to create an operational and acceptable BSC for Coors. Which performance measures were critical to Coors successful implementation of its BSC over the last decade? Based on the Balanced Scorecard path an organization first must first feel and understand1/The companys mission statement2/The companys strategic plan/vision3/ (1)the financial status of the organization (Financial stead) (2)How the organization is currently structured and in operation(p) ( inherent channel Process) (3)The level of expertise of their employees (Learning & Growth)(4)Customer satisfaction level (Customer Perspective)For this case study, I have come up the following performance measures of BSC for Coors 1) Improve productivity, long shareholder Value, Grow Reve nue (Financial Perspective) 2) Satisfy Customer Needs, Gain marketplace Share, Improve reputation (Customer Perspective) 3) Manage operations, Product leadership (Internal Business Process) 4) power development, Employee attitudes (Learning & Growth) I think the performance measures under Customer Perspective were critical to Coors successful implementation of its BSC. If customers are not satisfied, they will lastly find other suppliers that will meet their needs. Poor performance from this sight is thus a leading indicator of future decline, even though the current financial picture may look good.The concept of having a balanced scorecard essentially discusses a management control system as a means of gathering and using information to advocate and coordinate planning and control decisions throughout an organization. It is usually designed around the concept of the balanced scorecard, with financial and nonfinancial information in each of the four perspectives of the scorec ard. These four perspectives are financial, customer, internal business process, and learning-growth. There are four perspectives and information from the case to create performance measures of a balanced scorecard Financial perspective1) Manufacturing cost falloff cost per barrel $2, from $55 to $53 2) S, G & A cost decrease cost per barrel $2, from $29 to $27 3) Net profit increase net profit per barrel $2, from $4 to $6 Customer perspective1) Customer satisfaction Coors should strive to meet and exceed customer expectations 2) fall back purchases Coors should also focus on retaining customers and respecting their input as repeat customers Internal Business Process perspective1) Load Schedule improve load time by 40%, from 60% to 100% 2) Load Item Accuracy improve item accuracy by 5%, from 95% to 100% 3) Production Stability improve production at planned time by 50%, from 50% to 100% Learning and Growth perspective1) Employee training Coors can improve employee perfo rmance by act training and learning opportunities 2) Decentralization Coors can improve performance by giving employees more freedom to make decisions, especially when quick cerebration is needed in a changing environment 6/Perform an economic value added (EVA) analysis to assess its potential as a BSC financial performance measure for Coors. Should EVA become part of Coors BSC? EVA= Net operating(a) Income (After taxes)- ( heavy(p) Invested* heavy Average Cost of Capital) EVA= Net Operating Income (before taxes) * (1- Tax Rate)- (Capital Invested * Weighted Average Cost of Capital) Based on the given number(1)EVA = EBIT (1-tax rate) (Cost of Capital*WACC)EVA = 105(1-.44) ((900+45+65+30) x 10%)EVA = 58.8 (1040 x 10%)EVA = 58.8-104EVA = (45.2 million)(2)Net operating profit (Cost of working capital*capital investment) (105 (900*10%)= 105 90= $15 million.But i can not make sure wich one is the right one.EVA= after tax operating income-weighted average cost of capital*(total assets-current liabilities) $82,543,440-10%*($1,412,083,000-$359,146,000)=$82,543,440-(10%*1,052,937,000)=$82,543,440-$105,293,700=$22,750,260EVA should be include as part of the BSC.$58,800,000-10%*($1,400,000,000-$170,000,000)=$58,800,000-(10%*$1,230,000,000)=$58,800,000-$123,000,000=($64,200,000)7/With all the industry changes, especially the recent mergers and acquisitions (M&As) involving Coors, what were lessons learned for Coors BSC project over the last decade?StrengthsMolson-Coors benefits from their large market share in the beer industry in North America. Molson Coors is an innovative company, first by surviving prohibition in the US, when their product was deemed illegal they began to bottle water to keep the company going. 1/Strong Financial Position2/Alliances with NFL and NASCAR3/Successful articulate ventures4/Growth in foreign markets5/Strong brand imageWeaknesses1/Lower market share in the U.K2/They rely on only a few popular brand names, which expose the compa ny to vulnerability when sales and economic regions fluctuate. 3/They have dependencies on piercing materials.4/Dont appeal to chassis of people with a lower- disposable income. 5/They rely considerably on a small number of suppliers to obtain their packaging. 6/Molson-Coors relies on 70% of its U.S. sales from Coors Light.Threats1/Top competitors include Anheuser- Busch & Heineken2/ whatsoever significant increase in raw materials prices will negatively affect their margins. 3/Any significant decrease in the ability to obtain their raw materials will also affect their margins. 4/Perceptions that beer is not as healthy as other alcoholic beverages like wine. 5/ sparing recessionin the US increases the sales of beer at first, but as the recession continues over a longer period of time, it may cause sales to decrease ST Strategies1 Use market share and alliances in North America to promote company. NASCAR and NFL are only big in the US, not other markets, so have to be smart in h ow they promote and market their products, but can use those sports to their advantage 2 Expanding into other markets along with diversification of their brand, will help reduce the risk of sales in challenging financial times in the US. 3 Use companys beardown(prenominal) financial position, along with strong market share percentage and alliances to create a stronger/ potentially interrupt brand image.WT Strategies1 Coorss low market share in other markets will suffer as a result of a recession. Expand into foreign markets 2 Dependency on suppliers, will be influenced even more if there are any changes in raw material prices or during recession periods. The Balanced Scorecard is the preferable one fo Coors to implement. Over the last ten years Coors has not grown, instead they have held at 10% of the market even though they merged with another company during this time. However, the complexity of their distribution channels has required better management which the Balanced Score card did assist with. By tracking the production and shipping performance there were improvements. However, based on no growth within the sales/market share perhaps more focus needed to be placed in this area. In order to grow successfully they need to focus not just on costs but generating the sales to grow.

WHAP Semester Review

The Foundations of Christian connection in Western europium Chapter 16 a. quiz the invasions t wear plagued atomic number 63 after the locate of Rome. How WA s Europe influenced by these migrations? Why did Charlemagne appoint officials cognize as the miss Dominic Miss Dominic envoys of The Lord ruler. They traveled every category to topical anesthetic jurist dictions and reviewed the accounts of local authorities Compare the utilisation that Christianity compete in Western Europe to the section played d by Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism in creating political and social unity in the postvocalic world. Discuss the brio of a serf living on a manor in early medieval Europe.What coo old the serfs expect from the nobleman? What opportunities did the serf have? Serfs semi free individuals which owed obligations to the Lords (cultivated lands) Nomadic imperiums and Eurasian Interchangeable 17 Examine the role of Genesis Khan played in the intricacy of the Mongolianian MME ire . What were the foundations of his success? What was his legacy? First great orchestrateer of Mongol empire. Uses cavalry/ horses to surprise the enemy chance on the political and economic structures of the Mongol Empire under t e Khans No government, economic or social structure put in place.Khans use an indri etc rule. race leaders report to the Khans. Examine the military campaigns of Kabuki Khan and how they relateed the Mongol Empire Tried to conquer southeasterlyeast Asia. Grandson of Genesis Khan. Western Europe during the High Middle Chapters 19 Examine the origins and growth of the holy place roman letters Empire. What were its strengths and its main limitations? Otto becomes emperor in 962 CE. Ongoing conflict between the popes, meme Ross and the papacy (part of the pope). Both made large claims to the authority of Chris titan Europe.Examine the reign of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarous and describe e his relationship with the Catholic church word form. Fre derick Barbarous ( as well known as the red beard has conflicts with the pop ginger. He wanted to control Lombardy (N. Italy). Combine Lombardy with his German h loading which would lead to dominate Europe in one big state. Describe the political structure of Italy. (10001500 c. E. ) Cityscapes, Florence, Venice, Bologna, Genoa, Milan. These states were wealth y and dominated Urban di tights. Examine the Norman invasion and condone why it was so boffo. 66, William the Conqueror takes over England on Christmas Day European Exploration Appurtenances 22 (joss) Why did dad da Gamma sail to Calicle in 1498? He carried letters of introduction from the king of Portugal as well as cargo sees of gold, pearls, wool textiles, bronze strugglee, iron tools, and late(prenominal) goods that he hoped t o exchange for pepper and spices in India. He set up a trading post. Cinnamon and pepper How were the Lusitanian able to dominate trade with Asia? What food pr ducts were very strategic to the m?Important crops included Indian pepper, cloves, and nutmeg. Why did the Portuguese force merchandiser ships to pay duties? O control trade routes by forcing merchant vessels to birdsong at fortified trading g sites and pay duties What was the astrolabe used for? The astrolabe was a simplified version of an instrument used by Greek and Persian astronomers to determine latitude by measuring the angle of the sun or the p ole star above the horizon. European Exploration Sheepshearers 22 How were the Spanish able to conquer the Philippines?What religion were the eye trying to string out? Spanish were able to conquer the Philippines because they had no central go Vermont, thither was no organized resistance to the intrusion. The Spanish were trying t o spread Roman Catholicism What city was the center of Spanish commercial legal action in Asia The city that was the center of Spanish commercial activity in Asia was Manila What did the Columbian Exchange lead to regarding the populat ions of Europe e and the Americas? The Columbian Exchange lead to a decrease in population in the Americas an d an increase in Europe. Overall increase in the public) smallpox decreases popular Zion and more food products increases European population. European Exploration British a. Describe Captain James sets travels and the spartanships he endured. Captain James Cook traveled to the pacific islands. He died in in a hassle with the autochthonic people Of howdy. He charted eastern Australia, new Zealand, and added new Caledonia, vaunt, Hawaii to European maps was his greatest accomplish hymen. It is also notable that he probed the rimy waters of the arctic waters. B.Examine the Seven Years War. What started this conflict? Who won and w hat were the longer consequences of this victory? (Chapters 22/23) The Seven Years War was a spheric conflict that took place in several geography which theaters including Europe, India, The Caribbean, and The Americas. This state of war w as caused by the thirst of establishing markets and monopolies by European expo clinical depressioners. At the end of the war former(a) countries were left in shambles as Britain stood victor pixilated and was foreseen as one of the greatest empires of that time period.Transformation of Europe Chapter 23 a. Examine the career of Martin Luther. What were the foundations of his Reformation? What drove him to write the Initiative Theses Martin Luther taught that salvation in heaven is not earned by good deeds defile received only as a free gift of gods grace. His theology challenged the authority y of the Pope. Wanted to translate the Bible from Latin to other languages so that the common man could read it. B. condone John Callings role regarding the Reformation? Describe the Importance of his book, Institutes of the Christian organized religion. E was a cut lawyer who converted to Protestant Christianity in the sass, slipped across France (suppressed Protestants) to Switzerland organized a Protestant corporation and worked with local officials to impose a strict mark of morality and discipline on the city his influential treatise Institutes of the Christian Religion (published 1536) and it systematized protestant tea chings and presented the as together (Influential) Geneva (city), was a protestant community model, his ml colorless were nearly active in France, also ventured to Germany, low countries, England Scotland, and Hungary churches were open up in these lands and worked reform for Protestant reformation most successful= Netherlands and Scotland d c.Examine the Council of Trend and explain its impact on the Reformation oftentimes he Church The Council of Trend was an assembly of bishops, cardinals, and other high chi arch officials who met intermittently between 1 545 and 1 563 to address matters of philosophy and reform. The Council defined the elements of the Roman Catholic Church t hello in detail, as well as acknowledge the abuses that th e Roman Catholic Church did the council took steps to reform the Church. The Council demanded that church a authorities observe strict standards of morality, and it required them to establish schools and seminaries in their districts to prepare priests tight-lacedly for their roles. D. subsequently the Roman Empire crumbles, how did the Catholic Church unify Europe Catholicism had spread and remained preponderant over much of the Roman E mles lifespan. After the empire falls, in those times of uncertainty, people were sea aching for something to run continuity and authority. Although people no longer bell engorged to the Roman Empire, they could still belong to the Catholic Church. E. Explain why Gigantic Loyola created the Society of Jesus. To extend the boundaries of the reformed Roman church, an offensive society f. Describe the spot policies pursued by Louis XIV of France regarding the army , the economy, and the palace at Versailles. E encouraged court officials and promine nt nobles to live at court, where his staff could victuals an eye on them, Louis and his ministers ran the state from Versailles, the eye put out saws and controlled a massive standing army that kept order passim the and they also promoted economic development by supporting the establishment of new industries, building roads and canals, abolishing internal tariffs, and encourage inning exports they waged a series Of wars intentional to enlarge French boundaries and estate sis France as the preeminent business office in Europe g. What were the consequences of the Peace of Westphalia? (23) The end of the seven years war Transformation of Europe Scientific Revolutionaries 23 a. Examine the careers of Galileo Galilee and explain his impact during the Scientific Revolution.Galileo showed that the heavens were not perfect, unblemished realm in which h the Ptolemaic astronomers believed, just now rather a world of change, flux, and many unsuspected sights. He took the telescope and tu rned it towards the sky, which h allowed him to see spots on the sun, and mountains on the months discredited the t hero that the heavenly bodies were smooth and dead spherical. He also noticed off r moons In the planet Jupiter and caught sight Of distant Stars, which implied that the nun verse was much larger than anyone expected. He also contributed in understanding tear astral motion. He had experiments that showed stop number of a falling object doesnt m tater on weight, but rather the height from which they fall. B. Describe the importance of Newtons theory of universal gravitation. Jugulate the motions of bodies throughout the universe, he offered precise mathematical explanations of the laws that govern movements of bodies on t he earth this allowed him to work on the sciences Of astronomy and mechanics, also a Lowed him to explain a vast range of unrelated phenomena (flow of the tides gravitation al get away of moon and telescopes of planets reflect the gravitational in fluence of the sun earth and other evenly bodies) served as the unquestioned framework for the physical ice erst until the twentieth century c. Why were the early discoveries of the Scientific Revolution met with such resistance? In what ways did these discoveries destroy an old worldview and create a new one?The Scientific Revolution met with resistance from Ptolemaic scientists which despise at the new discoveries made in the Scientific Revolution. With this debate it was hard for the revolution to gain much follow in the beginning, but by and by due to its accuracy icy, it destroyed the old worldview and created a new one. For example, Ptolemaic s nineties believed that the planets revolved around the Earth, but scientist Nicholas Co uppercuts claimed the planets orbit around the sun and the claim was supported with d ATA New Worlds The Americas and make upch 24 A. Examine the immediate impact of the Spanish arrival in the Americas. (Focus s on diseases) How did the encomia system work? What does the term messiest refer to?Spanish established the fort of Santos Domingo, capital of Spanish Caribbean, originally wanted to build forts and trading posts, no Silks and spice sees in Caribbean diseases. Like smallpox hit hard = demographic decline, the encompasses yester launched raiding parties to kidnap and enslave taints and other pep piles, first attempted to support their society by mining gold, recruitment of Taints I abort came through institutions encomia system gave Spanish settlers the right to co impel Taints to work in their mines or fields, in return for labor, Spanish looked eve r workers health and welfare and to encourage their conversion to Christianity. Cities a person combined Of native American and European descent B. Describe the relationship between Herman Cortes and the Aztec. Herman Cortes was a part of the conquest for Mexico (gold), they seized the e proper In Ethnocentric, they were driven away from the capital, Cortes sided the c apital and in 1521 they stared the city into surrender, they basically fighter them very agar excessively and the Aztec resisted, Spanish had more weapons and horses though ask C. Why did the conquistadors not welcome Spanish bureaucrats to the New World? What were the two centers of Spanish royal authority in the Americas ? (16th century) Mexico and Peru (Lima or Newcastle) Explain the impact of the Treaty of planetary.Treaty between Spain and Portugal in 1494. The a Treaty of Terrestrial divide d the oral along an imaginary northbound line. correspond to this agreement, Spain could claim land west of that line, so long as it was not already under Christian rule, Portugal gained the same rights along the North easterly part of the South Am Rican Continent. Why did the Portuguese show more interest in Brazil? Who did the Portuguese e rely on to work on these sugar plantations? They relied on imported African slaves as laborers to work the sugar plantations Brazil had an abundance of sugar canes that was very economically profitable Explain the importance of controlling the fur trade in North America. Was lucrative and very profitable, Why did the British create a prison colony at Botany Bay? Cook account that the region was suitable for settlement, in 1788 a British flee et arrived there carrying lots of convicts (eight hundred out of one thousand), they herd De sheep at this new penal colony Africa and the Atlantic World Chapter 25 a. Explain the role played by the Portuguese in the transformation of east and South Africa during early modern times. What were Portugal main goals? In 1482, a small Portuguese fleet initiated commercial relations with the king mom of Kong. Portuguese merchants had established a close political and diplomatic relationship with the kings of Kong.They supported the kings with resources . Kings of congou converted to Christianity (King Fanons l) as a way to establish closer co imperial relations with Portuguese merchants and the Portuguese monarchy. Portugal s main goals were gold, silver, ivory, and most important Of all slaves. Soon after the Kong kingdom fell, the Portuguese went to the nation of Indigo where they were e able to find an abundance of slaves. Examine oceanic trade in early modern Africa. What kingdoms were created New kingdoms begun to emerge generally due to the fact of trade. Kingdoms like e Great Zanzibar was created. However by and by on, a series of smaller kingdoms dispel aced the rulers of Great Zanzibar.Europeans struck alliances with local people and pr vided them support with the aim of supporting allies and pass on their own inter sets,. C. In what ways did Islam and Christianity transform sub Sahara Africa? What happened to the indigenous religions? Islam Was the most popular in commercial centers Of west African and Swahili states in east Africa. Timeout had an Islamic university and 1 80 schools taught the Qua an. Islam was blended with indigenous beliefs and customs. Ch ristianity as well blended d with the indigenous beliefs and customs. Tradition and Change in East Asia Chapter 26 a. Describe the political and social structures of East Asiatic societies. What type e of relationship did East Asian societies have with Europe?

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Crisis hostage management/criminal justice Essay

It is saddening when every day we read ab bug out reports of surety winning happening all over the world. Reports from law intelligence departments crosswise the world indicate that, warrantor taking shimmys ranges from snap of infants to taking security of crew of big water vessels, as is rampant along the bank of Somalia in Africa. US is not an exeption, infact m each looks of surety taking turn in been reported especially in the southern region states. An example of security taking case happened at Hillary Rodham Clintons rouse offices in Rochester, New Hampshire.A nicely dressed grey haired valet de chambre known as Leeland Eisenberg walked into the offices on a Friday demanding to talk to Hillary Clinton slightly helping him get mental wellness care and ended up taking at least quintette people security including an infant. The ordeal went on until night when the last surety walked to freedom and the warrantor taker peacefully surrendered to the law. Although Ei senberg had a packet of road flares tape-recorded on his body, when he was persuaded by the states police negotiator he gave up and surrendered to SWAT police team.According to Hillary Clinton as she addressed a iron conference later in Portsmouth that night, Eisenberg was in need of help and was pursuit attention in absolutely the wrong way. Eisenberg was held on state charges of kidnapping and reckless conduct, federal charges were being considered. (http//www. msnbc. msn. com/id/22043358). Another hostage taking incidence occurred in Louisville whereby a mother (Gail Lynn Coontz) killed her cardinal children aged 14 and 10 years in their beds and later went to a college she attended with a taw before handing over the weapon to the colleges health counseling.The threat at Louisville University College ended with no injuries about half an hour after it began, notwithstanding school officials asked police to check on the children, which were found shortly with gunshot wounds. Mrs. Coontz was taken to a psychiatric clinic and later taken to Louisville jail. According to university police, Maj. Kenny Brown, she was charged with terrorist threatening for pointing a gun at a police officer. (http//www. msnbc. msn. com/id/23827059). The ii counts of hostage taking were very different from one another because the scratch case was carried out in a mild manner i. violence was reported, the road flares posed some considerable danger, had the suspect unflinching to use them. The hostage taker was just trying to seek attention check to Hilary Clinton because he unconditionally released the hostages after persuasion by a police negotiator. The indorse case was a serious one, with the suspect having shot dead her two children earlier on. Its true that both hostage taking incidences were perpetuated by people who were undergoing psychological problems. For instance Eisenberg had a court case filled by his wife for drug abuse, assault, and verbal threats, w hile Mrs.Coontz was a window and therefore was stressed by family burden. In both incidences of hostage taking, the hostage takers were persuaded into giving up peacefully, i. e. they never put up any violent resistence. in view of the US governments policy on hostage taking threats, based on past experience, making concessions that benefit hostage takers in exchange of release of hostages increased the danger that others will be taken hostage. At the same time the US government everlastingly makes every effort to contact the captors or even their representatives so as to secure the release of hostages.under current US law, 18 USC 1203(act for measure and punishment of the crime of hostage taking, enacted oct 1984),seizure of a US citizen as a hostage anywhere in the world is a crime and therefore subject to investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and to quest by US authorities (http//www. state. gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2002/8190. htm. ) In the first incidence Eisenberg was sweet talked to by a state police negotiator into giving up and surrendering peacefully to the police. And in the second case Mrs.Coontz although pointed a gun to police a officer she voluntarily gave out the gun to the college health counselor. This shows clearly that the negotiators played their part professionally and with a lot of patient. From both counts its evident that very minimal deplumate was applied by the police to free the hostages. In the first incidence for instance, although police camped outside the building they never attempted to use dissipation force lest they provoke the hostage taker into doing a nasty action. Similarly, in the second incidence police played safe until Mrs. Coontz surrendered the gun to the college health counselor voluntarily.Therefore the outcomes of both cases of hostage taking were a success on the part of police since no one taken hostage was wound and the suspects were apprehended. The articles from which I extracted these two hostage taking counts were fairly written, providing detailed randomness about the hostage takers, and the hostage taking incidence. But the part on negotiation between the suspects and the negotiators was not well expounded in both counts. Readers would indirect request to know the agreements leading to the softening of hostage takers and hence giving up. The writers too gave very little coverage on police action about the incidences.The motive of the killings of the two children by their mother should have been provided . References A man takes more than five people hostage at Sen. Hilary Clintons campaign office in Rochester N, H, available at 1) http//www. msnbc. msn. com/id/22043358 accessed on April 15, 2008 a mama takes terrorizes a college with a gun after killing her own two children, available at 2)http//www. msnbc. msn. com/id/23827059accessed on April 15, 2008 US policy on hostage taking threats, available at 3) http//www. state. gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2002/8190. htm accessed on A pril 15, 2008

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International Management Case Study Essay

1. What are the advantages of a nonaged railway line exhalation world-wide through incremental stages rather than as a world(a) initiate up?There are many advantages of a olive-sized channel going international through incremental stages, rather than as a global start up. First of all a inauguration that utilizes the smooth business enterprise stage model where it has an incremental process of internationalization gives that them a much macroscopicr take place of sustainability and success, rather than trying to start large which puts them at to a greater extent risk. This usually occurs passively, where a small business doesnt solicit international business, scarce eventually conducts business internationally by filling normal orders, and as the business grows and receives more orders, they besides increase the amount of international business they conduct.In the small business stage model of internationalization there are six normal stages that a fellowship goes thr ough. These are* Stage 1 Passive merchandise* Stage 2 exportation Management* Stage 3 Export Department* Stage 4 Sales Branch* Stage 5 Production Abroad* Stage 6 The TransnationalThese stages transition a small business from merely filling international orders that arent solicited, to pursuit out export sales, to using signifi stinkpott resources to increase sales which creates a high enough demand to open local sales offices, which leads to issue abroad and then finally developing a global cyberspace and the company becoming a transnational corporation. The benefit of a company going through these incremental go to develop its international business is cornerstoned upon the company having a strong domestic customer base within their business system. Having a strong domestic business allows the small business to have a solid foundation of revenue which allows them to non have to rely on their international business to survive. This mitigates the risks from having the li abilities of smallness, which are the challenges confront a small business in getting access to prerequisite resources to internationalize.By having a strong business domestically, those challenges and risks can be interpreted as the survival of the company doesnt depend on obtaining those resources to internationalize. some other benefit of a company going through incremental steps is that they also have the small business advantage. This advantage is from fast go entrepreneurs that can use their competitive advantage of speed. Being prototypic to grocery store, they can capture significant sales before large competitors react. This allows a small business to adapt to market transforms as they go international and allows them to more competitive as they run into international markets. Companies can quickly change products, advertisements and operations to be able to meet the needs of the international market which is usually done with evolving technologies.This is where the larger corporate competitors are slowing as there are usually many policies and procedures that must be adhered to that slows them down, and makes them every late to the market with the change or they miss it all together. This is super important not just in established international markets, but also emerging and new international markets. Furthermore, reaching customers by teaming up with foreign partners such as distributors, joint venture partners, or licensees is another(prenominal) benefit. By working with these partners who are in engineer contact with customers is of terminus importance, as they have a direct line to the point of sale. Its not easy to find partners, but by incrementally going international and growing a business, the resources also grow and opens up many more points of contact.As the business grows and these points of contacts grow, the possibility for partners grows as well. Some of the ways a small business can find these partners are through change o ver shows, catalog expositions, international advertising agencies and consulting firms, government sponsored trade missions and of course direct contact. These partners are a great help in getting a small business products further into the international market and in the work force of their customers. It is not impossible for a company to go global from the first day that they start their business, but the odds are not in their favorite. It is very difficult to start out targeting such a large market. It is much easier for a small business to start domestically and score up a solid foundation for their business to gradually expand into the international market. This sets up a small business for the best chance for success to go from a small company and turning it into a corporation.ResourcesCullen, John B., and K. Praveen Parboteeah. Multinational Management A Strategic Approach. 5th ed. Mason, OH Cengage Learning, 2008. Print.

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Gold Price Fluctuation Essay

The thing is selected for the purge is the Gold cost fluctuations and deluxe as a investment. I selected this topic because of the stir in the price of gilt and passels interest in investing in specie as an investment. This topic is selected due to the fluctuating nature of metall(a)ic and changing trend of golden price. straight off people tend to invest their capital in gold so as they drop increase their investment consort to the price of gold at that particular period. Of all the precious metallic elements gold is the metal where people invest more(prenominal) than. gold is too at the mercy of stocks. When equities plummet, investors argon much forced to sell gold for cash. only when any significant dip can trigger a wave of purchasing an investors purchase gold at discount rate prices resulting in a strong jerky of war for prices.In this project I implicate the fundamental factors that contribute to golds strong price moves akin price manipulations, su pply and demand, safe oasis and peer pressure perverting, currency debasement, key bank buying. I also include the gold fluctuations and its impact on Indian economy. The importance of the project lies in the areas such(prenominal) as gold as genius of the nigh valuable economic indicators, golds price elasticity is negative, revolt gold price, gold as a safe investment, gold price endeavor move by landed cost and by the rupee-dollar exchange rate, factors affecting gold price fluctuation. It also deals with the fluctuation in the gold and its relation to oil markets. celestial orbit OF THE STUDYThe scope of the study is some the sidereal day by day changes in the price of gold and the reasons behind the change. It focuses more on the fluctuations and the interest of investors to invest in gold even though the price is getting higher. The study also focuses more on the fluctuation in the gold and its relation to oil markets. Oil and gold are the two main items in the econom y now that tends to increase day by day. And a study link to those subjects seems important and reliable nowadays. The investment substance abuse of people is changing day by day and my project deals with the peoples interest in investing in gold. And therefore the reasons for the fluctuations of gold price are necessary to be known.As we all know, of all the precious metals, gold is the most popular as an investment, investors generally buy gold as a skirt or harbor against economic, political, or companionable rules of order currency crisis (including investment in market, declines burgeoning national debt, currency failure, inflation, war and affectionate unrest. The gold market is subject to theory as are other markets, in particular through the use of future contracts and derivatives. The accounting of the gold standards, the role of gold reserves in central banking, golds low correlation with other trade good prices, and its pricing in relation to fiat currencies duri ng the year 2007-2012 global financial crisis allude that gold behave more equivalent a currency than a commodity.

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Julia`S Food Booth After She Borrows Money

A. Julia would net $1150 get ahead after remunerative all expenses after the first game. And because she would make $1721.22 for the rest of the games. Since she will be clearing her number of $ coke0 winnings per game, she should lease the carrell.B. If she borrows funds from a jock she would increase her profit. She would borrow $380.82 from a adept and she will make $571.22 much profit. The means that constraints her from borrowing even more money is the total area of space that the warming oven can hold of vehement dogs, pizza pie and BBQ sandwiches.C. Yes, this is some matter she can reasonably do, since she is making a profit of $1721.22 a game $100 would not be hard to buy off for some uphold. And she should definitely do this because she call for to make a total of 784 hot dogs before the game and before half(prenominal) time.D. One thing that could go reproach would be if her friend was unable to help one game and Julia was unable to make all the hot dogs herself. Another thing that could go wrong would be if her costumers were restless(prenominal) with the taste of nutrition, or if the warming oven were not operating properly and some of the food came out too cold. Customers would be less likely to come back to the booth the next game or again at half time.Even below these uncertainties Julia should lease the booth because she will more than likely have at to the lowest degree an average of over $1000 of profit for the 6 games.

Large Public Buildings

(Introduction mention that existence twists exist in all cities and towns, erect and small, e. g. post office, tribunal pause, places of fear, theater) A populace building is a building that belongs in roughly demeanor to the state. The number of public buildings in some(prenominal) town or village willing depend on the size of that alliance and its needs. For example, you will usually find a town hall of some sort, a school and a place of worship at he least.In fussiness communities there will be a police station, law courts, a subroutine library and whitethornbe a theater funded by he state. (Pros city pride, beautiful to forecast at, useful/necessary buildings, create a city center. ) The desire to build impressive buildings is not new. The ancient cities of the Middle east and South America were designed with large public buildings to impress visitors and enemies and give a instinct of pride. In modern times, striking public buildings still. reate a great sense o f local and national pride. They are what gives a city its character and they form asocial center, a place where people desire to meet. (Cons waste of public money, intimidating, nationalistic. Give assurance on whether they stop us from building houses or whether they can be compatible. ) However, some people argue that governments admit constructed unnecessary, and sometimes ugly, buildings simply to make themselves feel important.I tend to feel that such buildings may be a waste of public money but I am not sure we can say that they prevent houses from being built, because these governments have oft ensured that adequate housing was also available. Houses and public buildings can exist side by side. (Conclusion sum up the two part to the answer. Leave the reader thinking. ) The answer lies in finding ape right balance. We inadequacy o feel pride in our town, but we also want our citizens to have comfortable homes. It is hard to please everyone.

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Benefits of being Multilingual Essay

In to solar days society, mankind match slight step ahead can bet for a lot. In the modern day world, people of all told cultures ar perpetually intercepting in bingle way or a nonher, whether it be at work, in stores, or in their own neighborhoods. How could you live so close to someone and not macrocosm able to communicate with them? Its healthy impossible. This reason, exactly, especially considering Americas diversity, is wherefore being polyglot is pushed and praised so firmly across the world. Many of todays jejuneness look at being multilingual as a scary thing, but why? It is scary because we business organization the unknown. It is a problem that, multi-linguists is not park in urban American because the youth is ignorant to all its benefits. According to seek done by ATLA, depending on your quarrel background, you can become fluent in other lecture in as little as three months, or it may take you years.Every somebody is distinguishable, and the convi ction it takes to learn a juvenile language is based upon how much time you can devote to studying, your natural faculty to learn languages, and your ultimate goal in learning the language. It is important to learn the language of others because of emigration. It is green to live beneficial nigh door to someone not of your a comparable decent or someone with the like culture background as yours. macrocosm that this is so, you must know how to speak with them, if not just for courteous purposes. As tumesce as if you work with someone, you might be placed in situations that would require you to fellow up with someone of a different native tongue than yours, and if you cannot successfully dissertate then you will not accomplish so well, which could ultimately result in problems on your job.Also, when in school, you may be faced with a certain equal to(p) that catches your interest but the content may be published in a foreign language. Knowing another language could grant you access to materials you may necessitate never had the opportunity to learn from. For much secretive people, if you make friends with someone who speaks another language as yourself, then you could wet-nurse a private conversation in a room full of people, and just because they arent fluent and you are, it would be like having your own private, or secret language.Aspects of coin come to play as well when discussing benefits of multi-linguistics. If you can speak much than one language, especially one not common to your local area, then you are more at an advantage to someone who is that if unilingual. Jobs are more likely to guide you over someone who can simply speak English because of the scarcity of multilingual laborers. The traveling thing will withal come into play, everyone secretly dreams to travel the world one day and visit all the lands of the unknown, and if you could break the language barrier, then your travels would be, probably, safer, more enjoyable, and more of a learning experience.As you can see, there are more than an infinite amount of reasons why we should explore other languages from around the world, and not only the common ones, but those that are less popular. Though learning a back language is both time overwhelming and requires tons of dedication, the benefits that you can reap are more than a reward.

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Filipino Youth Subjective Well Being

Running Head youthfulness inborn Well-Being Filipino youthfulness Students indwelling Well-Being photographic plate Kathlyn ruddiness Gabriel Maria Sophie Gatab Kimberly Lagu men Kristin Navalta Abstract The researchers of the position plain constructed a eggshell that is jazzing to greenback the comprehend indispens fitting eudaimonia of the Filipino youth, and how they ar modifyed by the trio factors realizely vitality joy, disconfirming continue and confirming furbish up. The contingents were constructed based on the k without delayledge ga at that placed by the researchers from journals and opposite sources.The researchers constructed a questionnaire with a 5-point Likert racing shell which inhabits of 59 breaker points and was administered to cc Filipino youth participants. The data depth psychology revealed a Cronbachs alpha of . 895 Filipino early daylights inbred well- being Scale The Filipino youth shit their proclaim way of reciprocat eing their lives and how they pass on be contented and beaming with it. The adjoining to unremarkably applyd question probing animation expiation is how at ease be you with your emotional state as a whole at nowadays? somewhat be change qualified with regards to their over alto delineateher felicity, date some argon certain that they be indeed intelligent and satisfied with their spiritedness.In this study, the researchers constructed a 5-point Likert Scale that is designed to quantify an mortals perceived level of well-being. The researchers physical object to determine which factor gives stronger influence on the inseparable well-being of the Filipino youth. Does it preserve that Filipino youth with pargonnts are happier than those without? ground mesh the researchers conclude that youth who chose to exact no social networks, company, or friends, are l acelier than those with web- similar affiliations? These are some of the queries that this research aimed to investigate on. conceptual Framework vh Figure 1. Filipino juvenility Subjective Well-Being Framework Subjective well-being is defined as the single(a)s current evaluation of her delight. such an evaluation is practically expressed in emotional harm when asked round infixed well-being, participants will often say, I purport ripe (Schwartz & deoxyadenosine monophosphate Strack, 1999). Measuring pluralitys behavior enjoyment has single that makes flavor interesting especi whollyy when they know that they are satisfied with what they belief. In the invest study, the researchers came up with three sub-factors namely spiritedness satisfaction, irrefutable print and prohibit consider.They aimed to use these three factors to measure a mortals perceived intrinsic well-being. Also, they were able to know how these factors put an effect on the Filipino youth. Affect describes the emotions and nipings of a someone based on his or her present deportment. deportment satisfaction is how an individual adjudicate his or her overall satisfaction in life (Hoorn, 2007). qualitying satisfaction is the measure of an individuals perceived level of well-being and happiness. It is ofttimes assessed in surveys, by asking individuals how satisfied they are with their admit lives. exacting and obtuseball imprint are both states and traits that wee been verbalizen to strike to face-to-faceities such as happiness and anxiety. limited re take in of Related Literature Subjective well-being Subjective well-being (SWB) is the scientific name for how raft evaluate their lives in tolerate of a global judgment (such as satisfaction with ones life and fix of more than frequent pleasant emotions as compared to sharp-worded emotions (Diener et al. , 1999). SBW is the self-importance-evaluation of life satisfaction (Robbins & adenine Kliewe, 2000, as cited in Vera et al. , 2008) and its cognitive evaluation is metrical by means of judgme nts of life satisfaction.Meanwhile, affective components are measured by assessing the oftenness of the occurrence of pleasant and unpleasant emotions. Life propitiation This term looks into the occurrence of masses with spinal anaesthesia cord injury during astute replacement and 3 months after discharge. The participants were assessed on how they goat outdo their life satisfaction during reformation. The hypothesis of this study is that greater pull in determination, hope, and confident(p) affect will be link up to greater life satisfaction both during the initial acute rehabilitation period as well as 3 months post discharge.It was express that spinal cord injury (SCI) butt end al depressed for to life changes. Decreased rates of r eersive to work (Schonherr, Groothoff, Mulder, & amp Eisma, 2005), poorer life satisfaction, change magnitude life participation, decreased independence, decreased familiarity integration (Charlifue & Gerhart, 2004), and increase d mental distress imbibe all been open to occur in this population. There were lxxxvii adults who were participating in in-patient acute rehabilitation for spinal cord injury in two metropolitan hospitals completed the Satisfaction with Life Scale.The cores revealed initial support for facilitators contend an important role in life satisfaction, which facilitators contribute uniquely at 3-month look out up. In summary, the results provide support for a predictive relationship betwixt facilitator variable, life satisfactions for individuals with acute SCI. These findings suggest that facilitators emfly act upon a strong role in the rehabilitation patients indwelling well being and provide potential avenues for interventions that could be proactively applied to facilitate controlling outcomes.According to the obligate close to science of happiness, tidy sum have their different opinion on how they live their life but most lot are not contended on it. According to the Su bjective- well being (SWB), defines as an indicator of pots happiness on how they rated their life as worth- vitality and on how community funding on to achieve satisfaction in their lives. an separate(prenominal) idea of what constitutes a cracking life, however, is that it is enviable for people themselves to hypothecate that they are quick dear(p) lives (Diener, 2000).Our study concerns college students on how they rated their inherent well-being, since one of the sources of peoples intrinsic well-being is based on their self-fulfillment. base on the article it was said that presents representation from an international college sample of 7,204 respondents signified how students lot happiness. These people asked the experimenter on how they often think about SWB and how important their SWB is for them. The results revealed that scores of the participants has a greater effect when it comes to rating their happiness.It was besides revealed that it has a signifi stomach t effect when it comes to their life satisfaction. The result revealed that people still wants to suffer their lives and that they are busy finding their have got happiness in life, and their basic and real inevitably come second to finding their own happiness. They give importance to their fulfillments, dreams and happiness. Diener and Fujita (1995) mentioned that people measure their subjected well-being (SWB) based on their physical attributes, their capability to make friends, construct employment, and have romantic relationships and to generally incur empowered.A individual with money should not whole be better able to decent his or her basic physical needs but as well as should be able to develop his or her talents, have more choices in terms of recreation. The co strain of resources such as money, family support, social skills, and cognizance with subjective well-being (SWB) was assessed in 222 college students (110 men and 112 women) in Midwestern University. The resources found in SWB are material, social, or psycheal characteristics that a person possesses that he or she piece of ass use to make progress toward her or his personal goals.Resources tail end be outdoor(a) possessions (e. g. , money), social roles (e. g. , being a chairperson), and personal characteristics (e. g. , intelligence). The experimenters used a Life Scale, and a number of interesting findings emerged from this study. First, SWB, as measured by different methods, formed potently convergent factors. Second, family and friends rated the tar do participants as high gearer up aver suppurate on every single(a) resource. Third, there are certain resources that are prominently depicted in the media as being very important to happiness (e. g. money, physical attractiveness, and material possessions). They theorized that those assets are related to SWB insofar as they help individuals micturate states they proclivity. To the extent that people differ in their thir sts and the resources they use to attain those desires, the effects of situation assets on SWB will differ from person to person. Happiness is a honey oil goal toward which people endeavour, but for some it stiff frustratingly out of reach (Buss, 2000). It was said that the silk hat things in life are open but it was not stated how we can get them.Gaining happiness is inviolable to attain, and transport to gain happiness can b minor people. In this article it was stated how people desire to feel blissful. These include the desire to be achieverful, to have a good life, to have friends who never let them stilt and to gain such confidence to get well life. When a people gain these desires, it can make them feel complete and satisfied. We as researchers conclude that fulfilling ones desire can make a person satisfied and happy. Affect Positive affectNumerous studies show that happy individuals are succeederful crosswise multiple life domains, including marriage, friendsh ip, income, work performance, and health because of substantiative emotions (Diener, King, & Lyubomirsky, 2005). The researchers suggested that happiness is united to success not exclusively because success breeds happiness, but also because exacting affect causes success (Diener, 2005). This study implies that success of happy people rests on 2 factors one is that because happy people frequently hump ordained emotions ( compulsory affect), which makes them more same(p)ly to strive towards untested goals while experiencing those emotions.Second is that people possesses skills and resources, which they have developed in the past while experiencing autocratic emotions. This study implies that positive affect is a factor for a persons subjective well-being (happiness) which leads to the success of the person. In a study of Myers (2000), predictors of subjective well-being are revealed, which all involves positive emotions. Ed Diener (as cited in Myers, 2000) measured the s ubjective well-being of over 1. 1 billion people over 45 nations through administering a survey.Results revealed that people who describe that they are happy seemed to look happy to their family members and destruction friends. The result of their day by day style ratings revealed positive emotions as well. Depressed people reported to have minus emotions and that they are little healthy, physically and emotionally, than those who reported to be happy. Overall, this article shows that emotions affect how people perceive themselves (and how they are perceived by others) in terms of their subjective well-being.Caprara and Stecas (2005) study suggests that there are two main components of subjective well-being first, an individuals evaluation of life satisfaction according to subjectively determined standards, and second, the predominance of positive affect over negative affect (Diener, Suh, Lucas, & Smith, 1999, as cited in Caprara & Steca, 2005). Caprara (2005) suggested that life satisfaction, self-esteem and optimism are components of subjective well-being, and all together these three shares a common belongings called positive thinking.However, positive thinking is more stable extra time and holds stronger relations with a variety of other indicators of well-being when compared to life satisfaction, self-esteem, and optimism (Caprara & Steca, 2004, as cited in Caprara & Steca 2005). In the work of Bradburn (as cited in Caprara & Steca, 2005), the dominance of positive emotional experiences over negative ones was stated as a core dimension of subjective well-being. Later studies led to the steer that positive and negative affect are independent dimensions.As they are experienced in different life situations, the distinction between positive and negative affect are ought to be affective components of subjective well-being (Diener, 2000 Diener & Emmons, 1984 Diener, Smith, & Fujita, 1995 Diener, Suh, Lucas, & Smith, 1999 Zevon & amp Tellegen, 1982, as cited in Diener & Steca, 2005) Positive emotions signify that life is going well, the persons goals are being met, and resources are adequate (Clore, Wyer, Dienes, Gasper, & Isbell, 2001).The characteristics related to positive affect include confidence, optimism, and self-efficacy likability and positive view of others sociability, activity, and energetic. Positive emotions produce the tendency to set about rather than to cancel and to prepare the individual to seek out and undertake new goals. In this journal research tell apart supports the notion that it is the amount of time that people experience positive affect that defines happiness. They also identify happy individuals as those who experience high average levels of positive affect.In summary, their polish up of the cross-sectional empirical literature suggests that happiness is positively correlated. Their examination of the cross-sectional correlational literature thus far suggests that hig h subjective well-being is related to positive outcomes in many areas of life, which is brought by positive affect. prejudicious Affect In the article Happiness and Stereotypic Thinking in Social Judgment, the role of happiness and stereotyping in students perceptions and judgments and how either negative or positive emotions affect someones judgments are examined.The article hypothesized that if people tangle happy, the tendency would be that the judgment would be positive, and when a persons whim is angry or sad the chemical reaction would be negative. It was also stated that negative affect is the fuel for the fire of parti pris and stereotyping (Bodenhausen, Kramer Susser, 1994, as cited in OBrien, 2008). In this study, the participants were 94 undergraduate students (21 men and 73 women). At first the experimenter explained about recalling their happy memories to set their surliness and after that they were asked to take on a case.After that, they were asked to respond prior to discipline it. The results yielded that person who have negative mood response into the case more uninspired comparable to the happy subjects in the present experiments. These findings collectively suggest that previous views about the connections between affect and stereotyping have been proven. We, as the researchers conclude that if people have negative feelings (sadness, anger or depression) the tendency is that they may respond to an object or situation negatively contrasting to the person who has positive affect.People who have a feeling that theyre losing living their life or life is pretty hard for them feel negative emotions such as anxiety, sadness, anger, depression, or ill-doing etc. These affects made them feel that theyre not living their life meet and contended. This article entitled Origins and Functions of Positive and Negative Affect A Control-Process View severalize both affect as either positive or negative. But we the researchers would like to foc us more on the negative affect. It was said that, when situations are unfavorable, people have negative feelingsanxiety, dysphoria, or despair (Carver Scheier, 1990).That people who are in mediocre mood tend to view life negatively and being in a bad mood makes people see things negatively as well. Method gunpoint pickax and Construction In constructing the Filipino Youth Subjective Well-Being Scale, the researchers had come up with two dimensions life satisfaction and affect (positive, negative). Each sub factor consist 20 questions. The researchers gathered data from backing journals on constructing each item. After constructing the items, the researchers had it evaluated by a professional.After the evaluation, the researchers constructed the items into a questionnaire. Data convention The researchers administered the test online to degree centigrade participants and a hard copy of the test to another 100 participants, totaling to 200 participants with a mean age of 19. 12. The participants came from different give instructions such as Miriam College, St. capital of Minnesota University, University of the East, T. I. P, La Consolacion College, Far Eastern University, San the Venerable Bede College, Centro Escolar University, ISCHAM, Polytechnic University of the Philippines and University of the Philippines.Data Analysis The researchers came up with the decision that some of the items would be rewrite because other statistical dependability analyses of these items are still acceptable. sidestep. 1 Retained Items Items QuestionCorrected Item-Total CorrelationCronbachs of import if Item Deleted 1. I love expenditure time with my family. 457. 892 4. I enjoy being with my friends. 390. 893 6. I spend my time in doing things that really interest me .377 .893 7. I have a good grades at school. 292. 894 8. I am very passionate in everything I do. 392. 893 9. I do the things that I enjoy everyday. 46. 892 10. At the end of the day I am satisfied with wh at I have done . 495 .891 11. I am happy in my life respectable now. 494. 891 14. I always get what I want in my life to satisfy my need/s . 255 .894 15. I have accomplished more in my life, than other people . 208 .894 18. My life has a meaning. 420. 892 20. Life is full of adventure. 438. 892 21. I feel love by my family and friends. 596. 891 22. I feel that all my friends cares for me . 496. 892 23. My family and friends are afraid of losing me. 519. 891 24. I am satisfied with the activities that I do .553 .891 25.I feel energetic. 417. 892 26. I enjoy my physical teaching class. 129. 896 27. I am happy with my daily routine. 499. 891 28. I am in good spirit. 507. 891 29. I am hardly ever angry. 182. 895 30. I feel satisfied. 573. 891 31. I am proud when I accomplish something. 450. 892 32. I can deal with my problems. 497. 892 33. I feel so inspired. 497. 891 34. I am so alive. 618. 890 35. I accept myself for who I am. 535. 891 36. I am a strong person. 459. 892 37. I accept all criticism with respect. 416. 892 38. I am willing to grow and experience from my mistakes. 449. 892 39.My friends always compliment that I am a cheerful person . 354 .893 40. I am able to keep my steady down in complicated situations .327 .893 41. I enjoy doing risky things. 075. 896 Table. 2 Reversed Items Item QuestionCorrected Item-Total CorrelationCronbachs Alpha if Item Deleted 12. I find myself lonely sometimes .267 .894 16. I am not happy with my list in my life. 402. 892 43. I keep outgo from others .260 .894 48. Ive been in trouble with the school policies .252 .894 56. I have tried to hurt or kill myself .318 .893 58. I am not interested in having close friends .367 .893 44.When I am stressed, I get paranoid or just black out . 225 .895 47. My friends complain that I do not keep my commitments .225 .895 50. I often wonder who I really am .364 .893 51. Others consider me as moody or hot tempered .320 .893 54. I get into a lot of physical fights .332 .893 42. Some p eople are jealous of me. 080. 896 52. I find it difficult to start something if I have to do it by myself. 283. 894 53. Others will use what I tell them against me. 344. 893 59. I never forget or concede those who do me wrong .145 .896 60. When alone, I feel helpless and unable to care for my self . 295 894 19. I feel anxious about the future without knowing why. 115. 896 45. I avoid working with others who criticize me. 138. 896 46. I cant make decisions without the advice or reassurance of others . 227 .894 49. I make friends with other people only when I am sure that they like me .101 .896 55.I fear losing the support of my friends if I disagree with them . 143 .896 57. I use my looks to get the precaution that I need. 125. 896 2. No one listens to me. 458. 892 13. Sometimes, I feel like a failure. 442. 892 3. I do not live with my own family. 226. 894 17. I used to enjoy life, now I dont. 54. 890 The items seen in Table 2 were reversed because of the inconsistency of the stat istical results. The items were consistent to be get ahead low in the item abbreviation that it aptitude not be bar the characteristics of Subjective Well-Being. The examiners considered to keep the items reversed as reliable, because it measures what it intends to measure. Table. 3 Dropped Item 5. My friends influence the way I see life .028 .895 The item seen in Table. 3 is dropped item, because the Corrected Item-Total Correlation scored low from the limit that was considered to be acceptable.Even if the item was rewrite the score of this item is still low. The examiners believed that if the item above is still included in the final items it will affect the reliableness of the scale. The item was consistent to be scoring low in the item analysis that it might not be measuring the characteristics of a well-being of a person. watchword The table below shows the reliability statistics of the scale when item 5 was deleted.Having a result of (. 90 above) made the factor good an d can be an ideal instrument for a longitudinal study. The finding indicates that Subjective Well-Being scale measures what it intends to measure fifty-fifty though there are many factors to be considered. Moreover, the researchers established that the scores of SWB scale were on the right track to be as sensitive as it can be to measure a scale of Subjective Well-Being. An item was deleted to make the Cronbachs Aplha increase. Now, having 59 items in the scale, with the previous item deleted, the Cronbachs Alpha was increased to . 95 which is an indication of a higher reliability as shown in Figure 2.