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Communication discussion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Communication discussion - Assignment ExampleFrom that point you can be able to customize the way you address him/her. With time get the cognition and experience on how diametric state like to be handled so as to create an environment where they feel welcome and so they can be able to open up. According to Hood, (2013), the biggest barrier to communication is lack of humility. While addressing people of different ages, have empathy and show them that you know exactly how it is to be in their position. The people who are go on in age are the most tough to deal with as they require a elevated sense of respect (Sullivan, 2013). Give it to them. Dealing with people of different gender can also be confusing. For instance, a certain patient may not be ready to open up to a nurse of the opposite gender and this may require introducing him/her to another nurse if they are totally uncooperative.Having the knowledge on how to address people is important as seen in the essay. This can dete rmine the difference mingled with a competent nurse and the rest (Bednarz, Stephanie, & Doorenbos, 2010). It is therefore important to observe the points

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Marketing Communication Plan of Ryanair Case Study

Marketing Communication Plan of Ryanair - Case Study Example in that location is no doubt that this unpalatable media propaganda ab step forward the lapses in the operations of Ryanair is threaten to exacerbate the dwindling fortunes of a potentially successful social club in the wake of stifling competition in the low court industry. It is against this background that management have committed themselves to the goal of reversing the tide of negative publication against Ryanair through a comprehensive media communication plan to be implemented in the 2009 business year.Ryanair understands that the process of realizing the comprehensive goals enshrined in the communication plan must of necessity reverberate amongst our global clientele base. We risk being pushed bulge of business by the contemporary challenges of the twenty first century. As an outcome of a broad establish consultation exercise, Ryanairs immediate formal marketing quest is to target low and medium income earners, c ivil servants, students and seasonally unemployed people. For good reasons the current recession in the global economy as predicted by the serviceman Bank is anticipate to run into the whole of 2009 into the early parts of 2010 the effects of the economic slowdown is emphatically a fall in income levels which will compel people to opt for low flights to serve their travel needs.The primary mission of the communication plan is to genera... The primary mission of the communication plan is to generate and start out aw beness about the innovative ingredients contained in the customer service package for the medium to long circumstance framework. Aggressive promotional materials that will purposefully address the customers needs as an integral component of the operations of the company. The plan will also allow for the efficient location of relevant customer information.For the 2009 marketing year, in that location will be considerable attention on such vital issues policy decisio ns, facilities, the introduction of youthful services, online platform for the discussion of enhancing marketing programs.Whilst pursuing these provisions, the communication plan will encourage continuity in the current list of workable marketing strategies that have served customers well in the last few years. It is expected that by so doing, the platform will be created to usher in the communication plan utilise a workable coordination of marketing activities.Objectives of the Marketing Communication PlanThe strength of the communication plan lies in its ability to explicitly identify and recognize the following foundational objectives as the key to the success of the marketing policies of Ryanair.To positively impact on the attitude of our discontented customers with the view of attracting new customersTo be able to reach out to approximately 80% of air travelers within and outside Europe with the message of innovation in our transforming companyTo create the enabling environme nt through incentives in the marketing strategy to boost the attractiveness of Ryanair to customers crossways the world. Message StrategyThe increasing demands of the business climate in the twenty first century are characterized by tough competition

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Japan Foreign Direct Investment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Japan Foreign Direct investment - Research Paper ExampleThe behavior of exchange rates on the international capital securities industry has a significant bearing on the quantity of capital resources that can be marshaled by transnational corporations to enable them carry out investments in the host countries.A countrys currency is said to have underg one derogation if there is a general fall in the treasure of the countrys currency congeneric to the main value of another countrys currency. Within the context of this essay, the Nipponese Yen can undergo a depreciation against one of the leading currencies such as the US Dollar or the Euro if its value falls in relative terms to any of them. Suffice to cite a hypothetical illustration to buttress the foregoing point. Should the Japanese Yen fall against the United States Dollar by say 25 percentage points then the near likely impact is that terms of mathematical product by another hypothetical corporation will be significantl y lower by 25%. The resulting low cost of the Yen can serve as an incentive for investment because a would be corporation will have to pay low cost for leases in addition to the prevailing low cost of outturn relative to what it will be in the United States. This phenomenon of attractiveness due to exchange rate differences among countries is known as the relative wage concept (Froot & Stein, 1991).However, this latter assertion ought... llel between the significant changes in the relative costs of production across both the United States and Japan and above all this should not in any way be altered by any overt or covert changes in either the cost of production or the wages in Japan where this investment will be taken place.In addition, the boilersuit relevance of the relative wage factor will become negligible in the event of an climax of an anticipated movement in exchange rate. This has to do with either a direct or mediate rise in the cost of carrying out an investment in the host nation in this gaffe which is Japan. The point that should be noted here is that in the most conventional form the factors that fulfill the fill rate parity are consistent with risk-adjusted rates of return in both the United States and Japan. either shift in any of the above mentioned factors can change the entire course of a unconnected direct investment stream. In a deeper sense the effects of changes on the foreign exchange grocery on investments are more profound on multinational corporations. Citing again the instance of a rule out in the value of the currency of the host country relative to the investing source country, it is worth stating that should this event of depreciation in the value of the host countrys currency then the potential impact can be a significant rise in the wealth of the multinational corporation in relation to the host country. By this leverage the investing multinational corporation is better placed to engage in broad-shouldered bidding for assets in the home country in view of the fact that it has relatively stronger capital free-base to engage in these activities. Of course saying this is an extension of illustrations presented in the preceding chapter with regards to wages and cost of production and how

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Care analysis Acute Appendicitis of a 77 year old woman Research Paper

C atomic number 18 analytic thinking Acute Appendicitis of a 77 year old woman - Research Paper ExampleThis last leads to accumulation of pus and necrotic tissue. In advanced cases, attachment sack perforate and the pus can ooze into the peritoneal cavity leading to peritonitis, sepsis and other consequences (Craig, 2010). B. At least 4 marks of acute appendicitis. coif the question why does the body develops each symptom? Explain the reason for the development of each symptom? Pain is the most important symptom in appendicitis. The pain typically begins in the navel and hence shifts to right lower quadrant. Pain in umbilicus is related to inflammation of the peritoneum surrounding the appendix. Later, the whole reed organ gets inflammed and hence the pain shifts to the right lower quadrant, at the McBurneys point, the anatomical location of appendix. Nausea and vomiting are other important symptoms and occur due to irritation of the peritoneum covering the appendix. Fever is an indication of infection of the appendix and impending rupture due to accumulation of pus (Craig, 2010). C. The medications provided to the patient were (all intravenous) Protonix, magnesium sulfate, Unasyn, and Azactam, Lasix. Based on the symptoms write above why do you think the Dr. ordered these meds? Compared the treatment provided above with what the Medical-surgical literature of acute appendicitis says about managing this condition.

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United parcel service and aviation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

United parcel service and airmanship - Essay ExampleThis paper presents the detailed summary of UPS marketing in aviation orbit and other aspects like what are the serve offered by the United software Service for the customers of UPS. UPS parentage has seen a remarkable growth in the last fifteen to twenty years.The extent of rival between their competitors has overly reached to a point of saturation which is making the UPS aviation sector to entice the customers with lucrative offers. Due to this competition the other parcel service operators are excessively providing out of the air port services to the customers.In the knead to achieve the targets set by the UPS, employees try to provide the customers with the best discounts possible. In addition this paper classifies how many a(prenominal) types of air busses are available with UPS and what are the techniques or services offered by the UPS to target the customers. The name of the competitors mentioned in the work is onl y used for the information purpose and not for circulation within the media.The role of UPS in aviation sector is quit evident because the aviation sector uses some of the best servers and computers related with high shutdown aeronautic equipment used for aviation which should help UPS to grow maximum extent possible and hence UPS hold back and substantiate the uninterrupted break thru in the work culture of the present day barter requirements.United Parcel Service started in 1970 first as a messenger company in the United States. like a shot its stake is approximately $36 billion. It achieved this position by focusing on the goal of enabling art around the globe. Today UPS is the worlds largest package delivery company and also a leading global supplier of specialized transportation and logistics delivery. It operates in 200 countries worldwide.The growth of UPS in terms of economy is surprising, who would have imagined that a teenage boy borrowing one hundred dollars to star t a package delivery business would create a company that is presently worth more than thirty billion dollars. Jim Casey, who was the founder, with the help of his chum and friends started The American Messenger Company in the year 1907. Their main task was to deliver packages, different variety of luggage and messages. At that the main transport for the company was bicycle. Though initially they faced many problems their business was a success.The only marketing techniques UPS uses to target customers to use UPS instead of DHL, FED-EX, USPS etc are the wide variety of services they provide to their customers and global clients. They not only provide wide variety of services but also make trustworthy that the services provided are above the standards set by the company. According to business and art marketing is done for which there is no market. The service that UPS provides has a ready made global market. UPS sure knows how to tap the global market. To tap the global market UPS instead of using marketing techniques it believed in providing high-end customer service round the clock throughout the year The most important and primary services provided by the UPS are.1. Shipping.2. Tracking.3. Support.4. Business Solutions.Shipping A customer can himself create a shipment to what ever the locating he requires across 200 countries worldwide.A customer can calculate time and cost necessary for shipment to a specific location.

International marketing - PowerPoint Presentation

International marketing - - PowerPoint instauration ExampleProduct strategy is an important part of marketing strategy. It discusses the methodology regarding launching and presentation of a crossroad in some special market. It also concentrates which population should be the bell ringer consumers and how these products can be reached to these consumers. Product Strategy is perhaps the most important function of a company. It must take in account the capabilities in terms of engineering, of production, of distribution (sales) existing in the company or of time to hire them (by hiring or by mergers). (Febcm.club) Furthermore, product strategy discusses how the consumers can be motivated for using a specific product dropping the products of competitors and rival companies. Marketing plan for a product based on the characteristics of the target market, market share objectives, desired product positioning within the market, and profit objectives. Strategic plans for a product are b ased on decisions regarding the four ps (product, place, price, and promotion), financial targets and budgets, and tactical plans.(Answer.com). Since the world has turned into a global village, the cracking companies have started launching their products at international markets. The Nike Women is also one among such great brands. The company focuses on the following points while making product strategy regarding overseas marketsThe products are make and launched to fill the gap in the market as well as provide the consumers with the variety of products entirely over the globe. The contemporary global market offers the consumers variety of choice in all products. Being the marketing leader of women attire products, Nike Women presents its products in different varieties and for various age groups. The Company always sticks to high eccentric product while preparing its commodities. It does not make any compromise on high quality, which is the sign of its

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Managing Projects Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Managing Projects - Essay Example electronic cyberspace Diagram (Activity on Node) 1 2. Network Diagram (Activity B is delay by one day) 6 3. Network Diagram (Activity P is delayed by one day) 7 4. Network Diagram (Activity O is delayed trio days) 8 describe OF TABLES Table Title Page 1 Project Completion Date 4 Task 1 1. Network diagram ( utilize military action on node the node) (Gido & Clement 2008) 2. Timings of the Activities and Total Float It was essential to depend the period and sequence of activities before a network diagram could be established to calculate the supply float. For this purpose, information on amount of work and number of wok periods, types and quantities of resources and their availability was important. According to (PMBOK, 2004), a better route of handling this information is by using a project calendar and an alternative resource calendar. To approximate duration of each activity, list of all activities, duration estimating databases and other h istorical reference data which may be commercially available, project calendar from organization process assets, constraints and assumptions from the project scope statement that may impact amount and duration of work, estimates of resource requirements for each activity human resources and material and equipment requirements are unfavourable inputs to the process of estimating activity durations (Lock, 2007). Estimation of follows and identification of risks associated with each activity help is determining the activity durations with more accuracy closer to actual. Then from the information gathered above, techniques like parametric estimation, analogous estimation, three point estimation and reserve analysis could be used to more precisely estimate the duration of activities (Lock, 2007). In parametric estimation, a mathematical model based on historical records using turnaround analysis or learning curve is created when there is no information as to on what pedestal estima tion is to be based. Analogous estimation uses a similar previous activity as foot to estimate the future activity. It is more widely used to estimate project durations rather than duration of a single activity when there is no much information regarding project is available. The probability of completing a project or activity on a single date is too less therefore, in three point estimating, an optimistic, a pessimistic and most likely estimate is made for each activity and then activity duration is calculated either as average of these three or using a formula. When reasonable estimates of the project activities have been made, then reserve analysis is conducted to cater for risks of time and cost by adding contingency reserve and management reserve. The next process is to sequence activities into how the work would be performed considering their interior(a) and external dependencies. The outcome of this process is a network diagram or a project entry network diagram. In this r eport, we have used Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM) or Activity on Node where nodes are used to represent activities and arrows show their dependencies. In our case study, we have used give notice to start relationship while constructing the network diagram to show dependencies between the activities. Now to calculate the bestow float, critical path method was used. Once the duration of activities have been determined, dependencies between activities have been established and network diagram has been created the next step was to calculate the earliest and latest an activity can

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HRM and Culture Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

HRM and Culture - Research Paper ExampleThe issue of sexual urge balance at the unified level is still problematic and one that reflects the social dynamics that surround corporate or mart environment. As one tends towards mature democracies, gains that have been made in this effort become more palpable. The go up is also true with maturing democracies and developing economies such as South Korea. In South Korea, corporate grammatical gender balance has been still hard to come by, with very little progress having been made as new-fashioned as 2005. In South Korea, leading organisations that excel in key sectors such as the telecom industry still have corporate leaders who fallaciously think that extending women employment opportunities can undercut organisational development. eon this untrue standpoint may simply be dismissed as a sexist myth, the sedateness of this standpoint is that it denies the corporate life, collective approach and battalion of views, and thereby subjec ting an economy that physical exercises it to underperformance. This may be seen in South Korea and the life and practices of leading organisations therein, such as SK Holdings. ... It is possible that this bias towards women in the recruitment of personnel office was not so much caused by unequal gender business strategies than the societys gender bias. Because of the societys gender bias towards women, SKs might have imperceptibly maintained the purification of hiring more men than women. Conversely, it is also possible that SKs HRM practice (of not hiring women) may have been confer and can therefore be regarded as part of the companys organisational or business strategy. This may be the case, since in the details preceding the case, one of the senior managers of SK Holdings had confessed of having eschewed employing women simply because he believed that women lacked tenacity. He divulged on his belief to the effect that when deadlines are tight and many people are thus requi red to flex overtime, women may not be as reliable as men. It is therefore plausible that SKs HRM practice of sticking to men may have been a deliberate business strategy, as an artifice to prevail organisational production optimal and to meet strict deadlines. 2. How Hiring More Women and Promoting Them Could Improve the Competitive Advantage of This Company A myriad of competitive advantages characterises the hiring and promotion of women. One of the advantages that come with the recruitment and promotion of women has to do with the entrenchment of plurality of ideas in the companys efforts. It is a fact that women and men think and see things from different perspectives and angles. This inwardness that incorporating women into SKs workforce is bound to help the organisation come up with more efficient and strategic policies and frameworks. This is well seen in the case of

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You Choose Topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

You Choose Topic - Essay Examplepending on the situation of the order, some issues may carry a sense of urgency while others could be put on the back burner scarce it must be kept in mind that all honest issues will need to be tackled sooner or later.An ethical issue which comes up as soon as a company decides to hire or to recruit an individual is the personality of that individual. Since management begins with recruitment and hiring, the two central ethical issues for a company undergoing the recruitment process can be understood as the need to take place anti-discrimination rules and to observe equal opportunity laws (Lockwood, 2005). Simply put, all candidates must be viewed and hired based on their strengths and weaknesses as applicants without any undue weight to their race, age, physical abilities or gender except in situations where such requirements become a part of the job (Alleyne, 2005). As reported by Clarke (2005), even though a lot remains to be through with(p) in this particular field there are laws to value companies as well as individuals from discrimination based on these particular issues.Personality testing on the other hand, is one issue which is not clearly defined by the law and is very lento to circumnavigate during the interview process. In terms of psychology, it is understood that certain personality types are better at certain jobs than others and even though personality itself is complex to define, the generally accepted notion of personality has been the army of behavioral properties as well as the thoughts and ideas of a person. The earlier work in this field was done by Jung which was later expanded by others. While we may say that person X has a cheerful personality, scientists prefer to classify personality in three models including Factorial models, typologies and circumplexes which are connected with how they finish at work (Clarke & Robertson, 2005).This process can be used to profile candidates but modern discus sions of ethics in HR also question if such a

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Prison and National Probation Service cooperation Essay

prison house and National Probation Service cooperation - Essay ExampleWhile some perceived of it as a rehabilitative step toward the reduction of reoffending rates and a positive contribution towards the greater national aim of detestation reduction, others critiqued it as a misinformed strategy which would confuse the boundaries between prison and community. Such confusion, as critics maintain, will have shocking social consequences insofar as it is predicated on the assumption that inmate and out-mate offender management subscribe to the same(p) concern, principles, aims and, thus, paradigms (Valios, 2004 Palmer, 2003 Peters, LeVasseur and Chandler, 2004).Proceeding from the background and controversy outlined in the above, the dissertation shall focus on the aims of the proposed evaluator frame reform, critically analysing Noms from the perspective of best practices managerial theories. The rationale for selection did not simply emanate from the coeval nature of the issue, or solely from its societal value but because the researcher has been professionally involved in both prison and probation services for a number of years and is, consequently, in a position to analyse Noms and argue the exigencies of its implementation on the basis of experiential evidence. Apart from the experiential knowledge and both inseparable and professional interest in the issue, the topic was further selected consequent to the fact that the researchers professional background places him in a position whereby he can collect primary data, conduct the requisite surveys and administer the requisite questionnaires with comparative ease. In other words, the researchers professional background and aw areness of the fact that community safety and societal interests are best served through the articulation and implementation of an effective and...As earlier stated, the primary areas of concern are the National Offender Management Service and organisational and people management theory. As pertains to either of these two issues, the live wealth of academic literature testifies to their respective values and the extent to which the latter may be constructively informed by the former.Over the past two decades, offender management literature has articulated the imperatives of utilising quick people and organisational management tools and strategies in order to attain the managerial efficiency and effectiveness level upon which the goals of the justice system are predicated. The justice system, operating according to the principles of offender exclusion and rehabilitation within a prison system, followed by the release of offenders into society and under the supervisory guidance of the probation service, has been largely incapable of welcome the justice systems expressed goal of reducing overall offence rates and eliminating reoffending. The glum inability to satisfy the articulated goals exposes what some have identified as a fundamentally flaw people and organisational management paradigm. According to the aforementioned perspective, the failure of the justice system to either reduce aversion rates or rehabilitate offenders, thereby offsetting reoffense potentialities, is indicative of the greater failure to embrace effective and expeditious people and organisational management paradigms.

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Overcoming Barriers to Adopting and Implementing Computerized Essay

Overcoming Barriers to Adopting and Implementing Computerized Physician drift founding Systems in U.S. Hospitals - Essay ExampleThe central point of the study Overcoming Barriers to Adopting and Implementing Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems in U.S. Hospitals by Poon et al. (2004) is that apparatusing a Computerized Physician Order Entry system (CPOE) is not easy because the be atomic number 18 high, there is opposition from various quarters of the hospital, and there may be issues with vendors. Also institutions that do not give importance to quality care and patient safety may not blush plan for a CPOE. The main conclusion of this study is that hospitals can over bob up problems during the implementation of the CPOE by having operose leaders who can administer the CPOE, realigning the approach of improving patient safety through technology, and developing inviolate relationships with a vendor committed to meeting the needs of the hospital and providing a customize d CPOE system to the hospital. Besides, hospitals implementing the CPOE without much embody and motivation from the senior management are potential to have various problems during implementation such as physicians reluctance to use the system, lack of training for the users of the CPOE, and poor involvement in development. Currently, divergent CPOE vendors use different data processes for transmitting information, and these processes may have high development cost. Consequently, vendors are likely to pass on the costs to the customers, who in turn make it difficult for the smaller hospitals to afford and implement a CPOE System. Instead, if ideal data protocols such as Health Level 7 (HL7 An interational heatlh informatics standard for interoperability) were utilized in the CPOE, then vendors would not only find it easy to incorporate HL7 or opposite data protocols in their system, but also lower the costs of the CPOE system in 2009 it was found that 30% of the healthcare budge t was spent on redundancies including poor technologies (Doolan, 2009). Prior Research The Poon et al. research study finds terzetto considerations that hospitals should use when planning for implementation of the CPOE system. One consideration is the number of shoemakers lasts from medication error is more or less 98000 per division most of these errors are preventable. Leapfrog Group (a healthcare organization involved with patient safety, healthcare technologies and financing) has considered CPOE as one of the patient goals. The current CPOE adoption rate is about 5 to 10% (Poon et al., 2004). Poon has found that foregoing studies have described some of the challenges that may be applicable during implementation, but have not come up with solutions. This study tries to go further by providing solutions to these challenges. A need for CPOE was strongly felt when the death rate from medical error (in hospitals in New York) was about 98000 per annum a decade back a good portion of these errors were preventable (Kohn, 1999, p. 1). By incorporating CPOE in the healthcare system, the chances of reducing the medical errors are about 55 %.( Doolan et al., 2004). However, as of 2004, it was found that only 10 to 15% of the hospitals in the U.S. actually use CPOE systems, and many another(prenominal) of the hospitals are unaware of the manner of addressing challenges that can arise during the implementation of the CPOE should be addressed (Ash, 2004). To understand in greater detail regarding CPOEs implementation, in-depth interviews were organized with the management of about 26 hospitals in the US that were in various stages of the CPOE implementation. After organizing the interview, three barriers were identified. These included resistance to the CPOE implementation from certain quarters of the hospital, high costs of implementation, and lack of vendor or product maturity. Research Question The research question in Poon et al. (2004) is What are the differen t barriers to the implementation of the CPOE system in the hospital and how can these problems is addressed? The research aimed at finding ways to identify and tackle

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Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and nursing research Paper

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and nursing - Research Paper ExampleThe position of the nurse in evidence-based exercising is to use question findings to conduct decision-making that will usefully guide their actions, practices and interactions with their endurings (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2011). Nurses be required to have specific actions that are not just clinically appropriate but monetary value effective, so that they can be professionally accountable to their patients through quality improvements and positive healthcare transformations. These initiatives encompasses patient-centered practice adoption, model advancement and theory development, education and curricular rearrangement, scientific rendezvous in new research areas, as well as engagement in local and nationwide research network that seeks to conjure nursing practices (Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center, 2014). In order to avoid the mounting cost of healthcare, nurses are today expected to be part of the cost-controlling practices and they are expected to document and apply social pertinent and effective practices (Riba, 2008).Most institutions and health organizations apply a combination of models depending on their clinical setting and type of patient care required. They all observe the patient population, interventions, comparison, and outcome (PICO) format which entails synthesis and evaluation of targeted multiple-interventions (Dontje, 2007). There is the enduring Safety Research Coordinating model, which comprises a combination of concepts acquired from scientific information regarding knowledge transfer, to social market skills, to organizational innovation combined with behavioral and social transformations (Centre for Health Services Research, 2006). There are besides models that focus on execution of nursing research into clinical practices, and they include Stetler model, the Magnet Recognition course of instruction developed by American Nurses Credentialing Cent er, Baby-Friendly Hospital Certification model,

Analysis on state and local taxes on the poor Essay

depth psychology on state and local taxes on the poor - Essay ExampleThis is due to tax assign that reduce their tax liability. Stimulus measures that were enacted to offset effects of the 2998-2009 recession went further to reduce their tax burden. As of 2011, the lowest quintile would pay taxes equal to about 0.8 percent of their income. This is according to Creedy (2011).From the above explanation, the answer to whether the poor ar taxed more than other groups can be draw. Creedy (2011) explains that they are non. This is simply because taxes are levied on a percentage. Low-income households lead be taxed a smaller percentage of their income as compared to middle and high income households.Raising the minimum prosecute will have the effect of reducing poverty only in some geographical areas and not at the national level. This is because increased minimum wage will affect poverty based on the population density of an area. The higher the population density, the more the effect of the higher minimum wage. This is due to the detail that poverty is also a function of population density ad not individual households. This is explained by Cunningham

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Summary of Health Articles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary of Health Articles - Essay ExampleMost of the women, especially those preceding(prenominal) the age of 75 were found to be dependent in more than one way. Singapore has the instantaneous growing elderly population in Asia and it is estimated to triple over the next twenty years. This rapidly ageing region of the world is estimated to spend 11% of its Gross Domestic Product on solely wellness related costs. The major concern that warrants this study is the increasingly high cost of looking after the elderly.In The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging, a study was performed to evaluate the quality of exercise prevalent in base income communities. This was done through having subjects perform 6 minute walk tests, checking their blood pressure, and analyzing the activities in their daily lives (ADL). The upper berth body strength of most individuals, as well as their estimated body fat at the ancestry of the project, was not affected, but their blood pressure did tend to dec rease. There was also a dramatic gain in lower body strength of these individuals. The results can be expected from a younger group of individuals, but part of its sociological value stems from its use on the elderly.

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RESEARCH AND THEORY METHODS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

RESEARCH AND THEORY METHODS - Essay ExampleIn addition, the literature argues that the nature of sexual urge bias changes as wo hands and manpower mature from elementary school children through adolescence, to college undergraduate and graduate students (Kelley & Parsons, 2000) disposed that men and women participate in gender bias behaviours, research provides limited qualitative insight to justify why men and women accept such behaviours in a classroom environment (Fritschner, 2000). This stem comp ares the perceptions of mannish and female graduate students regarding the influence of gender in the classroom. Once gender influences are better understood, women and men may also start out the opportunity to improve their understanding of each other. Literature Review The hinge on Discrimination Act 1975 outlawed discrimination based on several characteristics, including gender. However, longstanding attitudes, traditions, and practices act to subtly subjugate minority groups based on race, gender, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation. As noted by Haslett and Lipman (1997), As overt, visible discrimination was challenged in the 1960s and 1970s, it became replaced by subtle and covert discrimination (p. 36). Beginning in the early 1980s, popular research by Sadker and Sadker (1985), Hall and Sandler (1982), and others explored subtle mechanisms that marginalised women in the classroom. As defined by Mary Rowe (1977), gender bias produces micro inequities reflecting everyday interactions in which individuals are often treated otherwise because of their gender (Sandler, Silverberg, and Hall, 1996, p.1 0). Haslett and Lipman (1997) observed Micro inequities are particularly ubiquitous because in each instance the disablement seems too small to bother with. In the aggregate, however, they constitute a serious barrier to productivity, advancement, and inclusion. Micro inequities are particularly difficult to respond to because of the face issues involved as well as the seeming pettiness of each single instance. (p. 38) As summarised by Fassinger (1995), research efforts produce conflicting opinions. For example, Hall and Sandlers widely indite 1982 report provided anecdotal documentation of gender bias in academia, concluding that gender bias created a chilly climate for women in colleges and universities. However, Howard and Henney (1998) dispute the existence of a chilly climate. While Young (2001) explores biases that have an adverse impact on boys, most gender bias research examines the marginalising behaviours committed by men against women. However, gender bias includes more than than men marginalising womens efforts. Haslett and Lipman (1997) observed that women may discriminate against other women through their waver to support other women. And women may discriminate against themselves through limiting their own aspirations or an unwillingness to guide risks (pp. 35-36). King (1998) found that women unconsciously favor academic papers based on the assumption that the paper was written by a man. Research on gender bias provides a rich change of quantitative and anecdotal investigations into the nature and impact of gender bias in academia. As examples, Karp and Yoels (1976) quantified classroom interlocking among undergraduate and graduate students. Hall and Sandlers chilly classroom reports (Hall & Sandler, 1982) were based primarily on anecdotal research. Jamison (1999) evaluated interviews with more than 340

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Individualism in the extreme Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Individualism in the extremum - Essay Exampledamage, or endanger the life, property, or rights of another person or people in friendship, there is an obligation to restrict individual rights in the interest of the larger population.It is the obligation of society to hold on individuals from victimizing others during the active pursuit of their own interests. Fraudulent seam practices, such as pyramid and Ponzi schemes, are designed to enrich an individual by preying on others and co-opting their property (money) for their own use. As a resoluteness, it is unacceptable to make in such openly predatory behaviors which cause unprovoked harm and hardship and it is societys duty to prevent and redress such practices by individuals through restrictive and punitive methods.Similarly, action or a lack of action by an individual in society which endangers others as a result direct or indirect result of their decisions and desires must also be restricted. Individuals who engage in activi ties which hold still for a danger to society are often legally and socially unallowable. Driving under the limit of drugs or alcohol would fall into this category. Though a person may derive some private enjoyment or entertainment from their behavior, it is detrimental to the individual as well as the population and so activities of this kind must be restricted. While this type of direct action creates a dangerous milieu for the community, a failure to act can produce comparable results. If the owner of a small business or factory acts in his own interests, preferring not to spend money to provide safe conditions and synthetic rubber equipment, they are endangering others. This type of narrow self-interest must also be restricted by society through mandatory protection requirements.Beside these instances in which the expression of individual rights directly affects another person or people, consequences of action which directly affect society as a whole must also be necessaril y restricted. Environmental damage which results from an

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Questions to Ask Before You Believe a Pol Essay Example for Free

Questions to Ask Before You Believe a Pol EssayOpinion polls and different sample surveys can produce ideal and useful information if the pollster uses good statistical techniques and in any case works hard at preparing a consume frame, wording questions, and reducing nonresponse. Many surveys, however, especially those knowing to influence public intuitive feeling rather than just record it, do not produce accurate or useful information. Here ar some questions to ask before you pay much fear to poll results.Who carried out the survey? Even a political party should hire a sea captain sample survey firm whose reputation demands that they follow good survey pr travelices. What was the population? That is, whose opinions were being sought-after(a)? How was the sample selected? Look for mention of random sampling. How large was the sample? Even better, find out twain the sample size and the margin of error within which the results of 95% of all samples drawn as this wiz w as would fall. What was the response rate? That is, what percent of the original subjects actually provided information? How were the subjects contacted? By telephone? Mail? face to face interview? When was the survey conducted? Was it just after some stock-stillt that might have influenced opinion? What were the fill questions asked?Academic survey centers and government statistical offices answer these questions when they announce the results of a sample survey. National opinion polls usually take overt announce their response rate (which is often low) but do birth us the other information. Editors and newscasters have the bad habit of cutting out these dull facts and reportage only the sample results. Many sample surveys by interest groups and local newspapers and TV posts dont answer these questions because their polling methods are in fact unreliable.If a politician, an advertiser, or your local TV station announces the results of a poll without complete information, be sk eptical. Even professional sample surveys dont give exactly correct information about the population. There are many potential sources of error in sampling. The margin of error announced by a sample survey covers only random sampling error, the variation due to chance in choosing a random sample. Other types of error are in addition to the margin of error and cant be directly measured. Sampling errors come from the act of choosing a sample. Random sampling error and undercoverage are common types of sampling error.Undercoverage occurs when some members of the population are left out of the sampling frame, the list from which the sample is actually chosen. The close to serious errors in most careful surveys, however, are non-sampling errors. These have nothing to do with choosing a samplethey are present even in a census. The single biggest problem for sample surveys is nonresponse subjects cant be contacted or dare to answer. Mistakes in handling the data (processing errors) and i ncorrect answers by respondents (response errors) are other examples of non-sampling errors.

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Nevada &import fossil fuels Essay Example for Free

Nevada import fossil give notices EssayI do not think that importation of fossil fuels can sustain the way of life of race Nevada for longer period of time. Firstly, the production of fossil fuels, as well as its use, has environmental disadvantages. As Nevada uses this sorting of energy source, people will suffer from different ailments caused by the carbon dioxide produced while converting fossil fuel into energy. What is the use of energy if people will suffer from unhealthy environment?Secondly, fossil fuels take millions of eld to be produced and it is non-renewable. Sooner or later, the sources will be depleted and the need to look for alternatives is a must. Second, what things do you think the earth government can do to descend dependence on fossil fuels? To reduce dependence on fossil fuels, the state government may try to pass policies that will advance investors to create infrastructures that will be home to plants of renewable sources of energy like wind, so lar, geothermal, nuclear and others.Third, identify 3 conservation techniques that we can do immediately as individuals to help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels? To decrement the amount of energy being used, the following are 3 conservation techniques that may be used 1) Residents of the state should save energy being used at home. Home appliances and equipment should be false off and unplugged when not in use. Also, if the weather is fine, they may not use their air-conditioning units.2) Commercial buildings in the state should be designed to favor good natural ventilation and lighting. 3) Instead of using energy-burning vehicles in outlet to near places, people may try walking or riding bicycles. Finally, admit to whether you actually practice any of these conservation methods The aforementioned conservation methods are very practical. I utilize those methods without such a big effort. In simple ways, we can help the state reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes Essay Example for Free

The Casebook of intelligence agent Holmes EssayThe Casebook of principal investigator Holmes is a collection of twelve perfectly stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and promulgated in 1927, three years before his death. They are the last stories recounting the adventures of the brilliant, enigmatic detective, Sherlock Holmes and his genius Dr, Watson. Extremely popular in prudish and Edwardian England, these crime mysteries pee remained popular throughout back-to-back generations and Sherlock Holmes himself is perhaps the most famous of all told fictional detectives.In total, Conan Doyle wrote four novels and fifty- six short stories featuring Sherlock Holmes, beginning in 1887 with his short story, A Study in Scarlet. He went on to save The Sign of Four, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, The Valley of Fear and His Last Bow. dreadful to concentrate on more serious work, Conan Doyle had attempted to kill off Holmes in The Final Problem, merely had revived him in 1904 with The Return of Sherlock Holmes and again in The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, so broad was the Victorian publics desire to read more stories about Holmes with his cold, scientific approach to crime solving. The setting is Victorian England, primarily Victorian London and Holmess address of 221B Baker Street. The dialogue is formal, as Holmes mixes with the upper strata of society.The descriptions are intense and detailed, often using metaphor or simile A red-veined nose jutted out like a vultures head and two fierce grey eyes glared at me from under tufted brows (The Blanched Soldier) The set-back story is that of The Illustrious Client. Baron Adelbert Gruner was a cunning devil, who was planning to marry Violet De Merville, daughter of prevalent De Merville. The illustrious client asks for Holmes to help prevent the marriage taking place. In his attempt to do so, he suffers a m onstrous attack by Gruner.But, in the end, the handsome Gruner is horrendously disfigured and the truth of his wickedness disclosed. Watsons scotch of the attack is particularly harrowing The vitriol was eating into it everywhere and dripping from the ears and chin The features, which I had prise a few minutes before were now like some beautiful painting all over which the artist had passed a wet foul sponge. The passage vividly and grotesquely describes the transformation from beauty to monster.Gruner becomes physically the monster he is mentally. In The Blanched Soldier, James Dodd employs Holmes to find the whereabouts of his friend and former comrade, Godfrey Emsworth, with whom he had served in the Boer War. It is Holmes, and not Watson who, for once, tells the story of how by analysis and certainty, he locates the soldier That process, said I Holmes starts upon the supposition that when you have eliminated all which is impossible, then what remains, however improbable, mu st be the truthHence, the ghostly face at the windowpane is actually the real Emsworth, protected by his parents, because of his suspected leprosy, which fortunately turns out to be only pseudo-leprosy or ichtbyosis. It is suggested that fear alone may have produced the white blotches his mental state had altered his physical state. It is the to a higher place process that defines Sherlock Holmess method of detection by deduction and is the forerunner of todays forensic science.The method of deduction stems directly from Doyles own experiences as a student under surgeon who employed similar techniques for diagnosis. So, Sherlock Holmes is the main protagonist in this, at times disturbing, selection of stories. He is the clear- headed, analytical detective raise only in the cold facts of the case, however minor they seem. Hence, he wanted to know what newspaper was being read by the little man in the house in the grounds of Tetbury Old Park. He is always remarkably observant and objective. Watson, his friend, is very different and a more sympathetic character.But all the characters are believable, colourful and interesting within the settings of the stories. Unfortunately, the stories were difficult to actually become interested in, due to the slow up start, which did not inspire me to continue reading. Initially I found the formal style of writing and the phrase somewhat difficult. Also, some are rather too grisly, but this obviously appealed to the Victorian mentality willing to be thrilled by the very worst crimes and intrigues. Undoubtedly, they are great crime mysteries and I did enthrall them.

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Professional Regulation and Criminal Liability Paper Essay Example for Free

paid Regulation and nefarious Liability Paper EssayThe principle of the Hippocratic hex is sensation of the oldest binding documents in history. The oath states I leave use those dietary regimens which will value my patients according to my greatest ability and judgment, and I will do no harm or manginess to them. I will not authorize a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan and similarly I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion. In purity and according to divine equity will I carry out my life and my art. I will not use the knife, still upon those suffering from stones, but I will leave this to those who argon trained in this craft. Into whatever homes I go, I will enter them for the benefit of the sick, avoiding any voluntary act of impropriety or corruption, including the subjection of women or men, whether they are free men or slaves.Whatever I see or try in the lives of my patients, whether in connection with my professi onal apply or not, which ought not to be spoken of outside, I will keep secret, as considering all such things to be private. So long as I maintain this Oath faith estimabley and without corruption, may it be granted to me to partake of life fully and the practice of my art, gaining the respect of all men for all time. However, should I transgress this Oath and violate it, may the reverse be my fate. (U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2014) Medical Board of CaliforniaThe Medical Board of California is the mode responsible for regulating doctors, surgeons and other allied health professions. The members of the board are appointed by the regulator of the state and imbibe a four year term legislature. It is the responsibility of the members of the board to meet as one deliberating body. In addition, the board members are requisite to learn about policies and statutes of both licensing and enforcement functions. California Licensure physician StatuteThere is no single physician licensure statute in the state of California. Instead, physician licensure rules have been interspersed within the California code. Physicians wishing to practice medicine in California are required to oblige a full medical license issued by the state. Furthermore, there are no administrative dominions or state statue for granting aspecial or limited license to practice in the state remotely via telemedicine. The California licensure does not allow for license reciprocity between any states but allows physicians for consultative run without having to receive a full medical licensure. More everyplace, licensed physicians in the military in any of the states, either a military physician officer or a complaisantian contract employee, are allowed to distribute for fellow military members without having to receive additional licensure. In the event of an emergency situation, a physician is allowed to cope mete out regardless if the physician is licensed in that particular state. A physical examination is required by the California Medical Board Licensure to allow administration or prescription of medication over the internet. Investigative RoleThe investigative team consists of physicians that are a critical component to the board as they base its disciplinary actions on the opinions of physicians and not board mental faculty. Physicians play a distinct role in the investigations. The board receives and reviews incoming complaints in the Central Complaint Unit (CCU). The physicians determine if there is a ask for formal investigation by board investigative staff or if the complaint is largely terminate by a preliminary review of the medical records and the accompanying physician narrative statement. Medical experts are asked to review case materials and must clearly articulate whether the physicians care under review fell downstairs the standard. They must give their opinion if there is a potential violation of the Medical Practice Act. strain and Pro fessions edict Section 2050-2079According to the Federation of State Medical Boards, the 10th Amendment police power grants states the correctly to regulate the practice of medicine. Section 2052 of the Business and Professions Code states that any person who practices or attempts to practice, or who advertises or holds himself or herself out as practicing, any system or mode of treating the sick or laid low(p) in this state, or who diagnoses, treats, operates for, or prescribes for any ailment, blemish, deformity, disease, disfigurement, disorder, injury, or other physical or mental actor of any person, without having at the time of so doing a valid, unrevoked, or unsuspendedcertificate as provided in this chapter or without being authorized to perform the act pursuant to a certificate obtained in accordance with few other provision of law is guilty of a public offense, punishable by a lovely not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), by imprisonment pursuant to subdivisio n of Section 1170 of the punishable Code, by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year, or by both the fine and either imprisonment (California Business and Professions Code, 2014). Civil Complaint ProcessThe two study categories of incoming complaints to the Medical Care Board of California by the consumers are quality of care and own(prenominal) conduct. All complaints require physician review and all complaints which are not closed by CCU staff are referred to one of the boards district offices for formal investigation. According to the Medical Board, each district office is staffed with a supervising investigator, five investigators, a deputy attorney general, an investigator assistant, clerical support staff and one or more medical consultants (The Medical Board of California, 2014). Risk Management Quality AssuranceIt is grand that physicians are credentialed and are given privileges in any health care organization prior to practicing medicine. Physicians must r eceive training and education in risk management and review of federal and state regulations mandates. A successful risk management strategy is to improve the quality of patient care and reduce the chance of an adverse outcome or a medical malpractice claim. Its objective is to reduce the risk to patients and liability to the physician. Furthermore, the hindquarters for risk management is the standard of care. Tracking the quality of care of physicians must include Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluations (OPPE) and a peer review committee within an organization. Criminal Prosecution for MalpracticePhysicians are in a unique position in regard to the law by the nature of their work. A physician may face a charge of woeful negligence, manslaughter, or second-degree murder if a patient in his care suffers severe or lethal injuries. Negligence law offers plaintiffs the legal framework upon which to build their civil suit. A plaintiff in a medicalmalpractice action must satisfy four elements-duty, breach, agent and damage- in order to prevail. In a negligence case, the wrongdoers actions are compared to what would be expected of a middling and prudent person in the same or similar circumstance (Monico, Kulkarni, Calise, 2013). The practice of medicine is full of uncertainties. In some cases, bad outcome is the result of physician negligence. The patient and/or his family may name a civil suit for malpractice if they believe that the bad outcome was a result of the physicians actions. It is very rare that a prosecutor decides the facts of a case warrant a charge of criminal malpractice. The prosecutors must see a repetitive negligent behavior that constitutes to a pattern that can be documented before criminal charges can be filed. ConclusionThe medical profession has many consecrate people who give themselves and sacrifices for the sake of saving lives. Physicians practice their profession according to the Hippocratic Oath. Furthermore, the have larn the rules and regulations mandated by the Federal and State government in health care delivery. Quality of health care is an important objective of CMS. Physicians are required to adhere to the standards of quality care and the delivery of it.When physicians get in trouble with the law, they have to face various criminal and civil charges based on the severity of their case. In the current trend, doctors commit white-collar crimes when they take kickbacks, order questionable procedures, overbill patients and insurance companies, and bill for services they did not provide.The Medical Board of California ensures safety and protection of health care consumers through proper licensing and regulation of physicians by means of various objective enforcement of the Medical Practice Act.ReferencesCalifornia Business and Professions Code. (2014). Business and Professions Code Section 2050-2079. Retrieved fromhttp//www.liginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/displaycode?section=bpcgroup Medical Board of Californi a. (2013). Guide to the Laws Governing the Practice of Medicine by Physicians and Surgeons. Retrieved from http//www.mbc.ca.gov/about_laws/laws/_guide.pdf Monico, E., Kulkarni, R., Calise, A. (2013). The Criminal Prosecution of Medical Negligence. Retrieved from http//www.ispub.com/IJLHE/5/1/5237 The Medical Board of California. (2014). Laws and Regulations. Retrieved from http//www.mbc.ca.gov/about_us/laws/ U.S. National Library of Medicine. (2014). The Hippocratic Oath. Retrieved from http//www.nlm.nih.gov/hmd/classic/greek_oath.html

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Robert Frost A Road Not Taken Essay Example for Free

Robert Frost A Road not Taken EssayRobert Frost ever quantifyless poetry The Road not Taken has spanned every last(predicate) told time because of its ability to appeal to the basic and inevitable necessities of adulthood making tough purposes and living with the consequences of tell choices in the quest for happiness.Robert Frost used the symbol of 2 bridle- cart tracks to show a new-made mans need to begin a very difficult ending. In breaking the verse form down in terms of reading and re-reading the verse form in its entirety, angiotensin converting enzyme croupet service but be immediately placed in the shoes of the vocalizer in terms of atomic number 53s own life choices. The poem begins with th talker standing in the middle of both roads. The imagery used in the poem diverged in a colour wood (Frost, 1916), leads the reader to reckon the poem takes place in the fall probably when the leaves atomic number 18 turning yellow. He then outlet to say that he wishes that he could travel both roads, but of course that is physically impossible. He stands for a long time trying to decide which road to take. He looks down the runway in movement to slang where it leads. This is so symbolic of 1s own paths. No one of course can see the outcome of the impending choices that we make or are about to make.In the next stanza, he chooses a path that he wishes to take. Then I took the other, as fairish as fair, Because it was grassy and cherished wear, (Frost, 1916). Breaking down the story, both the author and thereby the vocalizer would take in the reader believe that the two roads, in terms of their appearance, are both equally pleasing to the eye. But in the line, as just as fair (Frost, 1916), he wants the reader to believe that the two roads and thereby the two choices are different, but could be equally just as good.The speaker is still unsure as to which path he really wants to take. He describes the path as being perhaps better. N evertheless, it looks as though it hasnt been used as often as the other. Frost used the alliteration, wanted wear. This actually meant that it lacked used.The speaker becomes incredibly indecisive. Just when the reader thinks that the speaker has made a determination, he says again how the roads are almost the same. The phrase the passing there (Frost, 1916) meaning traffic, could mean people who are walking worry him.We then enchant a glimpse into the time of day in which this finding making is taking place in the line And both that morning equally lay, In leaves no step had trodden unappeasable (Frost ,1916), and also that in the area in which he stood, the leaves that have fallen, have not been stepped on and thereby had not changed color on the ground.The speaker seems to poke fun at his need to make this decision with the line Oh I kept the first for another(prenominal) day (Frost ,1916) He says that he will go back to the road that he is seemingly choosing not to take, another day. Here is another example of how this poem has transcended time. One always thinks or hopes that the choices that we make can somehow be undone. The notion that once we get to a certain point, if we for some reason do not like the way that things are going, the road that we are taking if you will, that we can always turn around and go back if our initial decision has failed. Then he seems to say just that in the line Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back(Frost, 1916). He realizes that the idea of coming back to this initial spot, is ridiculous. One never knows how one decision can lead to another and another and thus far another leading us so far away from the first decision, that we would not be able to see from whence we began and essentially not being able to go back.The speaker moves forward in time many years from the primary decision. This allows the reader to infer that the choice that the speaker is making or has already made, is one of great import, one that could possibly bear on him so much that he will be talking about it for years to come. When the speaker says I shall be telling this with a sigh, Eleanor Sickels is quoted to say that the poem is about the human tendency to wobble illogically in decision and later to assume that the decision was, after all, logical and enormously important, but forever to tell of it with a sigh as depriving the speaker of who-knows-what interesting experience. (www.wikipedia.org. October 2011)As we reach the conclusion of the poem, the speaker repeats the first line of the poem, and now we know which path he chose and ITook the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. (Frost, 1916). The speaker has made the decision to take the road that few others have taken, one that could either positively or negatively impact his life forever. The conclusion of the poem does not however tell us whether or not the speaker was a failure or a success. It could p ossibly depend on whether the reader is a pessimist or an optimist.The theme of this story is choices. Frost uses symbolism and imagery to paint a perfect picture of how one generally makes decisions. In the beginning of the poem we are placed in a glowing yellow wooded area in the early morning along with a young man, forced to make a decision that will change him forever. Wow The power of the pen The power to automatically be beamed into a situation that is so reminiscent of our own struggle, is one that has been mastered time and time again, yet this poem probably has more meaning today than it did in 1916 when it was compose. So many in the U.S., repayable to lack of money, experience, or drive, have been forced to make decisions that have left many only one paycheck away from homelessness.Did Mr Frost know at the time how much of an impact this poem would have on the world? Did he know that after almost one-hundred (100) years that he would be written about in terms of great literature? One can only hope that, with all of his many works, Mr. Frost knew that his poems and short stories would solidify his place in English literature forever.ReferencesThe Road Not Taken Robert Frost 1916 Bridgepoint Education 2010Journey Into Literature R. Wayne Clugstonwww.wikipedia.org

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Origins of World War I Essay Example for Free

Origins of humankind War I EssayThe World War I fought between 1914 and 1918, is considered the largest of any struggle in human history and ever since, many refer it as the Great War. It was a culmination of activities and competition across European nations. Its estimated that 14 million slew lost their lives on the First World War. The causes of the World War I were complicated which includes 1.Imperialism- The scramble for Africa and about otherwise parts of Asia for raw materials by European countries led to a competition and this pushed the world into the World War I. 2. Defense alliances-most countries all over Europe had formed defense agreements that if one country was flaminged, allied countries would join and fight back. For example when Hungary declared war on Serbia, Russia joined to defend Serbia and German started to attack Russia.3. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand from Hungary and his wife in June 1914 by a Serbian national is considered to b e an immediate cause. It took stick in Sarajevo, Bosnia and which was part of Hungary. This was followed by protests as Serbia wanted to take control of Bosnia then Hungary declared war on Serbia leading to an expansion of the war trough the mutual defense alliances.Its not but known which country was responsible for the war though Germany is strongly believed to be responsible for the out work shift of the war. Through the Schlieffen plan German was supposed first to invade France through Belgium then Russia before it had mobilized. Germany was similarly a major partner in the triple alliance and its perceived that Hungary would not micturate risked war with Serbia without full backing of Germany through the blank check given on 6th, june1914.However, on the other hand the war started first as conflict between Hungary and Serbia after the assassin of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Hungary. In all fairness historians argue that all senior powers were responsible for w ar. In conclusion, other than trade, intermission alliances and coalitions between nations should be formed and promoted to foster peace and understanding. This will prevent t an out pick of another war. References Henig Ruth, 2002, The Origins of the First World War, Routledge.

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Embracing the World through Hospitality Course Essay Example for Free

Embracing the World with Hospitality Course EssayTraveling is one of the most exciting and adventurous run intos that an individual could incessantly have in his or her keep. Almost everyone has a dream of expireing the adult male to see the things beyond their horizon. It has been said that an individual who travels a lot, learns and experiences a lot. This is one of the reasons why I chose to take a cordial reception course. Aside from the fact that I do love traveling, I too involveed to learn and experience more. I want to discover all the wonders of the world and be able to share it with other people.Among the great experiences that contribute to my desire to be involved in cordial reception service are my travel experiences in various countries like South Africa, Senegal, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica. Through these experiences, I came to realize how wonderful our civilization is. I also came to discover that there are other rich socializations outs ide my territory and knowing other culture has made me aware how important the concepts of understanding is. I grew up in a commonwealth where racial discrimination is prevalent.The differences among cultures are the reasons why some people tend to harm people who behave several(predicate)ly from them. My travel experiences taught me the value of going beyond our horizon and getting to know other people as well. Their experience and experiences might be helpful and significant in one route or another as we traverse the roads of our life. I want to discover the world. This is also one of the reasons why I want to take a hospitality course. The importance of discovering the world would make us more academically, emotionally, mentally and physically involved in promoting the good of what we have.Indeed, like plants and animals, we are inhabiting a place that is more mystical and compound in many sense. But unlike these creatures, we have the power to think and act according to wh at would be good for this earth. I may sound like a Miss Universe candidate state a question that is likely to influence my audience, yet my claim that we could do more things to make this world more comprehensible, best managed, and taken cared of is indeed possible. Through hospitality course, I know in my self-importance that I could be one of those individuals working to promote the best of this world.Moreover, studying the diametric aspects of our society, specifically of the different countries, would make me aware of how these countries, despite their differences, were able to build and employ an international relationship that has unity and coherence. acquaintance in history, economy, politics and other important aspects or systems of different countries would enable me to devise an activity or program that would promote understanding and encourage unity from different people. Through this, people with racist berth might be reduced, particularly in many racist countries. Indeed, my love of traveling in different places made me a more open person, with lots of dreams for my country and for the whole world as well. My travels and baring of other cultures such as what people in South Africa, Senegal, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica also made me a more knowledgeable and improved individual such that embracing other peoples culture and studying the different systems of their country have enlightened me that it is not enough that I am living within my horizon because life and discovery beyond this is significant in many ways as we are living in a diverse world.I do hope to become a part of the hospitality intentness for me to be able to share to other people how wonderful our complex world is, how important hospitality industry in supporting the countrys economy, and how understanding differences in culture and other systems make us a better person. In addition, I hope to become a part of the hospitality industry for me to be able to serve the diverse people of this world in the most applicable and appropriate way that would satisfy them and make them realize how wonderful it is to travel and discover the world.

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Health Care Museum Essay Example for Free

wellness Care Museum establishDevelopmentDescriptionAnalysis (How does the development affect the current U.S. health dish out system?)1. operating theaterA surgical role is medical treatment that involves a physician cutting into a perseverings remains to repair or remove something. Surgery procedures reach existed since prehistoric man. In 1540 C.E. barbers and surgeons united to form The United Barber-Surgeons Company. These barber-surgeons performed tooth extractions and bloodletting procedures. As our knowledge grows, so do our abilities. Some procedures such(prenominal) as tracheostomy, described in detail by Paul of Aegina (625-690 AD), remain pertinent at present while early(a)s which contributed to the expiry of many patients (e. g. bloodletting) were surprisingly slow to disappear (Hindle, K. S., Hindle, S. J., 2001). Surgeries save many lives. Today surgeries are used for replacements and transplants. electoral non-life threatening surgeries are performed quite commonly now. Microsurgery uses small incisions to minimize exposure and reduce the impact of the procedure all together. There is also cosmetic surgery which is usually elective and not medically necessary. With todays surgical practices the body stooge be manipulated in many ways with minimal effect.2. engineering engineering science is the creation and usage of tools for achieving goals. In health care, technology is used for information purposes, to teach, and heal. We have computers that conceal track of medical records. We have machines that stick out percolate through the human body. There are sensors that can collect data from a patient and transmit it wirelessly to a physician. There are even machines that help physicians during surgery. Technology completely affects health care. It has allowed patients and doctors to stay connected better than ever. Telecommunications provide health care workers with the susceptibility tocommunicate with each other all round the world. Technology has allowed for easier storage and access to medical information. Health care workers can locate a patients information with the click of a button. Patients can go online and access a plethora of health information. Technology also en adequates us to view the body in new ways (CAT scan, x-rays). Robotics allow physicians to perform surgeries in places where they cannot be via remote link.3. claw pedigreeBeginning back in the Renaissance era barber-surgeons provide child birth services. Much afterward in 1716 midwives were given the ability to obtain licenses and help women through labor. Shortly after the war of 1812 medical schools began teaching birthing techniques to physicians. By the 1900s physicians attended approximately half of the nations births. Child birthing at hospitals performed by physicians are much expertr than the home births of yester years. With hospitals the patients area is ever so clean and sterile. This reduces risk for the mother and child. With physicians as the primary deliverer, complications can be handled sooner and adequately. These techniques have allowed the safe birthing of millions. This entertains are future generations by keeping them safe.4. VaccinesAs the United States grew toward independence in the 1700s, general health efforts also grew. In 1796 Dr. Edward Jenner created and tested the first-year vaccine (Henderson, D. A., 1997). After word of the discovery devil London doctors confirmed Jenners findings and began wide distribution. Within 3 years the information was translated into 4 divergent languages and spread across 4 continents. The success of vaccines has led to a situation where many health care providers and parents have not witnessed the morbidity and mortality of the diseases for which these agents are indicated (Ruddock, B., Malak, K., 2005). Vaccines offer vindication from numerous disease. Without vaccines illness would be far more rampant.5. MedicareIn 1965 President J ohnson signed into law the Medicare program. Medicare provides medical access for citizens 65 and old who cannot afford care themselves. Over time the coverage has expanded to include disabled citizensand those with end decimal point renal disease. Medicare gives medical access to many people who would not have it otherwise. Medicare is the administrations first program associated with public health insurance. Since then the U.S. has seen Medicaid and now recently the Affordable Care Act. Essentially, these are government programs designed to ensure care for citizens. These programs expand health care. As more people are able to have health coverage, more health care services become require. While these programs provide protection they also stimulate growth within the medical field.Part 2How does everything connect? Write up a comprehensive overview of how these events evolved into each other.First on my list is surgery. While child birth has been around since the dawn of man, m odern birthing practices did not come into effect until the 1800s. Surgical procedures on the other hand, have been dated back to 6500 hundred years before common era (BCE). Skulls found in France project signs of a rudimentary surgery called trepanation, which involves drilling a hole in the skull. (Heisler. J., 2014). Surgery has been a major health tool for a very long time and we are still improving upon it today. Technology comes second on the list because ever since man realized he could manipulate the body, tools have been needed to do so. Even the skulls in France required some sort of tool to drill the hole. Of course technology goes beyond simple tools. Technology encompasses numerous devices each with their own unique quality.Technology expands our capabilities and allows us to do things we simply could not do ourselves. Technology also improves child birthing techniques. Thanks to sonograms physicians can see babies inside of the womb. This gives them great insight int o the condition and development of the child in the womb. Before technology such as this, parents had to wait till the day of birth before they knew anything about the child. Next on the list are vaccines. While child birth did not directly influence the invention of vaccines, technology in fact did. Without the tools to collect and hold specimens, Jenner would never have been able to conduct his research. Additionally, vaccines have improved the health status of everyoneincluding children. Thanks to vaccines, children (and ultimately the population) no longer have to worry about Polio and other various viruses. Most required vaccines are given to children during their developing years.This protect the child through their correct life. Last of the developments is Medicare. Vaccines didnt directly lead to Medicare, however all other developments did. With surgical procedures, technology, vaccines, and better child birthing practices, more people are able to live longer lives. As the populations life expectancy increases, so does the need for care in all facets of life. Programs like Medicare protect the time-honored by providing health care for those who could not afford it on their own. Essentially, social policies eventually become authorized for societies that can provide health care. Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act are necessary social devices that protect U.S. citizens.ReferencesAustin, A., Wetle, V. (2012). The United States health care system Combining business, health, and delivery. (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ Pearson Education.Lemelson-MIT. (2003, April). Louis Pasteur. Retrieved from http//web.mit.edu/invent/iow/pasteur.htmlHenderson, D. A. (1997). Edward Jenners vaccine. Public Health Reports, 112(2), 116-21. Retrieved from http//search.proquest.com/docview/230183418?accountid=458Ruddock, B., Malak, K. (2005). Sorting out risks, benefits of vaccine. Canadian Pharmacists Journal, 138(5), 59-60. Retrieved from http//search.pr oquest.com/docview/221177193?accountid=458Hindle, K. S., Hindle, S. J. (2001). A history of surgery. Royal Society of treat (Great Britain).Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 94(8), 423. Retrieved from http//search.prHeisler. J. (2014). The Evolution of Surgery. Retrieved from http//surgery.about.com/od/surgeryinthemedia/a/HistoryOfSurgeryTimeline.htm

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Racial Profiling Essay Example for Free

racial Profiling EssayIntroductionWhat is racial compose? The Ameri tail assembly Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) defines racial pen as the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individualistics for suspicion of shame based on the individuals race, ethnicity, religion or national origin (2005). Do not conf social function racial write with criminal compose criminal profiling is usually practiced by police in which they use a group of characteristics that ar associated with crime to target individuals (ACLU, 2005). Examples of racial profiling include using ones race to target specific drivers for traffic violations and pedestrians for illegal contraband another prime example is the targeting of Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians since 9/11 in regards to minor immigrant violations without any connection to the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon (ACLU, 2005). Without a doubt, racial profiling occurs on a daily basis all over the world on ly lets focus on racial profiling in the United States and specifically good here in our homeland, kale.Background HistoryWhen did racial profiling first begin? Even though racial profiling still exists instantly, it is not a recently new phenomenon. Racial profiling kitty date back to the 1700s when slavery was a common way of life for many an(prenominal) African Americans. want present-day racial profiling, ones skin color is what has made them subject to discriminatory treatment from law enforcement (Rushing, K., 2013). In South Carolina, snow- unobjectionable men policed the black slaves on plantations and hunted for escaped slaves this was referred to as slave patrol. Most slaves were not free, and if they were they had to carry freedom papers or a carry out to prove that they had permission to be off of the plantation (Rushing, K., 2013). If a black person was found to keep up run away they were beaten, whipped or even killed as the consequence. Even into the 20th c entury, after slavery, blacks were again compel into another form of involuntary servitude called convict leasing this is where they were leased to work for private companies, whether it be on plantations or railroads and coal mines (Rushing, K., 2013). Regardless of what the 14th amendment states in the Constitution, laws were still broken and applied differently to blacks and whites. This became a study issue when the War on Drugs began in 1982. Reagan wanted to stop drug use and sales with ruthless sentencinglaws they focused on urban black neighborhoods to promote anti-drug efforts. Although the prison population tripled there were substantial racial disparities in 2010 the US Bureau of Justice Statistics indicated that black males had an imprisonment rate that was nearly seven measure higher than white men (Rushing, K., 2013). And the rate of incarceration among black women was almost three times that of white women a Human Rights Watch study in 2009 showed that blacks are arrested at much higher rank than whites even though they commit drug offense at comparable rates (Rushing, K., 2013). Racial profiling isnt specifically focused on drug offenses but focuses on any form of crime being committed by any person who isnt of white decent.There are many notorious instances where racial profiling has occurred including bicycling objet dart black and brown in Eastpointe, dough, walking while black and brown in New York City, and gang database racial profiling in Orange County, California. In Eastpointe, 21 young black youths were halt by police because they were riding their bicycles through a white suburb. The ACLU joined the suite against Eastpointe, Michigan, to represent the youths. They argued that the bicyclists were stopped in this predominantly white suburb of Detroit because of their race and not because they were doing anything wrong (ACLU, 2005). In 1996 a memo sent to the Eastpointe City Manager had a statement from the spring police chief that he instructed his officers to investigate any black youths riding through Eastpointe subdivisions. Through gigantic searching of police logs, it was found that Eastpointe had over 100 incidents between 1995 and 1998 just like this one (ACLU, 2005). In New York Citys police department report in December 1999, the stop and divert practices showed to be greatly based on race. In NYC, blacks make up 25.6% of the citys population, Hispanics 23.7% and whites are 43.4% of NYC population. However, according to the report, 50.6% of all persons stopped were black, 33% were Hispanic, and only 12.9% were white. As you can see, more than half of the individuals who were stopped were black, 62.7% to be exact (ACLU, 2013). In Orange County, California Latinos, Asians and African Americans were more than 90% of the 20,221 men and women in the Gang Reporting Evaluation and Tracking System (ACLU, 2013). Clearly this database record shows racial profiling occurred when the follow population in the database made up less than half of Orange Countys population. This is when the California informatory Committee of theU.S. Commission on Civil Rights and the ACLU stepped in. One other instance of racial profiling Id like to discuss occurred in Maricopa County, Arizona. A court ruled in May 2013 that sheriff Joe Arpaios routine handling of people of Latino descent amounted to racial and ethnic profiling according to CNN, the sheriffs office had a history of targeting vehicles with those having darker skin, examining them more strictly and taking them into custody more often than others (CNN, 2014). sound out Murray Snow ordered a monitor to oversee retraining in this office and to create a community advisory board to prevent further racial profiling retraining and monitoring the sheriffs office will cost the county $21,943,107 over the next year and a half (CNN, 2014). As you can see from the information above, racial profiling is still an issue in present America. In todays policing environment especially, race relations is one of the most important issues and challenges to the point of state legislatures contemplating bans on racial profiling, mandate data collection, require police officer training, make funds available for impression cameras in police cars and other measures to help put a stop to racial profiling (Portis, E., 2001).Issues/Problemsa. why racial profiling is an issueb. What problems have resulted from racial profilingi. Deathc. What problems have occurred because of racial profilingII. Racial Profiling the Lawa. Past/ typify laws on racial profiling in Michigani. House Bill 4927- Racial sensitivity training retrain officers guilty of racial profiling, along with instructing Michigans attorney generals office to investigate stop search patterns (Police Foundation, 2005).b. Past/Present court cases in Michiganc. Public attentioni. Racial profiling costing Arizona $22 million to retrain officers and monitor the retraining (CNN, 2014 ). III. Conclusiona. Solutions to racial profilingi. Retraining police departmentsSourcesAmerican Civil Liberties Union ACLU. (2014). Racial Profiling Definition. Retrieved February 21, 2014 from https//www.aclu.org/racial-justice/racial-profiling-definition CNN US. (2014). Racial profiling costs Arizona county $22 million. Retrieved February 21, 2014 from http//www.cnn.com/2014/01/03/us/racial-profiling-payments/ Portis, Ervin. (2005). Racial Profiling The State of the Law. Retrieved February 20, 2014 from http//www.ethicsinstitute.com/pdf/Racial%20Profiling%20State%20Laws.pdf Rushing, Keith. (2013). Dissecting the Long, Deep, Roots of Racial Profiling in America. Retrieved February 20, 2014 from http//www.huffingtonpost.com/keith- rushing/dissecting-racial-profiling_b_2740246.html

Mans Evil Nature in Lord of the Flies by Golding Essay Example for Free

Mans Evil Nature in manufacturer of the Flies by Golding bear witnessWhen young boys are abandoned on an uninhabited island without adults, even they are capable of murder. This is the scenario depicted in the British author, William Goldings novel, Lord of the Flies, written and published in 1954 during World War 2. Comparing the characters of jackass, Ralph, Piggy and Simon with Freuds possibleness of id, egotism and superego, one can prove that man has an underlying evil nature. The characters are represented with dogshit as id, Ralph as ego, and Piggy and Simon as superego. Freuds theory of id, ego and superego influences the spheres of ones being. The id represents violence, and the drive to kill. The id is the desire to hurt others, and to dominate. In contrast the ego persuades one to make actions that make ones actions acceptable by others around them. It also controls the emergency for toleration and the lease to be in control. Though unalike, the superego lies within ones spirituality and hold for order. It values rules, and commandments. maw as id, represents the carnal drives in man. He illustrates this through painting his face. By painting his face, Jack suppresses his ego and superego, causing Jack to be capable of acts of violence without having any repercussions. Jack portrays this violence in different ways. First, Jack enjoys f pocket-sizeding because he gets to kill pigs. Often, in Lord of the Flies, Jack is consumed by killing pigs, and desires zero point more. The drive to kill rules his thoughts. In Jacks statement Were strong-we hunt If theres a beast well hunt it down. Well close in and beat and beat and beat-(83), he demonstrates his carnal desire to hint and kill. Next, Jack also strove to control others.He would even resort to torture, What d you mean by it, eh? tell the antique (Jack) forcefully What d you mean coming with spears? What d you mean by not joining my ethnic music? The prodding became rhythmic. Sam y elled.(166). The desire to kill is what proves that Jack has an evil nature, and the fact that he came from a civilise society shows that anyone can become like him.Ralph displayed himself as being ego through his need for acceptance and his leadership. Ralphs need for acceptance is so strong that he would even go as far as to insult an other so all the boys would like him, and see him asfitting in. An example of this is when Ralph say Hes not Fatty, cried Ralph his real names Piggy(20) when he had promised Piggy earlier that he would tell no one else his name is Piggy. Ralphs desire to be one among the crowd made him stoop so low as to insult and hurt another, just so he could look better.When Ralph begins to fall away from the group, he begins to lose all his leadership. Often times Ralph would forget all the important things he would need to phone to become chief, and start to digress to savagery, just so he could be with the group. With Ralphs need for acceptance and damage in leadership power, it is apparent that even he was naturally evil.Piggy and Simon were the representations of superego. Piggys need for rules and Simons mysticism twain suggested that superego was the largest influencing force in their lives. Piggy would often try to set up rules, and other tools of civilization to stool order. Without that order, Piggy knew that there would be no hope in there situation. He proved this need for rules with his need to take names, Piggy moved among the crowd, asking names and frowning to remember them.(17). Different from Piggy, Simon had a strange quality of mysticism about him. He had an understanding about the nature of the beast that no one else had.He illustrated this understanding when he had this vision, Fancy thinking the Beast was something that you could hunt and kill said the head. For a moment or two the forest and all the other dimly appreciated places echoed with the antic of laughter. You knew, didnt you? Im part of you? Close, cl ose, close Im the reason why its no go? Why things are what they are?(130). With Piggys need for rules and Simons understanding of the nature of the Beast it is apparent that they both had the capabilities of the same savagery as the other boys. done Freuds theory of id, ego, and superego, it is apparent that man does have an underlying evil nature in the novel Lord of the Flies. Jack, Ralph, Piggy, and Simon each display these aspects of mans evil nature, and also prove that if it can happen tothem that it can happen to anyone. new(a) children are typically thought of as more pure and innocent that those more experienced in the world. If they arecapable of such acts, it is sad to think what the rest of the world is capable of.

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How Gender Inequality Is Explained Sociology Essay

How Gender Inequality Is Explained Sociology EssayHow has depend onual activity discrepancy been explained? (Answer with reference to a range of theories and approaches) critically assess the attempt of adept of the feminist group to overcome sexuality inequality. Social kind stratification A system by which a fellowship ranks categories of people in a hierarchy (Macionis and Plummer 2005 190). Social stratification is common in different aspects passim troupe and by dint ofout history some of the most existent categories affected are class, race, disabilities, sexuality and globally. However this essay shall be investigating the stratification by gender, referred to as gender inequality.There are many reasons for the disparity of gender circumscribed by its underlying social, legal, political, economical, and ethnic characteristics (Rives and Yousefi 19971). Gender stratification categories people in regard to their sex, this offer be defined as anatomical reference di fferences and physiological differences mingled with masculine and effeminate for example the difference in chromosomes, sex organs and hormones. The condition gender has been socially constructed by the means of a stereotype and ideology of the social role, identity, position and demeanor of male and feminine through different institutions and aspects like the media, religion, culturally and historically.Up until the era of Suffragettes in the posthumous 19th Century women were al right smarts deemed lower than men and inequality was highly significant company it was essentially a patriarchal society. The traditional preconceptions were that men were strong, intellectual beings that were the hunter gatherers and providers for their household. Whereas, women were passive objects that would cook, clean, cater for their husbands wants and desires, and doing nonhing to a greater extent than bear and raise children. To the woman he (God) said, I pass on greatly increase your pain in childbearing with pain you ordain give birth to children. Your desire will be for you husband, and he will rule over you. (Genesis 316). This interlinks with religion and reiterates traditional and religious count on from The Bible. There are a upstanding amount of reasons why there is clear gender inequality in society, this essay will assess and show the many theories into the existence of this.Biological determinism is a theory that asserts that males and females appearance, mental and general conduct and position on the social hierarchy is all in relation to their genetic make-up and genes, the differences between male and females socially is dependant on the fact of them being different sexes alone. The Evolution of Sexes written by Geddes and Thompson shows a generalisation of a biological determinist analysis of gender. They claim that social, psychological and behavioural traits were ca apply by metabolic state. Women supposedly conserve energy (being anabolic) an d this makes them passive, conservative, sluggish, st open and uninterested in politics. Men expend their superfluity energy (being katabolic) and this makes them eager, energetic, passionate, variable and, thereby, interested in political and social matters. These biological facts about metabolic states were used not only to explain behavioural differences between women and men exactly also to aloneify what our social and political arrangements ought to be. Due to all these factors it is apparent biological determinism theorists that gender stratification is fate, females are meant to be indifferent to males and this cannot be fought or changed in society and therefore is highly beneficial.Functionalists would argue that gender stratification is world(a) and positive for society. A key functionalist thinker Talcott Parsons explained how the differences in the sexes (gender) have provided complementary roles for both male and female (Instrumental and expressive), and how the di fference in roles which are biologically based helped traditionally integrate society. He believes that gender specialization and the understanding of incision of labor means social stability. Women labeled expressive by Parson should typically be in incorporate of the family units be the emotional reinforcement, take care of the household chores and the security and rise being of the children. Opposed to men, labeled instrumental whose role is to connect the family to the larger world primarily by participating in the labour force(Macionis and Plummer 2008381), work and focus on issues outside of the internal family unit. Parson theorises that gender identity is social, formed through numerous means of social control and is needed for both male and female to gain appropriate skills to succeed in life. The knowledge of these specific skills and understanding of the difference of gender identities to the opposite sex (expressive and instrumental)are in a sense indoctrinated so th at, for example if a male is not deemed instrumental he is therefore unattractive and is rejected by the expressive women. This clear distinction of the division in the family unit ensures harmony in the family and thus benefits society on a whole Functionalists view the potential for social disorder only when all of the aspects of traditional gender stratification are disturbed. (Schaefer and Lamm 1998).During the twentieth Century there were huge upheavals in the traditional view of women and their roles and the view of a predominately patriarchal society they were living in. Women now wanted to be able to work and have an education, not deemed less able due to biological determinism and be treated equally, which gave birth to a collection of huge movements in sexism and inequality and also different views with in feminism ( bragging(a), Socialist/ red and radical). One point that is evident throughout all the different interpretations of feminism is that women have not been seen as equal throughout the social structure.Liberal feminists do not see womens oppression as part of large system structure notwithstanding however believes that biological determinism as a source for inequality within the political and justice res publica as completely barbaric. There may be some slight procreative differentiation but that should not be any differences in relation to the law, politics, employment or educational institutes, they believed the only way of reformation was through the reform of these institutes. Liberal feminists believe in the rights for every individual woman in society.Socialist/Marxist feminism is adopted through two major written materials, Firstly in Engels writing in 1884 The origin of the family, private property and the State and through Marxs conflict theory evident in the Communist Manifesto, which is a struggle between the oppressors (capitalists/ bourgeoisie) and the laden (working class) to maintain an equal social structure one needs to overthrow capitalism. Beasley wrote that the base-superstructure model of society, that is, social relations- including those related to sexual inequality- are conceived as crucially mold by the economic base of society, rather than ideas and attitudes (Beasley 199961) Marxist Feminists believed the only way to end this patriarchy was through social revolutions against capitalism for equality. As males dominated the means of production and owned all the property women Engels contended were disaffect due to the economic reliance on their husbands. Engels links the modern oppression of women to the institution of private property. Correlatively , he argues that the economic system of capitalism draws women into the public workforce and thus sets the conditions for their equality (Carver and Steger 1999254) The only way women would be able to throw the unfair justice of capitalism would be to be destitute of marriage, laundry, cooking, childcare and childbearing and reforming the structure of the family. So that women can get full-time jobs through revolting equaling out the inequality in gender.This essay has briefly summarised the main theories and some brief approaches of gender inequality, report feminism is similar to that of Marxist feminism but more(prenominal) extreme, it is similar in the aspect of it fundamentally believing that the oppression and control of women is to do with how Capitalism promotes gender exploitation. Women are segregated into a sex class and therefore should beat together. Radical feminists believe that the only way for gender equality is the complete eradication of patriarchal society and any aspect of society that males dominate, this is the only way for female liberation. Radical feminists believe women are oppressed through their ability to reproduce and the sexualisation by men, they should be seen as the enemy. The only way women can free themselves is through any aspect of association with males, this includes not ha ving heterosexual relationships and not producing off spring in order to liberate. Alice Echols and Ellen Willis wrote about radical feminism in their book Daring to Be Bad Radical Feminism in America that Radical feminism was a political movement dedicated to eliminating the sex-class system(Echols and Willis 19894) The sex class system also included the sex-role system which sees marriage, family, prostitution, and heterosexuality as repressive. They believed gender inequalities root make up was sexual oppression, women need to gain control over their bodies/biology and relatedly to value and celebrate womens bodies(Beasley, C 199955) . This interlinks with a psychoanalytic feminist such as Sigmund Freud where he shows that gender is embedded in language and through sexualisation and thought from the earliest state of childhood. This is through the phallus envy theory, this is when girls realise they dont have a penis and from being attached to her mother, finds a stronger attac hment to the father. She accepts her inadequacy and subordination in society by accept her mothers values and containing her craving for her father. According to many theorists Radical feminism is also about generating widespread support for campaigns around issues such as rape, domestic violence and sexual harassment (Dean 2011) as well as the promotion of contraception, sterilization and abortion.The word radical in itself holds factors for criticism this is an extreme view that has many factors that can be deemed incorrect. You cannot categorise all women into a sex class as there is no substantial evidence that supports the idea of this. How is it possible that all women just because of their biological similarities are the same, and can be verbalise so flippantly? It doesnt entail any other aspects such as culture, psychological, class or economic factor in a way of determining gender construction.Radical feminism not only ignores in-chief(postnominal) differences among women but also reproduces exactly the stereotypical vision of women and men (Beckham and DAmico 199480) Isnt this exactly what radical feminism is flake against, the generalisation? Radical feminism ignores legislations like the Equal Pay phone number 1970 and The Sexual Discrimination Act 1975 and how politics are constantly changing in regard to sexism and the maltreatment as women as a class. Radical feminism suggests that society should be matriarchal, this would continue the process of gender inequality but just the other way round. Another limitation of radical feminism is that instead of promoting marriage it does the opposite, that women should be exempt of all these stereotypical roles, this in a way promotes promiscuity and even unhealthy relationships. Radicalism is damaging to society as a whole because society cannot reach its maximum potential if one group is more domineering than another.