Sunday, March 3, 2019

Negative Effects of War Essay

In How to Tell a True fight Story, Tim OBrien presents many themes within his story. One major theme is the prejudicious effectuate of war on a soldier. Many situations arise in the story that bring out the theme to practice it easy to attend for the reader. The effects of war merchantman be very harmful to a soldiers life, and he or she stomach be blemish for eer.When Bob kileys friend, Curt maize, dies at the beginning of the story, kylie conduces the time to write so-and-sos infant. He wrote about what a good guy Lemon was and the many adventures that he took. Kiley explained that Lemon was a dare devil and a soldier that loved what he did. Bob Kiley did not have to write to his friends babe at all(a), notwithstanding he did it out of kindness. He poured his feel out into the earn because he wanted his friends sister to understand what a great guy he was. OBriens narrator tells the reader that, he narrates he loved the guy. He says the guy was his trump friend in the world.They were like soul mates, he says, like gibe or something, they had a whole lot in common (OBrien 347). Kiley went into detail about some events, but he wanted this lady friend to know everything. He sent the earn and he waited for two months for ace in decrease. She never sent Bob Kiley a letter back and he got upset. The negative effects of war made him go into detail about the story and that may have made the sister not write him. When a soldier sends a letter to person, all they want is one in return.It makes them feel good when they know somebody is at home thinking about them too. struggle can make a soldier feel alone and having someone to write to can make them feel wanted. Kiley felt alone and used when he did not get a letter in return. He wrote the letter out of kindness and all he wanted was a thank you from the girl. If she would have sent Kiley a letter in return he would have felt better about himself.When Curt Lemon died, the story portrays his oddment three different times. Each time his death is told it is told in different ways. Curt Lemons death was caused by a booby-trap buried in the ground. The story portrays him floating into the sunlight done the trees. The negative effects of war can cause soldiers to remember someones death in detail. They remember him being blown into pieces as he was killed. Remembering vivid details about someone elses death can cause disturbing flashbacks in a soldiers life.The death of Curt Lemon caused Bob Kiley to take out his frustration on a child water buffalo. When they halt to rest for the night Kiley takes an unexpected turn and shoots the buffalo in the leg. He continuously tortures the animal, as the others soldiers watch in disbelief. OBriens narrator tells the reader that, the whole platoon stood there watching, feeling all kinds of things, but there wasnt a great deal of pity for the baby water buffalo (OBrien 352).The buffalo takes the torture and never reacts. The negative effects of war caused Bob Kiley to do something that no one could ever believe doing. He lost his best friend, so he took his hassle out on the water buffalo. Any soldier in their discipline mind would have enough disposition not to kill an animal, but the negative effects of war can change people. Kiley testament never be the same because of the things he had to endure during his time of duty.War can change a soldier in many ways. They may go home and never be the same as originally they left. Often, soldiers will tell stories, but they will not be whole true. OBriens narrator tells the reader that, in war you lose your sense of the definite, hence your sense of truth itself, and therefore its safe to say that in a true war story nothing frequently is ever very true (OBrien 354). The negative effects of war can be very harmful to a soldiers life.

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