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Roald Dahl was a famous British Writer :: essays research papers fc

Roald red gramRoald Dahl was a famous British composer. He was excite to write because of his dreams and life experiences. He enjoyed telling bedtime stories to his children. These bedtime stories were published and some were made into films. Roald Dahl was great writer and was recognized for his work.Roald Dahl was a famous British Writer. He was born in Llandeff, Wales on September 13th 1916. His parents, Harold and Sofie, came from Norway. He had four sisters, Astri, Affhild, Else and Astra, His father died when Roald was only four historic period old. Roald attended Repton, a private school in Derbyshire. He did not enjoy his school years, I was appalled by the detail that masters and senior boys were allowed, literally, to wound other boys and sometimes quite severely. I couldnt get over it. I never got over it These experiences inspired him to write stories in which children fight against cruel adults and authorities.When he was 18 years old, he went on expedition to N ewfoundland. Upon returning to England, he worked for Shell. During World struggle II, he served in the Royal pedigree forces in Libya, Greede and Syria. Being a pilot was dangerous and Dahl had a bad crash in the desert.While he was recovering from his wounds, he had strange dreams. These dreams inspired him to write his first short stories. He wrote about his most exiting Royal Air force adventures. The Saturday Evening Post published the tale, A Piece of Cake. Later, this story was included in a book called, Over To You the Stories of flyers and flying (1946).In 1953, Roald Dahl marries Patricia Neal. They had one son and four daughters. His eldest daughter Olivia died of measles when she was eight years old. He later divorced her and remarried to Felicity Ann Crossland in 1983.Dahls first childrens book, The Gremlins (1943) was written for Walt Disney. The following years he wrote a collection of short stories. In 1954, the story, Someone handle You, was very successful wor ldwide. He wrote a sequel, KISS KISS in 1959. The two books were serialized for television in America. Some of the stories were seen in programs like Alfred Hitchcock Presents and in Tales of the Unexpected.Roald Dahl used to tell bedtime stories to his children and these became the books he is now famous for. In 1961, he published James and the Giant Peach.

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