Saturday, April 20, 2019

Analysis on state and local taxes on the poor Essay

depth psychology on state and local taxes on the poor - Essay ExampleThis is due to tax assign that reduce their tax liability. Stimulus measures that were enacted to offset effects of the 2998-2009 recession went further to reduce their tax burden. As of 2011, the lowest quintile would pay taxes equal to about 0.8 percent of their income. This is according to Creedy (2011).From the above explanation, the answer to whether the poor ar taxed more than other groups can be draw. Creedy (2011) explains that they are non. This is simply because taxes are levied on a percentage. Low-income households lead be taxed a smaller percentage of their income as compared to middle and high income households.Raising the minimum prosecute will have the effect of reducing poverty only in some geographical areas and not at the national level. This is because increased minimum wage will affect poverty based on the population density of an area. The higher the population density, the more the effect of the higher minimum wage. This is due to the detail that poverty is also a function of population density ad not individual households. This is explained by Cunningham

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