Saturday, April 27, 2019

Care analysis Acute Appendicitis of a 77 year old woman Research Paper

C atomic number 18 analytic thinking Acute Appendicitis of a 77 year old woman - Research Paper ExampleThis last leads to accumulation of pus and necrotic tissue. In advanced cases, attachment sack perforate and the pus can ooze into the peritoneal cavity leading to peritonitis, sepsis and other consequences (Craig, 2010). B. At least 4 marks of acute appendicitis. coif the question why does the body develops each symptom? Explain the reason for the development of each symptom? Pain is the most important symptom in appendicitis. The pain typically begins in the navel and hence shifts to right lower quadrant. Pain in umbilicus is related to inflammation of the peritoneum surrounding the appendix. Later, the whole reed organ gets inflammed and hence the pain shifts to the right lower quadrant, at the McBurneys point, the anatomical location of appendix. Nausea and vomiting are other important symptoms and occur due to irritation of the peritoneum covering the appendix. Fever is an indication of infection of the appendix and impending rupture due to accumulation of pus (Craig, 2010). C. The medications provided to the patient were (all intravenous) Protonix, magnesium sulfate, Unasyn, and Azactam, Lasix. Based on the symptoms write above why do you think the Dr. ordered these meds? Compared the treatment provided above with what the Medical-surgical literature of acute appendicitis says about managing this condition.

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