Friday, April 26, 2019

International marketing - PowerPoint Presentation

International marketing - - PowerPoint instauration ExampleProduct strategy is an important part of marketing strategy. It discusses the methodology regarding launching and presentation of a crossroad in some special market. It also concentrates which population should be the bell ringer consumers and how these products can be reached to these consumers. Product Strategy is perhaps the most important function of a company. It must take in account the capabilities in terms of engineering, of production, of distribution (sales) existing in the company or of time to hire them (by hiring or by mergers). ( Furthermore, product strategy discusses how the consumers can be motivated for using a specific product dropping the products of competitors and rival companies. Marketing plan for a product based on the characteristics of the target market, market share objectives, desired product positioning within the market, and profit objectives. Strategic plans for a product are b ased on decisions regarding the four ps (product, place, price, and promotion), financial targets and budgets, and tactical plans.( Since the world has turned into a global village, the cracking companies have started launching their products at international markets. The Nike Women is also one among such great brands. The company focuses on the following points while making product strategy regarding overseas marketsThe products are make and launched to fill the gap in the market as well as provide the consumers with the variety of products entirely over the globe. The contemporary global market offers the consumers variety of choice in all products. Being the marketing leader of women attire products, Nike Women presents its products in different varieties and for various age groups. The Company always sticks to high eccentric product while preparing its commodities. It does not make any compromise on high quality, which is the sign of its

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