Thursday, May 2, 2019

Danish Bottles Commission of European Communities v. Kingdom of Case Study

Danish Bottles Commission of European Communities v. Kingdom of Denmark - Case Study ExampleFrom this paper it is clear that the Commission of the European Communities saw close to sense in their complaints thus leading them to argument upon Denmark concerning such strict restrictions. With such change in twist, the reporter disagrees with the CEC and second Denmark on their stand. The reason is that producing in returnable containers is cheaper for the production sector and at the very(prenominal) time environmental friendly. The Danish government is proposing such laws for the purposes of regulating production such as conserving the resources eyepatch reducing the volume of waste and ensuring prime(a) measures. In addition, this environmental measure aims at ensuring a clean-living and secure production system in the industries. He agrees with the idea of protecting the environment and stabilizing the quality of production. This contributes room to monitor and prevent some co mpanies that might be interested at making sugar in producing substandard drinks at the expense of the health of consumers. The same process will also give the government an ample time to monitor the rate of production and thus determine the duty charges to chatter on producing firms. For this case, economics is vital for proving valuable evidence on the impacts of having such regulations to the market. For example, CEC presented a case ahead the EC institutions saying that such rules were aiming at preventing foreign countries from selling at Denmark while at the some other end protecting the local production in Denmark. Ethics on the other hand looks at ensuring equal satisfaction of each member state without oppressing any member state in unitary way or another. For example, ethics emphasis that matters of environment conservation should be given less status since have too many restrictions by individual countries.

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