Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Individual Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Individual - Assignment ExampleThe club cannot achieve its mission with engaging adequately strategies to ensure development and maintenance of superior lineament products and services, maintaining cheap prices for the products, ensuring consumer have adequate knowledge about the products, strategies to outcompete the rivals, etc. (Steers et al., 34).Improving the productivity of workers can help the society to reduce the cost of production, increase quality of products and improve productivity of the company (Schreck 24). I recommend Starbucks to boil down on streamlining the workforce in order to ensure the competent workforce. Furthermore, the company should motivate employees by bragging(a) them better remunerations and separate benefits in order to reduce workers turnover and cost of replacing the employees who have already left the organization. Well-motivated employees are more productive and will take more time to improve the quality of services and products offered by the organization (Wetherly & Otter 253).One of the core objectives of Starbucks is to produce quality products and services to the consumers (Ahlstrom & Bruton 9). The company should arrest feedback from the customers regarding what users need in order to devise strategies that can lead to better products and services. In the recent, the company has increase its presence in the society through social media (Bicky & Kwok 201). Therefore, the Starbuck management should ensure consider the consumers information and make them in providing accurate information that can increase product improvement. The company should research on respective(a) product designs needed by consumers through effective communication and ensure they offer innovative products to the customers in order to provide increase clients satisfaction (Wetherly & Otter 267).Starbucks experience stiff competition from other companies

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