Thursday, June 13, 2019

Domestic Violence- What Age does this start Research Paper

Domestic furiousness- What Age does this start - Research Paper ExampleDomestic personnel in women can start as early as 12 years of age (Unicef, 2011). These abuses are caused mostly by people who are close to them that are their relatives. Women aged 12 years and older experienced about 552, 00 non-fatal violent victimization (Calatano, Smith & Snyder, 2009). However, women who are above 18 years old experience a higher tell of violence from their intimate partners. However, the rate of women victimization declines as they approach the age of 25, but it may be witnessed in years later. Domestic violence in women does not end at a specific age. Data from the National interior Partner and Sexual Violence Survey reveal that most young-bearing(prenominal) rape victims were raped before attaining the age of 25 but there are recorded cases of victimization in older years like 60 (Black et al., 2011).In men, national violence can be experienced when they are ten years old (Unicef, 2011). However, this cases increases when they are in their teen years. Statistics from the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey show that male victims of rape were ten years or younger when the rape occurred (Black et al., 2011). Less domestic violence is reported for males above the age of ten years old. According to statistics by National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, this rate decreases to almost 0% at 25 years for men above ten years. Hence, the violence approximately ends at 25, and this is according National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (Black et al., 2011).Source Black, M. C., Basile, K. C., Breiding, M. J., Smith, S. G., Walters, M. L., Merrick, M. T., & Stevens, M. R. (2011). National intimate partner and sexual violence survey. Atlanta, GA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.In conclusion, women are the most affected by the issue of domestic violence and most of them experience it when they are below the age of 15 and t his continues for years later while in men domestic violence is

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