Friday, July 26, 2019

Desribing a Social Institution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Desribing a Social Institution - Essay Example In the institutions of man, aided by God’s guidance and graces, there are already installed safeguards and answers that if we only know how to discern, we would not go far or divert from where we are really going. One of these groups that have become institutions and instruments of God’s propagation of faith and love is the so-called charismatic group. From the small parishes spring small organizations or groups, others are called church-mandated organizations like the Familia, and other smaller groups that require assistance and cooperation of the so-called laity, such as the charismatic groups, or the traditional Cursillos in Christianity. In my journey to these groups in the Christian faith, I was most attracted to the charismatic group. I was so intrigued by the actuations of some of the members that I tried to observe their activities. From the start, I thought they were overacting their faith because in their actions they were trying to goad people into joining their seminars and â€Å"indoctrination†. Some members who are friends of mine have asked me to join their so-called healing sessions and prayer groups. Indeed, they laid their hands on me and on anyone who ask their prayer and help, like they were â€Å"real saints†. I attempted and I was really puzzled. So I tried to give them some time. And not only did I join them but later I became a part of them. Weekly prayer meetings, fellowships, and later on seminars filled up my activities. I soon forgot what I was previously busy about – the material things of this world. Soon I learned what this group was all about. The charismatic religious activity, whose members are the parishioners or the community members, is one of the phenomena in religious gatherings, in these times when other activities are perceived boring to the believers. Somehow the Church – to my opinion – has injected some lively touches into the

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