Monday, August 12, 2019

Business Unleashed from A More Perfect Union Essay

Business Unleashed from A More Perfect Union - Essay Example From the issues of evolution, we find out how various forms of past occurrences managed to evolve into currently more sophisticated forms. The brain of mankind, managed to undergoes a transition that saw to it being more powerful and enabled mankind to develop the ingenious inventions which have transformed the world. By looking at the challenges made in the past, decisions could be made basing on these challenges. Solutions resulting from these decisions end up making the whole world a better place (Lasker 41). History created in the USA (United States of America) when president Barrack Obama became the first ever black president. Critics argued that his speeches were the catch point and what made him as famous. Through his eloquence, he was able to move masses, he was able to convince and influence the masses into thinking in line with his beliefs. Ronald Reagan came to be in February 1911. He went to college at Eureka College. He got his first job as the radio sports announcer and further proceeded to Hollywood that was in 1937. As an actor he made seen in fifty films and given the post in the movie as the president of the United Sates of America twice. During the 1950’s he further became a spokesman and worked for General Electric Co. He changed his political ambitions gradually from a democrat who was liberal to the republican who was conservative (Boller 87). He was later elected as the California governor in the year 1966 and successfully went for two terms. The current president Jimmy Cater in 1980 was succeeded by Ronald Reagan as Reagan was sworn in as the president of the United States of America in 1981. Immediately after being sworn as the president of the United States, he was assassinated and in the event endured some wounds. The reign of President Ronald Reagan adopted the aspect of the supply side economists. This was an attempt to try and encourage and initiate a rapid economical growth in the

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