Saturday, August 3, 2019

Installing Windows :: Essays Papers

Installing Windows Starting an Internet connection and establishing an email account is a long, hard process. It is not as difficult as designing a web page or starting your own web browser, but it is a difficulty within itself. It is specifically difficult with computers equipped with the Windows ’98 software. I will explain the process of logging onto the Internet and establishing an email account. In order to begin the task of a dial-up, you must first establish a configuration. This process is begun by right clicking on the â€Å"Start† button at the bottom left of your task bar. By selecting the â€Å"Settings† option, and then selecting the â€Å"Control Panel† icon, you are gradually edging towards a dial-up network connection. Next, double-click the â€Å"Add/Remove Programs† icon in the window. This icon resembles two disks with one red and one green dot on them. Click on the â€Å"Windows Setup† tab at the top of the window that has opened. This should be followed by a click of the â€Å"Detail† button. You should then click to add a check in the box next to the â€Å"Dial-up Networking† icon, which is in the shape of a telephone. You should then click â€Å"Next† for the next two screens. This closes the â€Å"communications† and â€Å"Add /Remove Programs† windows. At this point, â€Å"Dial -Up Networking† has been installed in the computer. You must now restart your computer, by simply clicking onto the â€Å"Start† button once again, which is located at the bottom left of the screen. After this, you should click onto the â€Å"Shut Down† button. A window will pop up with the options of: Shut down, Stand-by, Restart, or Restart in MS-DOS mode. You should choose the â€Å"Restart† option. This will reboot the computer. You are now ready to continue with step 2 of the process. Begin step two by clicking, once again, on the â€Å"Start† button and follow this up by clicking on â€Å"Programs† and then â€Å"Accessories†. â€Å"Communications† should then selected and then â€Å"Dial-Up Networking.† You should then click onto the UVic NetLink icon, which resembles a telephone, with two computer screens or monitors attached to it. You should right-click this icon, which leads to the â€Å"Properties† menu. In the â€Å"Properties† menu, click the tab labeled â€Å"Options.† Under the section labeled â€Å"Connection Control,† check to see if the box next to the statement â€Å"Bring up terminal window after dialing,† is checked.

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