Friday, September 27, 2019

Philosophy of education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Philosophy of education - Essay Example I benefits from this form of study as it gives me answers to various programs. I hold the opinion that all fields of study are linked with research as the field forms firm grounds towards understanding a particular field. I also acquire education through apprentice, where I benefit from an expert via studying a particular field in two ways; that is, observation and practices. I find this form of education as the best way of transferring knowledge; for example, artisans are among groups that practice this form of education, whereby the experts transfer their knowledge to the learners directly without much hustles. Although this form of knowledge transfer is one of the oldest, I find it very usually as it has greatly enhanced my knowledge level. While I understand that there are two forms of literacy that are widely analysed, including the liberal tutoring and the vocational tutoring programs, I usully find a link bettween them, and most importantly they collectively work out to bring about a wholesome me – who is educated. The moderate form of learning entails the culture, which gives me a preparation for a professional job in the future. My program of study entails practical courses that hone my interests in my profession. One of the key issues in this form of education is that liberal concepts offer me a room to focus on the wider picture of the study. The curriculum in the liberal education ensures that I become open-minded and, therefore, I can respond to any challenge I encounter in my discipline. For example, in the event that I will take a course in sociology in college, I will be able to associate various social happenings to what I have learnt. What is more, I will have various answers which I can apply in solving the social issues. Liberal education is mostly associated with curriculums in secondary schools, as well as colleges. The reason for the in-depth study of this education at these levels is

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