Sunday, September 8, 2019

Role of U.S. Government Administrative Agencies Essay

Role of U.S. Government Administrative Agencies - Essay Example They play an appropriate role in checking the powers of business and other organs to prevent causing social, economic, and political and general form of harm to the national welfare. These agencies are formed for substantial national fields, such as security, transportation, labor, and immigration among others. This paper involves an analysis of ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission), as an agency created and empowered by the Congress to regulate interstate commerce in the United States. The case study has been used to answer how the government agencies function to improve the lives of the citizens when it overstretches its power to cause harm and its operations within a democratic government. The document also discusses the administrative law and how it merges with government agencies to improve citizens’ quality of life. Keywords: Government Agency, ICC, Business, Power, Congress, Citizens, Protection Law, Policies, Programs, Interstate, Intrastate, Regulations, Public Interes t The United States citizens have always been granted the freedom to express and practice legal businesses, as one way to improve their lives and contribute to the US economic development. However, the people, businesses, or organizations tend to make oppressive decisions or actions that could be based on self-interest first, before the rest of the society. As a result, the nation’s welfare and important issues could be injured at the expense of the minority groups; hence, the US government administrative agencies have to come in and to enforce law and order, through its bestowed authority to solve various controversies, by declaring implementation of specific public policies. In the Shreveport case, the interstate commerce commission (ICC), a Congress created and empowered regulatory government agency had intervened in the high rates of fare that were charged between Louisiana and Texas traffic, which could have damaged the commerce and interactive movement between the two s tates. After a deep investigation, the ICC found the interstate rates discriminative and unreasonable, it fixed the maximum rates of interstate traveling westwards to Texas market, and ordered the affected railroads to fix (raise) the intrastate rates of freight traveling eastwards to Texas markets (â€Å"National commerce† n.d., p. 72).  

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