Friday, October 18, 2019

Social policy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Social policy - Assignment Example The paper focuses on two policies that have the potential of solving problems created by welfare systems for single mothers with creation of sustainable employment opportunities and reduction of out of wedlock births being areas of concern. The number of children being raised by single mothers has continued to increase over the years with data indicating the ratio of children living in families headed by women at all-time high (Fang and Keane 2). Introduction of welfare programs for single mothers is informed by existing challenges they go through in being the only parent in the family. These mothers have to deal with increased demand for attention from their children, despite the fact that most of the mothers work in low paying jobs with few or no benefits (Deily 135). Apart from low income that is not sufficient to support the families, single mothers also have to work longer shifts to meet family needs. This implies that they have less time to take care of the children yet they cannot afford to employ a capable substitute housekeepers and caregivers (Albelda 200). Due to the continued rise in the number of single mother, there has been increased scrutiny of programs seeking to support single women with children. The program has been accused of not only improving the economic position of these women but also ensure they remain dependent on welfare. There is now a split in opinion over the best approach to tackle the situation especially when assessing the importance of welfare programs to economic stability of such families against the need to enable these women through polices that will make them economically independent in future. As a result of the arguments on the effectiveness of assistance to single mothers, there has been increased argument in support of polices that would empower women through job creation as opposed to focusing on welfare (Garfinkel and McLanahan). Due to the inherent challenges within

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