Sunday, March 24, 2019

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VIRTUAL PRIVATE vane A journal article Submitted to Dr. David Beach Electronics and Computer Technology subdivision Indiana State University By Teja TatiniTable of contents1.Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------- 32.virtual(prenominal) Private Network ------------------------------------------------ 43.Purpose of VPN --------------------------------------------------------- 54.VPN protocols ----------------------------------------------------------- 5i)PPTP ----------------------------------------------------------- 5ii)L2TP ----------------------------------------------- ------------ 5iii)IPsec ----------------------------------------------------------- 65.Modes of operation ----------------------------------------------------- 6i)AH ( Authentication Header) ------------------------------ 6ii)ESP ( Encapsulated Security Payload) -------------------- 76.VPN aegis considerations ------------------------------------------ 87.Conclusion --------------------------------------------------------------- 88.References --------------------------------------------------------------- 9 Table of FiguresFig 1 Traditional leased ocellus electronic network --------------------------------- 3Fig 2 Basic VPN connection ---------------------------------------... ...ofile, encryption keys and algorithms.2.Personal firewalls should be installed and configured properly on the client VPN machines to abash the unauthorized access to the client.3.The user should remain aware of the physical security of the machine, in parti cular when authentication information is stored in the machine.ConclusionVirtual Private Network departs a means of accessing a secure, private, internal network over insecure networks like external networks and internet. The most widely apply technology in VPN is IPsec in most of the business environment to provide secure and safe encrypted data transfer between host and distinguishable remotely accessible clients.References1.http// 2.http// 4.http//

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