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Second Earl Of Rochester Essay -- essays research papers

The ridiculers shared a talent for making other individuals timber uncomfortable, particularly by making them aware of their own moral inadequacies. They apply irony, derision, and wit to attack human guilt or folly. One mode the satirist utilized to catch their readers attention, while also making them line up uncomfortable, was to describe those things that were deemed inappropriate to discuss openly in society. The classical instance of a topic that was discussed behind closed doors, yet the satirist utilize freely, was sex. work forcetion of such things as sex can always puzzle a giggle, trip out feelings of hidden passion, or make ones cheeks rosy from embarrassment. hind end Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester, and Jonathan Swift, were two satirist that were noned for using perverse row and graphic depictions to elicit des pettishnessd emotions from their readers and to wage their attacks on human folly.To envision Rochesters apply of sex in his work, one must under stand his repulsion for reason. This can be seen in his poem, A Satyr Against Mankind, when he comments "Women and Men of wit, are dangrous tools, and ever fatal to admiring fools." Rochester viewed reason as a vice rather than an admirable trait in man. When man take uped a melody of action that was advised by reason he turned into a coward who often betrayed his ideals, his family, and his friends.Rochester look atd that to enjoy true happiness one must follow a course dictated by passion. Unlike reason, the passions do not betray ones wizs and ideals. According to Rochester, the passions define who an individual is because the passions encompass ones emotions and desires. Reason cannot to the full comprehend such a thing. Rochester highlights this belief in his poems with tales of lust and internal innuendoes. He uses perverse language and topics not only to mock those that believe reason is the human faculty that can bring about self-satisfaction, moreover also t o describe to his readers that sensual diversion is the highest pleasure because sensual pleasure is derived from passion, not reason.Rochesters poems rarely discuss love in the traditional sense rather, he discusses it in a bodily context. Naturally, this would bring about the ire in any moralist. His poems make reference to ancient figures that draw on images of mass orgies and debauchery. He often uses language that elicits images of human... ...llivers Travels not only excite the attention of the reader but they also leave the reader with a very pessimistic strickleion of the modern world. If Gulliver had left a commentary of a pile of soil instead of his urination procedure, the reader would by chance view his work as boring, but not as comedic or repulsive. The tales would have lost their derogatory tone, their satirical edge, and their comedic nature had Swift not used such images.Such images and language are a unique(p) element of satirical writing. Satirist wanted to attack the vices of the community and impress an image on their readers. They, however, could not accomplish this through bland companionable commentary. Every literary style has certain tools to capture its audiences. The romantics used round-fruited language and supernatural images. The realist used images and words that photographed how life really was. The satirist used wit, irony, sarcasm, as well as crude images and language. If they failed to use these tools wherefore their attacks were not heeded and their words were not remembered. Rochester and Swift did not fail to use their satirical qualities and their impression on the literary world remains to this day.

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