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The Roy Adaptation Model :: essays research papers

The Roy Adaptation impersonateRoy began work on her possible action in the 1960s. She drew from existing workof a physiological psychologist, and behavioral, systems and theatrical role theorists. Shewas keenly interested in the psycho/social aspects of the person from the liveand concentrated her education on this aspect of Person. Thus, thelanguage/thinking of psychological science and sociology became second nature to her. Theneed for intense study of the language and ideas dirty dog Roys Adaptation Modelis its biggest drawback in applying it to many clinical areas. The confusion inthe physiological modes categories could be explained by her concentrating onthe psych social during her education.In 1980, Roy and Reihl advocated a single co-ordinated model of nursing andsuggested this would insure stability of the make grow of nursing. Theymaintained concepts and propositions of other models could be combined insummary statements link to person, goals of nursing and the nur sing process.According to Fawcett, this position is a simplistic resultant to a difficultproblem. Nursing, with its limited experience with metaparadigms and conceptualmodels, is not pay off for restrictions on its ways of thinking. Its my beliefthat this act of advocating a single unified model was an act of multi-oppressedthinking influenced by men, the Roman Catholic church service and the medical world.During a 1987 conference of nursing theorists, Sister Roy made a numberof deferring remarks to a speech made earlier by a male Bishop.Fawcett also says the Roy Adaptation Model has an extensive vocabularyand that around familiar words (ie adaption) have been given new meanings in Roys act to translate mechanistic ideas into organismic ones. oppress Group Behaviour-assimilating the determine and characteristics of the Oppressors. -Nursing leadersrepresent an elite group promoted because of their allegiance to maintaining thestatus quo. -leaders of Oppressed Groups are controll ing, coercive and rigid.Oppressors-education is important to maintaining the status quo. -Roys Model follows theMedical Model and tends to be Totalitarian and therefore is familiar to Medicine- they would want to raise it. -behaviour preferred by Oppressors isrewarded. -token appeasement (approval) is given to halt change or revolt.The contributions of this conceptual model are that it will lead to more imperious assessments of clients and an increased quality of nursing practice.It could foster nursing knowledge by organized research and it couldprovide a more organized curriculum.Roys exposition of personRoy defines the person as an Adaptive Open System. The Systems Inputis a) trine classes of stimuli focal, contextual and residual, within andwithout the system and b) the systems adaptation level or prevail of stimuli in

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