Monday, March 18, 2019

Traditional Celebrations in Indonesia :: Essays Papers

handed-down Celebrations in IndonesiaIntroductionIndonesia is the worlds largest archipelago. Archipelago is a large theme of islands. Indonesia is composed of more than 17, 000 islands. West Indonesian Time zone, East Indonesian Time Zone, and East Indonesian Time Zone atomic number 18 the deuce-ace climate zones in Indonesia. Indonesia is geographic eithery located between the Indian naval and the Pacific Ocean. Its bea is slightly less than three times the fix of Texas. Indonesia borders East Timor, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. The climates in this country are tropical wet and tends to be more moderate in the highlands. Petroleum, natural gas, nickel, timber, bauxite, copper, fertile soil, gold, and liquid are Indonesias natural resources. There are occasional floods, stern droughts, earthquakes, and vol cannisteroes that occur every so often. Indonesias population is 205,000,000 people and 88% of the population is Muslim. Javanese is the main language. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta. Indonesians have many splendid ways of celebrating certain celebrations. I am going to be piece of writing about celebrations in Indonesia such as Indonesians emancipation twenty-four hours, a Traditional Wedding Ceremony, the Seventh Month of Pregnancy, and Ramadan. Independence Day August 17, 1945 is the date on which the Indonesians proclaimed their Independence. The Indonesians fought and earned emancipation afterward more than 300 years under the Dutch occupation and followed by the Japanese occupation(Indonesian Independence Day 1). Ever since this date, Indonesia celebrates their independence on the 17th day of August. This is just like the United States of the States celebrating our independence on the Fourth of July of every year. Preparations for this holiday begin yen in advance the actual celebration occurs. These preparations begin weeks before August 17th. Banners are hung all over. The banners consist of red and white color in. Red and white decorations are scattered all over and the words Long Live Indonesia can be seen almost everywhere. Indonesians use red and white for their banners because these are the colors of their flag. Indonesias flag has two horizontal stripes. The first stripe on the top is red. Red represents human blood and the white strip on the bottom symbolize the human spirit. Special activities are prepared for all of the neighborhood children. The schools also hold games and contests amongst the classes to see which class can illustrate in the most patriotic manner. Musical selections are also held before and after Independence Day. A clean up day is normally held before the 17th to clean the streets, clean the gutters, and anything else that appears dirty.

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