Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Communication discussion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Communication discussion - Assignment ExampleFrom that point you can be able to customize the way you address him/her. With time get the cognition and experience on how diametric state like to be handled so as to create an environment where they feel welcome and so they can be able to open up. According to Hood, (2013), the biggest barrier to communication is lack of humility. While addressing people of different ages, have empathy and show them that you know exactly how it is to be in their position. The people who are go on in age are the most tough to deal with as they require a elevated sense of respect (Sullivan, 2013). Give it to them. Dealing with people of different gender can also be confusing. For instance, a certain patient may not be ready to open up to a nurse of the opposite gender and this may require introducing him/her to another nurse if they are totally uncooperative.Having the knowledge on how to address people is important as seen in the essay. This can dete rmine the difference mingled with a competent nurse and the rest (Bednarz, Stephanie, & Doorenbos, 2010). It is therefore important to observe the points

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