Wednesday, April 24, 2019

HRM and Culture Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

HRM and Culture - Research Paper ExampleThe issue of sexual urge balance at the unified level is still problematic and one that reflects the social dynamics that surround corporate or mart environment. As one tends towards mature democracies, gains that have been made in this effort become more palpable. The go up is also true with maturing democracies and developing economies such as South Korea. In South Korea, corporate grammatical gender balance has been still hard to come by, with very little progress having been made as new-fashioned as 2005. In South Korea, leading organisations that excel in key sectors such as the telecom industry still have corporate leaders who fallaciously think that extending women employment opportunities can undercut organisational development. eon this untrue standpoint may simply be dismissed as a sexist myth, the sedateness of this standpoint is that it denies the corporate life, collective approach and battalion of views, and thereby subjec ting an economy that physical exercises it to underperformance. This may be seen in South Korea and the life and practices of leading organisations therein, such as SK Holdings. ... It is possible that this bias towards women in the recruitment of personnel office was not so much caused by unequal gender business strategies than the societys gender bias. Because of the societys gender bias towards women, SKs might have imperceptibly maintained the purification of hiring more men than women. Conversely, it is also possible that SKs HRM practice (of not hiring women) may have been confer and can therefore be regarded as part of the companys organisational or business strategy. This may be the case, since in the details preceding the case, one of the senior managers of SK Holdings had confessed of having eschewed employing women simply because he believed that women lacked tenacity. He divulged on his belief to the effect that when deadlines are tight and many people are thus requi red to flex overtime, women may not be as reliable as men. It is therefore plausible that SKs HRM practice of sticking to men may have been a deliberate business strategy, as an artifice to prevail organisational production optimal and to meet strict deadlines. 2. How Hiring More Women and Promoting Them Could Improve the Competitive Advantage of This Company A myriad of competitive advantages characterises the hiring and promotion of women. One of the advantages that come with the recruitment and promotion of women has to do with the entrenchment of plurality of ideas in the companys efforts. It is a fact that women and men think and see things from different perspectives and angles. This inwardness that incorporating women into SKs workforce is bound to help the organisation come up with more efficient and strategic policies and frameworks. This is well seen in the case of

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