Tuesday, April 23, 2019

You Choose Topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

You Choose Topic - Essay Examplepending on the situation of the order, some issues may carry a sense of urgency while others could be put on the back burner scarce it must be kept in mind that all honest issues will need to be tackled sooner or later.An ethical issue which comes up as soon as a company decides to hire or to recruit an individual is the personality of that individual. Since management begins with recruitment and hiring, the two central ethical issues for a company undergoing the recruitment process can be understood as the need to take place anti-discrimination rules and to observe equal opportunity laws (Lockwood, 2005). Simply put, all candidates must be viewed and hired based on their strengths and weaknesses as applicants without any undue weight to their race, age, physical abilities or gender except in situations where such requirements become a part of the job (Alleyne, 2005). As reported by Clarke (2005), even though a lot remains to be through with(p) in this particular field there are laws to value companies as well as individuals from discrimination based on these particular issues.Personality testing on the other hand, is one issue which is not clearly defined by the law and is very lento to circumnavigate during the interview process. In terms of psychology, it is understood that certain personality types are better at certain jobs than others and even though personality itself is complex to define, the generally accepted notion of personality has been the army of behavioral properties as well as the thoughts and ideas of a person. The earlier work in this field was done by Jung which was later expanded by others. While we may say that person X has a cheerful personality, scientists prefer to classify personality in three models including Factorial models, typologies and circumplexes which are connected with how they finish at work (Clarke & Robertson, 2005).This process can be used to profile candidates but modern discus sions of ethics in HR also question if such a

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