Friday, May 31, 2019

Graduation Speech: Measure Your Success by Your Relationships :: Free Graduation Speech

Raoul Wall(a)enberg, a man who saved thousands from the horrors of the Holocaust, told the story of a Rabbi and the lesson that he taught to his young learners. The Rabbi asked the young male childs the following question When is it that night turns into day? One boy offered that perhaps it was when he was on his way home from a friends house, and he could see the sun coming up everywhere the top of his house in the distance. The Rabbi kindly replied that no, that was not it. Another boy suggested that perhaps it was when he was in the forest, and he could see the sun coming through the tops of the trees above him. The Rabbi one time again turned down the answer. And then the Rabbi gave the correct response. The point at which night turns into day is when you can look into the eyes of a perfect antic and see your brother. Let me rephrase that the point at which we truly become intelligent people, meaning our eyes are no longer clouded over by the darkness of ignorance, is when we can recognize each other for who we really are. Until we reach that point, we have not become intelligent people. Many people commit that intelligence stems from letter grades or from innate brilliance. I have to admit that Ive thought that way too. But such is not the case. So, then, what is the importance of all this? Of college? Of all the hard work? The importance is not the facts that you have rolling around your brain when you graduate but the experiences that have changed your soul. So dont let anyone tell you what an implausible success you are because you make a huge amount of money a year. Dont believe the passerby who immediately is intimidated by the letters PHD subsequently your name. Dont feel bad because you dont understand the principles of

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