Saturday, June 1, 2019

B2B vs. B2C Marketing Differences Essay example -- Marketing Business

B2B vs. B2C Marketing DifferencesOnce a decision is made to develop a product line, whom the guest will be is the next decision to be made. Whom will the company target as a customer? Will it be a cable? Or will it be a consumer? Business-to-business (B2B) marketing has differences from business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing practices. This paper will outline these differences between the two types of e-commerce business transactions.Traditional marketing in the business-to-business milieu requires very unalike strategies from those scats directed towards the consumer market. (ExtraVision, n.d., p. 1) Consumer competition can be a lot fiercer, with customer loyalty a constant battle.? (ExtraVision, n.d., p.1) Routes of marketing in business today include e-mail, pop up advertisement, television and banner advertising. This paper will primarily focus on e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing is different when marketing to a business versus a consumer. Debbie Weil (2002) lists five way s business-to-business marketing is different from business-to-consumer email marketing. Weil (2002) says these five ways areDistance from click to bargainPermissionCopyrighting ChallengeListsB2B the more interesting option (p.1)When discussing the concept of the distance from the click to the sale, Weil (2002) explains business-to-business e-mails are primarily for lead generation. On the other hand, an e-mail campaign for a busin...

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