Monday, June 10, 2019

Interview of Business Professional Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Interview of Business Professional - Essay ExampleAlthough he had a chance of executing the usance alone, he sought to preserve the castigate procedures. The position was eventually filled with the most appropriate person by following employment procedures thus issues of estimable concern were avoided. I would have done the same. The dilemma would have been a violation of the company policy since the company requires that there be at least(prenominal) three possible suitors from which the best is picked.Although I could have had prior experience with the potential employee, following protocols were the right ethical thing to do. In addition, following right procedure would have safeguarded the company and me (Mathis and Jackson 2010). The ethical dilemma did not violate any law or company policy. It is advisable that personal purpose be followed and further official consultations made to avoid ethical conflicts. Choosing between personal conscience and company policies is diffi cult but it is more appropriate to follow the conscience. Under the same circumstances, I would have acted the same way as my interviewee to avoid ethical

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