Sunday, June 9, 2019

Academic Integrity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Academic Integrity - Assignment ExampleThe present research has identified that a leader who has integrity as well has the fortitude to differentiate right from wrong and to act on what he believes and stands for it. The signs of the leader having integrity are that he is honest not only to himself but also to the world, he learns from his mistakes and is also not afraid to accept his mistakes and speaking up when something wrong or out of the ordinary is observed. A Leader who has integrity engrave within him also becomes a role model for others and has the potential of affecting the world on a large scale. Hence, a person who demonstrates exquisite leaders skills with an added asset of integrity is bound to the road to success. Academic integrity is taught in many academic institutions in the form of moral conducts, it is mentioned in the universities websites. Moreover, students are presumptuousness classes on how to practice it to the fullest. According to MSU, academic integ rity means to submit au becausetic and genuine work and to praise people work by acknowledging them. The stroke to comply with academic integrity leads to the failure of student and even dismissal of a student from the university. MSU has strict policies against academic fraud. It states various rules and regulation regarding academic dishonesty in research, the duties of a student regarding academic integrity etc. If a student is accused of conducting academic dishonesty, he is evaluated by his supervising teacher and is then given the penalty on the basis of his degree of dishonesty. The student may then appeal for a hearing. It is also the responsibility of the students to practice integrity in scholarships, grades, and standards of the professions.

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