Saturday, June 8, 2019

Political Science Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

Political Science - Assignment ExampleThe US foreign policy towards the Middle East was affected such that or so of the countries involved in the Arab spring had their relation with the US tightened while others received the freezing of funds offered by the superpower (Ahmari, 2012). For instance, Libya received an arms embargo referable to the continued fight by the Libyan air force against the protestants. On the other hand in the case of Egypt, the US praised the leaders for the transition from tyrannous to democratic government. According to Ahmari, the Arab spring brought about positive changes, thus building better relationships between the involved states and their neighbors.Ahmari defines the Arab Liberalism as the required change in the command system but is in crisis both culturally and morally. He views it as a threat to the freedom of future in Middle East (Ahmari, 2012). Ahmari feels that the Arab Liberalism is locomote since it lacks an ideological plan like that p resent in Marshall Plan. I agree with Ahmaris feeling that the Middle East requires a plan to come after in order to restore peace in the region. Lastly, it requires a role model in keeping up with democracy and maintaining peace with Israel as thoroughly as the whole of Western states. Arab Spring was meant to liberate citizens in the involved states from the oppressive leadership that dominated in the Middle East

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