Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Marketing Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Marketing Communication - Essay Example These marketing strategies includes the slogans â€Å"How are you† and â€Å"Power to who†, video, television, newspapers, banners and magazines, Vodafone VIP, Freebee rewardz, corporate social responsibilities, company website, social media and Sponsorship of racing competitions. On the other hand, T-Mobile emulates social media sites including MySpace, Twitter and You Tube and the slogan ‘Life is for sharing’ to attract its customers. The marketing campaign of the Vodafone has created a positive image on the public thus increasing the company sales and profits. This paper provides recommendations as to how T-mobile can employ various marketing strategies with an aim of enhancing its IMC thus increasing its competitiveness. Introduction Based on stiff competition that companies are faced with in the local and international markets, marketing and brand managers are using all the means to ensure that they attain strong relationship with their consumers. Some of the major strategies that firms emulate in order to attain a competitive edge include improvement of quality of their brands, effective distribution of their products, appropriate pricing of products and effective communication with their customers. Based on the improved technology and the cut-throat competition in the business arena, companies have started to emulate the improved communication system to lure their customers and retain strong positive customer-brand relationship. Integrated marketing communication (IMC) refers to the marketing strategies that are undertaken by marketing managers involving various disciplines such as promotion, advertising, public relations and social media among others to attain to increased customer awareness and loyalty. Other vital aspect of IMC is that it entails effectively coordinating different means of promotion to attain a competitive edge and face off the company rivals. This paper seeks to keenly discuss the marketing communication st rategies and mix adopted by Vodafone and T-Mobile, two of the major mobile service providers. Additionally, the paper will provide recommendation on the strategic marketing and branding tools that T-Mobile can emulate to effectively face off Vodafone in the market. Market Review As the demand for communication among local and international companies increase, mobile services market has attracted large number of telecommunication firms as each one of them is geared towards expanding is customer base. With the growth in the mobile telecommunication industry, competing firms have taken initiatives to control their local market and then adopt more extensive marketing strategies to enter the global market. Some of the main competitors in the mobile services market include Vodafone, O2, Orange, Virgin and T-Mobile among others. Being the second largest mobile telecommunication company after China mobile, Vodafone is a British based company with over 440 million subscribers. Apart from bei ng a leader in the UK market, Vodafone operates in more than 30 countries. Some of the notable services that Vodafone has introduced in the market include Vo

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