Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Boeing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Boeing - Case Study Example The delay has been a record seven years putting into doubt the ability of the Air liner manufacturer into question. However, for the profit oriented customers, the delay is usually viewed as incompetence. For management students, the problem is not really centered on technical incompetence, but more of the management of the processes leading to the final production of the aircraft. (Wallace 2005) On the other hand, still the manufacturing firm has its reasons for delays mainly eyeing required improvements, technical aspects and of concern, there is no single point where they look at their problem as originating from their management. As a management student, I learn that the final result is as much dependent on the planning of the tasks as it is on the coherence and harnessing of technical aspects of the project in question. This is the purpose of this study, to look at the problem facing Boeing from a management angle giving solutions based on this and particularly on project management. The study will therefore involve four parts of study which will look at the actual delays, causes of these delays, analysis of the problem experienced, how to avoid such situations in the future, how to limit the delays and finally make recommendations on the making of complex technological components in future . The first roll out of the Boeing was supposed to be on July 2007; however, at the set time, the manufacturer released a statement stating that the designated launch of the complete plane would not take place at that time. The reason for this was given to be that some of the major and essential systems for the plane had not been installed at the time. Besides, the statement continued that the bonding of the plane was done by use of fasteners which were temporary and they awaited the required flight fasteners which had not been delivered at the time. (Barry 2006). Three months down the line, they gave another delay statement this time besides the fasteners; they also said that they had incomplete software making it impossible to carry out the launch. The second delay statement was given on October 2007 this time; the delay they said was as a result of a lapse in their supply chain. The supply chain incorporated both the domestic suppliers and the foreign suppliers. The items named as lacking due to the lapse were the fasteners; there was a problem with documentation released by the foreign suppliers and the software problem was also mentioned again as a cause for the delay. Note for the third delay, only one additional problem had been cited. The other two were recurrent problems. As a result of these delays, there were some dismissals most notable being the program manager. Their statement though read that the delays were not the cause for the dismissal. The third delay statement came on January 2008. This statement emphasized that no much progress had been made concerning the delay reasons cited earlier. Besides, they said that some of the processing that was initially to be carried out by their suppliers was to be done within its manufacturing center. To this they said that the surface for these processes still had some ground to be covered. Three months down the line that being on April 2008, Boeing issued a fourth statement still on delay. This time, no specific reasons for the delay were given but a look at the past happenings may indicate a strain on the finances or re route of effort. This was mainly because

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